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  1. I need some information on Flourescent microscopi.
  2. Then wouldn't the universe's rate of expansion eventually surpass the speed of light?
  3. I don't see why we couldn't genetically engineer viruses to have correct DNA. And use them to replace or fix the corrupt DNA in cancer cells.
  4. But the universe is accelerating with its expansion. right?
  5. If the universe is forever expanding and forever accelerating. Then there would be a point at which the velocity of the expansion of the universe would surpass the speed of light; at that point the arrow of time would be reversed. Would the Universe then retract???
  6. So then we are seeing 2d objects that our brain is programmed to precieve as 3d.
  7. What makes you so sure that the universe will expand forever?
  8. It is impossible to precieve what is beyond the edge of the universe being that we can not observe and nothing can exist beyond the universe, beyond space and time.
  9. I have heard that there are intervals of time in which nothing can occur, but if nothing can happen in those intervals then how can many of those intervals lead to any thing?
  10. Can someone tell me what the origin of zerois???
  11. It is Universally accepted that time is the manifestation of the fourth dimension. Even so Have you ever seen a 4-dimensional figure? Can a 3-dimensional figure move without time? Can a 2-dimensional figure move without time? I am proposing that time is not the fourth dimension, but a binding law that all dimensions must obey. Tell me what you think.
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