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    BEFORE YOU BUY: go to http://www.iriver.com . They are like super awesome versions of the ipod. For the same price, you get a device which actully works with the PC right out of the box, with a much better amplifier, AWESOME equalizer, and either a REMOTE or the ability to download and view pictures taken with ANY digital camera using USB 2.0. Dont forget FM playback and recording with NO AFTER-PURCHASE ADD-ONS. Look through all the iriver harddrive-based players and be amazed. And the one thing iriver has over everyone else is constantly updated firmware upgrades to keep with all the current file formats. Believe me, I have used both and any iriver beats any ipod hands down. They are great, and it's too bad Apple has the ability to spread its evil so effectively. It's like people haven't heard of harddrive based players before. There is more than one brand of these folks. Don't get sucked in by advertisements which have absolutely nothing to do with the product, and much to do with proffessional dancers acting like recently castrated monkeys in front of a blue screen.
  2. I love positive reaffirmation; that is totally me. Critisism, regardless of what 'constructive' properties it may possess infuriates me, especially on matters that I consider myself an authority on. grr... Something that makes me even madder, though, is someone saying "no" just because an idea wasn't theirs. It is like they don't want to admit someone has the ability think something up before they do. (Of course I'm talking about 'the man' here.) Being someone who considers himself to be rather industrious, this is a real pain in the patooter to me.
  3. What the hell? I never did crap like that. I mean, I speed all the time, but I've never had a cop pull his lights on me. Speaking of which... what's with speed limits? They must be made for old people b/c I consistantly drive at 80-90 in 50 k/h zones and never gotten into a speed related accident...when you are attentive and follow every other law to the letter, speed really is not an issue.
  4. I'd say fishing, gardening ad drinking tequilla all day would be pretty awesome. (Okay, okay, I added the tequilla part, but anything worth doing is worth doing right.) And hey, they just clarified my life goal for me, so I'd say they just did me a favor... so... awesome they are.
  5. Pi describes the diameter of the universe in relation to its circumference and e equals the ratio of root level units of space per unit of energy in the universe...dur. Simple advanced nano-atomical phisics, you all should know this by now. And for those of you who didn't know, yes, the universe is a circle. A visibly two dimensional shape whose third dimension is a value held in the fourth real dimension: the groovy dimension. And the meaning of life is what? You guessed it! Disco!!!!!1112 What is this you are talking about?
  6. Like subspace radio! I think it is worth taking a look at anyway. I mean, where would we be without pulsars? Extrude, extrapolate and examine! That's what I always say. Chances are this is a new discovery, artificial or not, and deserves some degree of attention.
  7. Arlingtonese? No, you see, cingularity is when you are fused like an ass to your cell phone and can't escape for the hottest dinnerdate of your life. I loves me cell phone.
  8. It's mexican for grandmother. Kidding. It's french for probe... which is almost as funny.
  9. I've only done VB and Flash basics, but they're fun as hell. If you need to write a calculator or want to make a small game, Flash is the way to go as it takes nearly no time to complete a working program. I'm obviously not a serious programmer, but that's my two cents.
  10. LOL a b, priceless. Funniest letter combination in the dictionary.
  11. I want to make a volume control that uses input from my usb keypad only. I cannot find out how to access the windows volume through VB, much less the bass level etc. Second... any way to isolate the input from the keypad which, as it is, exactly emulates the keyboard keypad? If not, w/o actually writing new drivers for it, oh well... Reading the joystick input would be nifty too. I've just been searching the net for hours now and cannot find a blooming simple volume control I can disect - they have so many useless features I can't understand.
  12. Well, considering everything you do is based on something youve experienced before.... I mean, when's the last time you've thought up a new color?
  13. duh, download sub7 or the like. Bang boom, the hacking is done for you. Not that anyone should have a need for such a device, but stuff to take advantage of back doors are all over the net.
  14. When did you get married??? I remember when she was your girlfriend!!! (Either that or you really needed to update your website!!)
  15. true, but I have been registered 3x as long lol
  16. Well I figured they wouldn't make a child's plaything out of toxic material. [edit] I'm pretty sure they use phosphorus in military flares... which do burn that brightly, moreso infact. Plus, I have one more post than you... which makes me right...Forever, no returns.
  17. How bouts a link... I'll tell you after I determine it wasn't that loony living at the side of the highway who wrote it.
  18. Be patient, this force are unknow to some person (positrons)????
  19. Cap'n Refsmmat is just jealous because he rides a donkey.
  20. do they use mg in sparklers? Methinks they do. A buddy and I scraped about 10 supersized sparklers into a pan and lit it in the middle of the road. You couldn't look at it from a block away without hurting your eyes. It also burned right through the pan. It was aluminum, not titanium or anything but still pretty cool...hot...cool...w/e [edit] Or do they use phosphorus? It's poisonus, so I'm not sure.
  21. What is the signal voltage in USB? 5v? What about amperage? I want to make some LED sound (signal as sent by computer rather than air) sensitive lights but use analog signal from usb... Possible?
  22. Bloodhound has something wrong with him. (lol) The action scenes were some of the best I have seen in all of both series... they were just too few and far between. The rest of the movie, I admit, was a dissapointment. However, I am glad to have seen it in theatres and will buy the DVD for the action, if nothing else. [edit] By action I meant between alien and predator and the first encounter between the preds and humans. The humans might as well have just been the prey for the aliens as far as I'm concerned and allowed the pred to w00p for the rest of the movie.
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