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  1. I have edited the above posts to make them a little more understandable, but I fear demonstrations are in order. Therefor, I have created examples of single and uber-dimensional sight. Single-dimensional. Four-dimensional sight. I hope these help. Edit - Four-dimensional sight, with ability to see into the past as well as future.
  2. One thing to add. Much like the time dimension sensing, out of phase universes could be percieved in much the same fashion. As yourself in other dimensions would be doing simmilar things as you are now, you would feel the highest intensities by the ones most closely matching your own movements. In a world of infinate universes, your slight tug would be felt by those adjacent to you, as theirs would be by those adjacent to them, and so on until you are completely dissimillar from yourself, at which time you might be a quasar on the opposite side of the universe. (Edit: The "slight tug" is merely a tendancy for the most simmilar universes to follow a simmilar path to each other. Although there is no physical interaction between them, where there are an infinate ammount of universes, there are also an infinate ammount of paths for these universes to follow, with simmilar and dissimilar universes to our own.) This is very simmilar to my belief of an ineludable cyclic universe. From an infinate ammound of time there are born an infinate ammount of universes, same, simmilar and completely different from ours, all containing an all-encompasing pattern of simmilarity, which must, yet cannot, repeat itself indefinitely. (Edit: These universes could be likened to a string of pearls. Your own universe would be the pearl you hold. While the simmilar universes are adjacent to you on the string, their simmilarities are represented by their simmilar positions on the string. Keep in mind, this post has little to do with the previous one, and to remeniscent of the tv series "Sliders" for me so it ends here.) On that note... can anyone here prove that a pattern cannot repeat itself an infinate ammount of times through the course of time, using mathematics? I cannot comprehend a pattern not forming when it has an finfinite ammount of time to do so, yet, an infinate ammount of time renders it impossible for a pattern.
  3. I believe I have an analogy as to how a single dimension might be percieved, and how we might see other dimensions . You cannot smell where something is coming from, how big it is, what it looks like or whether it is moving. It is merely an indication of something that exists, although you can tell the difference between objects, and increasing or decreasing intensity would offer a hint as to its relative movement. But imagine smell is the only sense you have. You do not have sight, hearing or even contact senses, but you can move around out of your own free will, indicated only by your sense of smell. The smell would change as you find new objects, get stronger as you move towards them, but is only a slight indication, and you would never know if you came in contact with the object. Sight could be used for this analogy as well, if your vision were limited to intensity and color alone, without definition of form. Same with sound using pitch or loudness, with access to only one frequency at a time. But we are to well acquanted with these other senses, and are left with a less formidable example to go by. Now, if we were given a sense of time, it may well have been limited by a temporal spectrum, depending on how time plays out in all dimensions, and might be limited in how far into the future we can sense (and perhaps past) or how far around us we can sense. Although I doubt we would be able to "see" into the future, and would probably experience it as a sort of intuition, I could offer a glimpse of what it might be like. There is an effect used in movies where the image on one frame is partially preserved on the next as a slightly blurry, transparent overlay. Now imagine the overlay coming before the solid image, appearing several seconds before and intensifying as the true "now" moment approaches. This is how time might look. As an intuitive sense, it would be alot like an imminent danger, an expensive vase rolling off of a table, and with an ever-increasing feeling of enevitability you watch as it approaches the tiled floor. We would sense it as we might sense a gust of air before we were struck by a fist. But chances are, we would not be able to predict specific events, but more likely something like the movement of varying ammounts of matter, such as someone approaching you. Of course we will never really know what sensing through time would be like, but just as our the two 2-d pictures in our eyes are combined to give a sense of the 3rd dimension, we just might be able to develop a close approximation.
  4. Would it not be frequency that affects color? You get doppler affect with stars etc. that change the frequency at which you recieve the waves, while the wavelenght remains the same. I see how one can denote the other, but not how wavelength can alone be the determination of color when red/blue shift say otherwise. Or does the wavelenght change relative to the observer??? edit -- No wait, that doesn't make sense or we wouldn't get the doppler affect on light.
  5. Bob's your uncle mate. Not a lick uv a lorri's gonna bring that 'round. Me bellie's rumblin. Off to grab some crisps. Cheerio!
  6. SC? Sewage Cleric? Where exactly is the blizzard? And have NSX and Sayo ever had a grudge match over that banana?
  7. It's things like that that make me wonder if the world really is worth saving. Then I remember it isn't real.
  8. She was cute. I would want to be able to look at her. If they could do eye transplants in the first place... why didn't they get a cadaver? They should have showed they were completely compatible or something.
  9. So it's just your own radiation that causes the loss. I never really considered that on earth its a give/take relationship with heat.
  10. Wow. I could not have come up with a better solution...The memory was logged as a long term memory rather than a short term one! So deja vu might be a side affect of micro-sleep! Excellent. I'm not sure if that can be disputed, as in my experience, I am not remembering something simmilar at all, but the exact happenning. I don't know about other people, but when I remember a simmilar experience, it is something simmilar, and my memories tend not to get contaminated in such a way. If that wasn't the case, I think deja vu would be much much more frequent. Imagine, you would have deja vu every time you brushed your teeth, watched television, typed at your computer, or saw a black cat stroll by. BTW, did they only use that deja vu thing once in the two movies? If so, they certainly wasted that idea. They better use it again in the third movie.
  11. I never said the laser "made" sound. That doesnt make sense. They use it to "measure the vibrations" of things and from that they can turn it into sound. It was merely showing how light can be used as an analog carrier of sound information and was only an example. I could have used fibre-optics as an example but the relationship would have been less apparent. Perhaps less confusing as well. I assume you said "And heat =/= force " because I said a phaser is used to "burn" a hole in something. That was a figure of speach. It is not lighting anything on fire and is not melting titanium. It is blowing a massive hole in your ship. I would say it exerts a force if its blowing its way through titanium, and that seems like it would make a sound to me. The vaporized (extemely dense) titanium has to go somewhere, and would probably be making quite a commotion as it does. And I am still not clear on how space can be cold if there is nothing there to stop particles from vibrating; I don't quite understand the mechanics of it. Is the ratio of heat radiating from astronaught:space is so high that the astronught loses more heat than he gains form the sun? He was unprotected from the radiation.
  12. Perhaps sound in space is explainable. I don't mean sound being transmitted in the normal sense, but hearing something inside your spaceship about whats going on outside. I am of course talking about the science-infamous series Star Trek. Nowadays, tactical recon teams and ERTs use lasers to measure the vibrations of windows and such to hear what is going on inside buildings. That is just to remind you that sound information can be transmitted through electromagnetic radiation. Now, in the year 2347, what if a nearby ship were to explode when their matter/antimater warp-drive was destroyed. Would the resulting wave of radiation be sufficient enough to cause vibration in your own ship? I believe it would, if it didn't destroy your ship as well. Now the Enterprise is supposedly made of a titanium alloy, and the "phaser" is meant to be able to burn through such a material as if it were a hot pin through butter. Would a force of this magnitude cause the ship to vibrate enough for everyone onboard to hear it? I believe so as well. Remember, I said nothing about sound moving through space, just sound resulting from intense electro-magnetic radiation pulses that can move through space. Also, how fast would something that is extremely hot lose its heat in the middle of space? I don't see a reason for it to radiate the heat away faster, and there are no, or few, particles in space with which to interact, so conduction is out of the question. In Mission to Mars, the astronaught is seen to freeze in a matter of seconds after removing his helmet in space. For what reason would this happen? It seems quite wrong to me. With no protection from the sun's radiation, it seems more likely that he would "microwave", for want of a better term, rather than freeze. Thoughts?
  13. Well, if Terminator can warp through time, they probably have the ability to warp through space as well. It could have been calculated. But if we're going to discuss theatrical/scientific inacuracies I think Star Trek should be mentioned. I am starting a thread in classical mechanics about it, for those interested. BTW, read the whole post before you let fly the fruit... sound in space just might be explainable. *Wince*
  14. Taxes... don't get me started. I pay to work. I pay to buy. I pay to own. I pay to get payed. The search is over boys, the black hole is directly in the center of the Parliament building. Once your money goes in, absolutely nothing comes out. Except a pigheaded Heritage Minister who thinks her blind, selfcentered, upstart self is gonna be the first elected female primeminister (get real, you? did I hear that right?), a canadian sovereign who spends more money on vacations than the Queen of bloody England herself (26 friends, including a cooriographer and a film critic, went with her to Russia on taxpayers' money... that wrinkled, old, money-wasting wench performing in a Commie musical or something?), and the moron at the top of it all who's backing out merely so noone can prove he is dead in the water and doesnt have a snowballs chance in hell at reelection ("I put pepper spray on my eggs in the morning"). What drunk idiot in the right mind would vote for a heritage minister to rule the country? I tell you, I'd get putsed in the nunch before I voted her in... posing as she put the ballot in while no cameras were going off... what an idiot. Oh well, at least its not Arnold. "I believe gay marriage should be between a man and a woman." You wont be back. Trust me.
  15. Sony has its greasy little fingers in all the little media honey pots all over the globe: movies, music, video games and all the delivery systems for these products. Now they think they have influence enough to ban music from being played in public establishments? Pay royalties? With all the feeling and passion I can muster, I say this. "Sorry buck futters." Half of these morons' income comes from their music being played in public places by such extablishments, coffee shops, doctors offices and the like, and they have the gawl to charge these people money to play it in the first place? Does a dentist have to pay daily royaltees for the painting on his wall? Do architects get commission on how many people enter and exit their buildings? Im not paying per picture I draw with the pencils I purchased, per road I skateboard, per person that brushes up on my signature-weaved Armani suit. I will do one thing from now on, however, and that is buy independant. MP3.com is my new best friend. Oh I'll still be hearing their precious music. I'm just downloading it directly off chinese pirate radio from NOW ON. And you know what Sony? Byte me, prove it.
  16. teacher's assistant or tetrahydrocinnibinol addict
  17. Hmm, so if we obtained some sort of super automatic refrigerator, we could potentially remove infinite ammounts of energy from a single particle? That does not seem right to me since E=mc^2. And if it were possible, we should be able to reach light speed using that energy, since c=(E/m)^(1/2) . Perhaps that means particles can only reach light speed at 0 K. What termperature is light at?
  18. Rather than "blowing a hole" I meant that the effects, such as gravity, started catching other effects, such as single dimensional particle representation, at such a level that a chain reaction formed. Or perhaps each single dimensional particle representation had a gravitational effect in the other dimensions until they formed multi dimensional clumps, seen as 3-dimensional particles.
  19. I have just gradded out of secondary school and would like to find a job where I can be around science (physics and cutting edge engineering mainly) R&D. I imagine there are clerical and go-fer jobs somewhere out there in areas like this. I would like to know where I should be looking for jobs like this and if they are common enough to make an attempt at finding. Also, what kind of entry level opportunities are available at R&D firms etc? I have computer/internet graphics experience and manufactoring and warehouse experience, if that helps. I plan on studying physics and engineering later on, and wouldn't mind being a shoe-in after graduation. I am very open to career possibilities as long as it's in an area with the potential at advancing society. As well as entry level positions I am interested in anything I sound suited for, now or after further education. Employment now is what I need, however, because I do not have the resources to go directly into school. Can anyone offer me any tips?
  20. The poles get very little sunlight as its effects are blocked by the atmosphere. If the earth was in tidal lock with the sun, there would be no ice on one side and the other would be frozen. Mercury's rotational period is 60 days and its orbital period is 90. It is quite warm on the side facing away from the sun but also has the potential for polar ice caps. What aman said should be true for everywhere except the 120 degree portion facing the sun.
  21. I took that it as if light was not a constant and one could travel at the speed of light, as suggested by the site...
  22. If you were to travel back in time, would you not be travelling back into yourself, or would spacetime be distorted for all points in time in that area of space? Also, if you were to slow your travel through time, would you be creating a pocket in spacetime that was moving differently from everything else? Then the universe might expand away from you and you would be jettisoned out into space (or rather remain stationary as the Earth moved away from you)!
  23. Remember when it showed you seeing around corners in the movies on that site? Thats because you were catching the sideways moving light particles... If you were travelling at the speed of light in your car, you would not only see the headlights, but the bumper and the grill as well.
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