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  1. Radical Edward, what I said was all purely theoretical speculation.
  2. That sounds like your hinting relativity.... Anyway, the mind is actually a philosophical aspect. Definition of mind: The brain is the organ of the mind. Although this definition may implie two seperate entities, it does not. Time is not controlled by the mind. Time is percieved by the mind. I'd like to see your evidence.
  3. That definition is self-referential, hence it is equivelant. Can one describe time without creating a self-referential (to time) perdicament?
  4. My teacher (woodshop), who is a physics hobbyist insists that superluminal travel is possible with the use of magnetism. He says that if we could use the magnetic pole of the earth, we could somehow get enough force to launch a ship and get it to travel c+. I am a complete skeptic of his hypothesis, for obvious reasons. But I can't seem to convince him superluminal travel is impossible. Okay, I feel guilty that I think it is impossible, and I'm rejecting it for that reason. Remember Nicola Tesla; he did everything that was theoretically impossible in his time. Why not superluminal travel?
  5. Incorrect. Parallel universes are of roughly a spherical shape. Note that its roughly a spherical shape. THANK YOU blike for clearing that up for me.
  6. As Nikola Tesla put it, there must be a rule behind everything. Rules are the basis of the universe as we know it, or to be more specific, vibrations are what make the basis of the universe. Therefore, there must be a rule to this illusion. You seem to be hinting on Solipism (sorry, i can't spell it right). Solipism, if you don't know what it is, is a philosophical belief that states that everything you see is only real to you. Reality, in a Solpistic view is a result of chemical reactions and other chaotic reactions in the brain. This is paradoxical in the sense that if what you see is not real, how do you know you are real? Because you're conscious? What if you're really subconsciously conscious? How do you know you are physically alive? Then this brings up the paradoxical existence of spirits. Reality is the result of the sensations that the mind senses. A chair for example, is a chair because you sense it is. It feels like a chair, the structure is like a chair. The definition of a chair: "A piece of furniture consisting of a seat, legs, back, and often arms, designed to accommodate one person. " The definition is based on physical sensations. Therefore, it is real. Reason 1: If it wasn't real, you wouldn't sense it. What I mean be sense is that it feels like a chair. It has seat, legs, back and is "designed to accomedate one person". And for most of us, we see it. Light that bounces of the chair interacts with chemicals in the eye. All this cannot be an illusion, and these caan't be simoltaneous reactions that come out of no where, unless of course you have reason to say so otherwise. If everything wasn't real, then niether would you exist. It would be illogical for you to exist in a void. You could say the void and you are real....but the void doesn't have any stimuli to give you sensations of any kind. In conclusion, everything is real. THIS IS NOT THE MATRIX. :bs:
  7. It does make sense, for someone who believes the paast exists. In a quantum universe (I admit it, I'm obsessed with the QM universe!), since all the events in the universe branch out, the past must exist. In order for the present to exist, it needs to branch out from the past. Of course, I don't believe the branching out is literal. So I'm not sure how I should take this. Does anyone else?
  8. Good job! You've got it right! In the book, The Elegant Universe, on page 6, the author says there are 3 spacial demensions. I don't understand this; there are 3 non-spacial, 1 spacial demension. What am I missing here?
  9. I can understand what you mean. Decisions could be an illusion because for every decision you make, there is one wave function that describes the whole reality. But, I still instinctively believe that decisions are not illusions. Think about it; if there is such a think as probabiltiy, random-ness, then there should be decsions. Decisions are random. For example, the 'first' decision you make is what creates a premise for the other probabilities that are created. But this is just a guess. What do you mean? Time exists whether or not youre asleep or not.
  10. Paper is 2 demensional, yet it exists in 3D space. why? (trick question)
  11. This is what I don't understand. Simultaneous occurances are meaningless in Relativity, right? That's what I said....but a little differently. In a quantum universe, the reality is a probablity ratio described by a wave function. Therefore, as I showed in the salad example, we don't exist in seperate universes in a quantum universe. This is the one multiverse that exists all around us, so to speak. Whereas, in a Level 2 multiverse, the universes are seperate. For example, in a Level 2 multiverse, a new universe is created due to the fact that in some regions of space, theoretically, space stops stretching and consequently, the symmetry in that region breaks thus creating a new universe. What about free will? You imply there is no free will. I'd like to hear more about it. I see what you mean. Take the salad example: 6 probabilties, 1 choice for you as an individual. So, 6 realities branch out from your one choice, salad over other foods. It only seems like you are being induced to choose salad simply because you're in a certain universe. What if another you in another universe wanted salad too? Is that what you're getting at? If it is, then I have a simple answer: A quantum universe is entirely random. It branches out, according to the probabilties. It's sort of like saying "what if I chose pizza over salad?", "what if I wasn't even hungry at all" Both of these scenarios have there own realities, yet still in one wave function. There is freewill. You see, a quantum universe only branches out according to the decisions and choices you make. Otherwise, it would all be meaningless.
  12. I fail to see your point. I am simply pointing out it should be considered.
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