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  1. I read some alien abduction stuff like that last night... do you have any unexplained rashes or set off metal detectors even when you dont have any pants on? Yah i had sleep paralasis once... but I had my eyes open and could not even move them.. it was so scary, i actually thought aliens had me. then i started moaning and that woke me up
  2. http://www.lucidity.com/LucidDreamingFAQ2.html This stuff is fun. I did the clapping thing a week or so ago. If you don't know what "the clapping thing" is, it is when you look at your hands and clap while dreaming to assert control over the dream. Anyone here any good at this?
  3. There is a torus shape closer to the conter of the galaxies which might have what it takes to produce more sun-like stars. Problem is, there are more supernovas there. Ever hear of those gamma explosions that wipe out whole galaxies? That would suck...Just a thought.
  4. I was under the impression that we didn't have working fusion reactors yet... And he built one in his spare time? What did I miss? That guy is pure Co_OL!
  5. Hahahah. No pics unfortunately, no digicam. Think bendable straw where the bumper hit... normal bent straw at the base.
  6. Ha, I laughed after the crash. "Man, I f_ked that thing right up." Turns out now I smoked the alignment on my car too. Bummer.
  7. It seems the general concensus around here is "Why assume resposibility for your actions?" Well, frankly, I have no idea. I don't have any morals, and the twenty or so people who witnessed it are bound to have forgotten by now anyway. Well, I worked all the physics out, and here is the story: I was stopped at a red light, moving at zero meters per second... When the light turned green, I accelerated at just below 3.9 m/s/s making a left turn around an approximately 4m radius circle, gaining up to around 4 meters per second by the end of it, 4m/s being the point at which the centrifugal force acting on the car was sufficient enough to cause the tires lose grip with the ground and start hydroplaning, as the coefficient of friction on this particular rainy night was around 0.4. When I found myself fishtailing out of the turn, I thought, turn where you want to be going, and promptly turned the wheel towards the sidewalk, away from oncomming traffic. It worked, too well, and the car drifted in that direction. Now, having lost some ammount of momentum to heat, I was moving sligtly slower than 4m/s, but as the brakes were locked by this time, and the coefficient of friction is much less for moving things than it is for static things, it was enevitable. The bus stop sign and me were destined to meet. So with a "BAM" my locked up passenger side tire was ripped to shreds on the curb of the oncoming sidewalk, and my now slightly airborne front end was coming to terms with a 3 inch diametre metal pole. It snapped towards the car at the top, but luckily, it didn't have a leg to stand on, and the bumper cut it down to size. Now in an elongated, obtuse C shape, the pole caressed my car with a warmth only created by 23170 Newtons of braking force. I backed off the walk and proceded to change the tire, with my dad's truck (my dad having come to help with the tire change) parked behind the car to make sure noone made the same mistake I had and took me out. Well, his van has his company name and number on it, so I may or may not be found out, as the bus came by a short time later to see it, and slowed as it passed. An all in all, it was a rather mundane and irritating experience. For those of you who wish to test my math, here it is. Minimum accelleration needed to cause a skid in wet weather: g * mass /mass * mu = 9.8 * 0.4 = 3.92 m/s/s Distance available to accellerate: 1/4 * 2 * PI * R = .25 * 2 * 3.14 * 4 = 6.28m Velocity reached: SQRT( V0^2 + 2 * A * D) = SQRT( 0 + 2 * 3.92 * 6.28 ) = 7m/s but A_centrifugal = 3.92 so A_c = v^2/R v = SQRT( A_c * R ) v=SQRT( 3.92 * 4 ) v= ~ 4m/s v= 14.4 km/h So I started skidding at 14.4 km/h and at that point the coefficient of friction was greatly reduced due to tire movement. So, who owns the sign? Should I fess up? Will my father's company be phoned?
  8. Hey, I just damaged a bus stop sign... pretty badly. I imagine I'm going to be paying for it in a day or two. Who owns bus stop signs so that I may nip this in the bud? Also, would it be a hit and run if I were to "exit stage left" as it were? I did not do anything illegal, but I did damage municipal (not sure) property.
  9. I read of dimensional rifts, which, when corrosponding along the effects they had in other dimensions, blew a huge hole in the dimensions where the events in one dimension affected other dimensions in a serious way. Gravity came into being because of this and the universe was a chain reaction caused by this. The hole merely grew and that is where we live. This explains the big bang, universal expansion, the reason multidimensions exist and universal reset when we disperse - the hole no longer exists, as matter is the reason for the universe existing in the first place, matter is merely a representation of the effects it has on its dimensions.
  10. Might they be suggesting spacetime is curved like a torus? I've heard theories where matter cannot exist outside of spacetime flux. Perhaps while space as we experience it is eggshaped, spacetime is torus shaped. And what is outside the universe? If the universe denotes dimension, there would not even exist a void beyond its limits. There would be nothing, not even a complete vacuum where matter could possibly exist.
  11. AH, so we must have the 3RD dimension to experience the other two? Well, without a place in time, it is not impossible to see those three either. When you look at multiple coordinates on a piece of paper, you assume they are there at the same point of time, but unless you are told, you cannot be sure. I give you bombing coordinates. You bomb. But alas, the target has moved. You NEED the fourth reference frame. Even if time cannot be classified as a spacial dimension, although I believe it can, it is still required for one to describe the other dimensions correctly. Another temporal momentum note: although we are able to move in our three dimensions, we are still moving in the same gerneral direction in the universe. Not only can we not control that, we cannot even percieve it. I am suggesting the same is true for time. We CAN control how we move through time, but it is on such a small scale, it is impossible for us to percieve it. And on the same note, as we can percieve the incredible speeds by which we travel through time, the changes we produce are miniscule in proportion.
  12. If the universe ends, wouldn't there be an infinite ammount of "time" for another universe to begin? That reminds me, in what "time frame" would the universe have been created if time is a product of the universes creation, ie how could the superstring multidimensional membranes collide if there is no time? Or is time an arbitrary concept? Come to think of it, how could the membranes be multidimensional if dimensions were a result of the universe? Or did I totally mess that up? If time is a dimension, end of story, we should be able to manipulate our place in it, which brings me back to my idea of temporal momentum. If time is a dimension, we should be able to measure and compare it using vectors (I guess that's velocity). What is m*s a measure of again? I had an idea... I bet light is the key to measuring time in meters. I came to that in a very convoluted way and forgot how. If someone can see where I was going with that, please tell me. Comparing distances at near light speed with distances at normal speed perhaps(?).
  13. What is this drug? Does it cause euphoria? It is said not to be dangerous. Is it common then? Available over the counter? I laughed out loud when I heard the commercial. "Prior to visiting us, merely take a small pill and your visit will be relaxed and enjoyable." Hah, how many sensless, mass-minded soccer moms do they plan on getting addicted to the dentist? They are gonna make a killing off of this new little campaign. Advertising recreational drug use over the radio, thats hillarious. What if you took the pill and tripped out in the middle of traffic? Very amusing. "No ociffer, the dentist told me to." Enough of that, I'm gonna go grab a beer and chill in front of the televion.
  14. Implosion/Explosion is caused by pressure from all sides. High gravity would crush us. Low gravity would allow us to jump far.
  15. I checked out mars last night... but my telescope is very... fidgety.. only 900x and cheap... got a look for a few seconds before it fell appart. So huge
  16. Some enjoyable sites here, keep posting.
  17. Newbie- Negative energy (and perhaps matter) is a deficite of particles. Combine negative energy and positive energy and you get zero energy. As the name implies, it is the negative of existing energy. Anti-particles are different forms of the normal particles we see all the time. Sayo- What are YOU getting at? I would be curious to know.
  18. This is much like my idea about temporal momentum. Imagine time being like movement through a dimension, and everything has a tendency to keep the same velocity within the time dimension. That means there would have to be a force within the time dimension to propel us foreword. Could have been the big bang. At near light speed, time comes to a standstill. We, then, could be experiencing time at an unnaturally high speed due to our mass and movement through the universe. Perhaps momentum applies in ALL the dimensions at the same time and must be maintained. Call it the Theory of the Unified Conservation of Momentum. What about temporal flux? I've read a theory before about it, where time is merely a byproduct of the curvature of space-time, created by the big bang.
  19. Would it be a prerequisite for things to be able to move freely among a dimension for it to actually be a dimension? Seems to me, disregarding everything I've read and believe, that there is some kind of trigger that should allow us to move back in time. The same way forces are needed to change velocity in our 3 dimensions, perhaps there is temporal momentum, and temporal acceleration. We are moving foreword because that's how we were pushed at the beginning of the universe. Hmm. When you move close to the speed of light, space-time is warped. Perhaps that is related to temporal momentum; it is linked to spatial momentum. At what speed is the universe expanding? Could that speed be limiting the speed at which we travel through time?
  20. I've heard of that, thought they did it by hand though.
  21. oh yes, how did this escape me? If you havent heard of http://www.askmen.com then go there. Best online mens magazine, and its free. Relationships, sex, sports etc
  22. Yah, what the hell? I thought you were a Mathematician.... How the hell did that happen...? And whose the mathematician? Is there a mathematician? How do you spell mathematician?
  23. Youd rather have guns than education and hospitals? The US still has 3rd world poverty in the gheddos. ONE THIRD of the governments resources goes to military. That is insane and unneccesary.
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