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  1. I want to see any and all websites you created, helped create, or are for organizations you are a part of or contribute to in some way. Post the URLs and what affiliation you have with them. Please, no commercial sites or business sites. University studies and projects would be ideal.
  2. If space-time is molded around matter, and somehow we travelled beyond the Universes boundries into empty-space time, would we be creating spacetime as we moved? Would it be moving with us and therefor allow us to move faster than the speed of light? If so, what would we be moving in relation to? Spacetime streatches with accordance to the expansion of the universe, correct? What is causing the universe to expand then, matter moving or the space-time expansion? If space-time is non-existant where matter is not present, where would it begin when matter becomes present? I don't believe you can have an empty pocket of spacetime between two objects, because everything that would allow the objects to coexist with each other would force space-time to exist in a predictable manner between them, according to those objects. For example, light and gravity would need space-time in order to utilize it. Perhaps light (or any other object/force) travelling between objects is the only reason space-time exists between them.
  3. I have one thing to add. There must be a limit to how many universes can exist; the limit may even be one. I say this because as I stated earlier, infinate universes occupying the dimensions we are accustomed to would result in visible overlaps. Also, where is the evidence that time is a dimension similar to spacial dimensions. I have read this oftain, but I have not read any true theories on it. Where are the papers related to these topics available? A quick answer on why would also be nice.
  4. How would a 15 thousand pound "Daisy Cutter" bomb affect an out-of-control wild fire? Would the explosion destroy or engourage it? This might be a cheaper, faster way of fighting the fires of BC and the WA and Oregon States.
  5. The code.txt is now irrelivant. The app has changed quite a bit, especially the fundamental code. There are still some major errors, but the erroneous statistical data is interesting. http://www.djglacial.com/gravity
  6. Wow, this is very unorganized. Rather than using vitual data, it makes calculations based on the objects position in the app itself. I am going to rewrite this and post again a little later, hopefully with an error free version. You can still take a look at the code, perhaps spot the problem. But don't think too hard about it.
  7. Ill look through it and post again in a bit. Right now, when it should be 365 days per second, and the radius of the orbit is the same as earths, it should take about one second for the planet to orbit the sun in the simulation. However, I have to boost the days per second to 40000 days per second for it to appear right. I will make a modification so that the planet orbits at the proper distance when the app starts and when you press a button. That will make the error more apparant.
  8. What causes the blood pressure rise? All I'm doing is sitting there with my eyes closed trying to come up with a solution to some kind of code problem. Edit - Is it the activity in the brain causing the rise? I feel nothing in the rest of my body.
  9. That is a point; I have noting to compare it to. That could be the reason I have nothing to compare it to, too. Get my drift? If all societies are as volatile as ours, how can we hope to ever find extra terrestrial intelligentce? It should probably be erradicated by the time we reach the signal, assuming they transmit through radio at the same point in their development as we are. Not that I'm against seti. I have a couple thou hours on my seti@home . My hope is that aliens find us before we destroy ourselves. Assume, however, that ET is as advanced in their phyiological evolution as we are, compared to chimps. But these chimps have nukes. I for one would not go anywhere near a monkey with an A-Bomb.
  10. I love it, all these scientists down and dirty with the games.
  11. Question. If space was travelling at near C, as was the ship inside, how would we view the ship? Edit - I think what I mean to say is, how would the ship be moving relative to us? Like a boat in a river going below the speed of light reletive to its current but faster relative to the shoreline (us)?
  12. Tell me about it (here comes the website again ) http://www.djglacial.com/index2.html ^ Sprite based engine written in actionScript. It was fun to write but turning from 3D to 2D coordinates was rather emulated. Think cathode ray tube and grade 10 trigonometry. Edit - VB game was a joke.
  13. Interesting. Like a "smart" quantum computer.
  14. Erection is not caused by the penis is it? So he could "perform" could he not? Thing is, the skin on your penis is nothing like the skin on your arm. And with only the sensitivity of an arm in your little mister, orgasm would be viirtualy impossible.
  15. I thought this up once. It was seriousely the scariest thing I had ever seen. (Damn didn't mean to type that part, oh well.) The only difference was, this particle travelled along our timeline, and stayed with us untill the end of the universe. It then plays the next particle in line. amans makes more sense though, we have the illusion of time rather than the existance. I ask only one thing though.... what governs this particles movement if there is only one? That is where my theory then returns. It interacts with itself. There is something somewhere that allows this particle to return to all the same places in the dimensions as it was before, except one, where it is in a slightly different position each time. If you guys want proof I also came up with this theory, check out http://www.djglacial.com/ I made a song about it called Distain (because of how horrid the thought was, I will never be the same). The lyrics mean we have travelled through/been everything possible at every point in every dimension, merely to exist. We are all the same; we are all the same because there is only one thing that truly exists. Period. ------------------------------- Lyrics: Why must we travel so far, to find out who we really are. We are same. Distain. ----------------------- I thought I was uniquely insane, before I came to scienceforums.
  16. The universe is an anomaly. If time is just one of the several dimensions produced by the big bang, then it must be able to stop much in the same way it started. When I think of the Universe going on forever, I come to the conclusion that infinite instances of us will reoccur in the future. The universe started and may well end, but that would mean the end of time, which has been described as a "byproduct" of existence. In which case, there is no infinity in that direction. I cannot bend my mind around that for this reason: After time stops, a new universe could form. It happened once, why not again? It might not even happen on the same organization of dimensions that we have now, but I will come back to that. If a new universe does form, it does so AFTER our universe ended....but time ENDED with it. So how did/will this happen? And, if time ended, and a new different dimension is perceived as time, when will/did that happen(ed)? I am not aware of any way to describe these events in our language. Time is just a dimension, so, a universe might exist on all the same places, but on a different part of the time dimension. That is obvious. But the same could be said for every other dimension, including the other three we are accustomed to. And in all these dimensions, there are bound to be overlaps, which could account for anomalies in space and those elusive particles that last for fractions of a second. BUT If the universe ends like it started, are these dimensions not lost? In conclusion(?) the universe appears on infinite points along the same dimensions, including time, Infinitillian miles away/years away/ what ever unit you use to measure other dimensions with, but it didn't/won't happen because when the universe ends, the dimensions end. You cannot stop it, because after it ends, it will have an infinite amount of time to happen again, when time does not exist.
  17. Im planning to make a 3D space shooter in VB based on the old west. Any pointers?
  18. Heh, I was thinking of just this exact thing a few days ago. Would you be able to make it so the program can determine the meaning of a word by the way it is used? Much like a baby. THEN If it was able to log every "conversation" or whatever, after learning a few words, and logically determine how the word was used and then its meaning, you would have a learning program! Guess what(!) after the initial programming (might take a few versions, supposing what I'm talking about is doable or close to what you guys are on about) you could integrate the speach to text on the initial run, and *bang boom* true AI is born. Combine this with that Nissan robot and you have "The Matrix: Preloaded"
  19. 39 of 200 is ~20% You posted 41 on the record date, right?
  20. I joined yesterday, and as of this post, I have 39. Im quite unemployed, just in case you were wondering.
  21. Theres been more successful launches than not, and this next one is going to be monitored more closely than most.
  22. What I allways thought they should have done is make the hardware available for PC using pci/drivebay components... N64 device pci with cartrige bay in the drivebay.
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