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  1. i guess im referring to the effects it has on my leg and arm hairs. that's how i feel it on me.
  2. usually ill just wipe some water on my arms and legs while im at work. if im at home, ill take a shower but it always comes back. im pretty sure it aint my clothes cuz i change quite a bit and at night i dont wear much to bed but sure enough, there it is.
  3. man, ive been walkin around for the last few days feeling like hell. ive had static electricity all over me. i dont think its originating from my clothes either. i take a shower, put on my clothes in the morning and there it is all day. at night, i take another shower and hop in to bed and there it is again, in my sheets. i wake up in the middle of the night to use the restroom and i feel it on my arms and legs. i havent used any new laundry methods and the linen and clothing. same stuff i had from the previous weeks laundry. i dont live near power line or anything. it sucks! anyone have experience with this? anyone know how to get rid of it?
  4. i could be wrong and i probably am, but didnt magic johnson have hiv and he was able to walk it off? naw, he probably recieved treatment for it.
  5. if im not mistaken, whenever i get a connecting message, its usuallt because im trying to access some online material. but since your file is in excess of 300mb, its obvious that the content is on your pc. could you have used some sort of online service that would require you to connect to a server in order to view the file? also try divx player. try opening with windows movie maker as well. what i always do whenever i cant open a video file when there's obviously data there, is open it with some sort of video editor. theyre meant to open a few different types of files.
  6. that dude would have probably been lynched in the US. particularly compton and watts. perhaps just mauled in south central.
  7. well then will anyone second this motion?
  8. Dear members of the Nobel Committee, I hereby nominate Tom Leykis for a Nobel Prize for the year 2005, for his superfluous work on human male courting rituals and his general promotion of human male independence. His contributions in both fields are equivalent, if not superior to, the mapping of the human genome, the mastering of the atom, and a peaceful solution to the violence in the war-ravaged mid-eastern communities, all rolled in to one. With his unique combination of a highly evolved/superior intellect, and stunning insight/experience, the Professor reaches out to men and women (primarily men) and illustrates the essentials for one of the most primal, compulsitory, and instinctual rituals known to mankind; human male courting. He provides behavioral models for the male specimen as a public service. Furthermore, his promotion of male independence, liberation, and dominance from/of women has inspired many social groups, cultures, civilizations, and men in general, to rid themselves of the burden of companionship, the shackles of marriage, and the captivity of young adults so that they may say, “I wear the pants, I make the money so stop talking and make me a sammich.” The Professor’s methods for research and experimentation on these vast subjects are of the utmost ethical and stringent kind. He compiles his data by first-hand experimentation and has personally enacted most of his scenarios. Yet as with all scientific research, credibility is usually only attained through extensive peer review. Tom has repeatedly placed his narratives and hypotheses under the public eye to allow for close scrutiny. So how would one go about quantifying his knowledge? What significance does it have on mankind and will our posterity benefit from it? Well first and foremost, unlike the scientific research and experimentation that yields results that will not benefit the common man for at least a hundred years (such as the creation of artificial elements, the Mars rovers, and the landing of a probe on the moon, Titan), the furthering of our knowledge of the social sciences is something that will almost always yield immediate practical results. To place this in context with other significant (and possible candidates for the Nobel) achievements/discoveries, we need only look at the potential range of influence his curriculum. His target demographic range encompasses approximately half of the world’s population. What manner of man it must take to accumulate such wealth of knowledge. Such a multitude of masculinity can only be found in one man. Surely, there be none manlier then he. Surely there be none better a candidate than the man, the myth, Tom Lekis. Thank you for your consideration. Laz
  9. ah spanish, the official language of the US. i know that one.
  10. oh yeah, forgot about that one. isnt it actually a religous obligation in christianity? same as not living with yer parents after a while?
  11. i think marriges are pointless anyways. they only serve as a legal contract between a couple. you dont need a marrige liscense to profess your love. the only upside of a marrige is to benifit from government programs. unless of course youre female at which point the upside is endless.
  12. there was a couple toronados in LA last week too. mudslides yesterday, record rain. it snowed in Las Vegas!!! they closed the 101. an entire town was evacuated!!! this is some day after tomorrow stuff right here.
  13. where do we draw the line indeed. that's always the final answer. i think i would have to go on the side of, if a patient has significantly lost quality of life and the bad outweighs the good, with no chance of reversal. i dont think that it should be strictly for those in pain where treatment cant help.
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