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  1. Hahaha...at least I got someone all stoked up. By the way, I nominate you for President.
  2. "I love ice-cream." ~ Unknown genius
  3. Awww...I didn't know it had already been done... I was looking forward to read the responses. WAY TO RUIN TEH FUN YOU L0Z3RZ!
  4. www.dhmo.org Don't stay in the dark about this controversial chemical anymore! I'm sure you science guys will understand the signficance of this important research.
  5. Yup, I solved the problem, and it makes much more sense to me now. My teacher had made a number of critical errors (or used unnecessary steps), such as combining the force of friction and the normal force into another force which he labeled "Fr" (subscript r). He also put down the pseudo force ma in the wrong direction. Anyways, somehow, he still ended up with the right answer, which is either very wierd, or very lucky.
  6. That makes some sense, that the pseudo force would be inertia. But where would it be located (or where would its "line of action" be)?
  7. Well, because I decided the best place (and the most realistic place) for the fulcrum would be the lower left corner of the block. In that case, none of the forces would be able to create a torque, because the force of friction passes through the fulcrum. Swansont, can you get on SFN IRC Chat? Then we can discuss this much easier in real time.
  8. Haha! Would you even need to shoot back at your enemies then? The bullets would just rebound back at them!
  9. Encrypted


    God? *Runs away and prepares a bunker against anti-religious misiles"*
  10. Hey guys, I'm struggling a little bit with this physics problem (look at the attachment for a diagram of the situation about to outline). There is a cart, upon which a block of a material of uniform density, with width w and height h rests. The coefficient of friction between the block and the cart is enough so that when the cart begins to accelerate, the block cannot slide, but instead topples over. At what acceleration will the block topple? I need to find a general solution for this situation. These are the forces I can identify: a) the weight of the block, mg (acting through the center of mass, which lays in the geometric center of the object, since it is of uniform density) b) the normal force to the weight of the block (acting through the center of mass, in the direction opposite to that of mg) c) the force of friction between the block and cart (this is the force that is accelerating the cart, and it acts along the surface of the block) The problem is, I can't figure out which force causes the counterclockwise torque that causes the block to topple over, and I know for a fact it's not one of the above three forces. I know it's a counterclockwise torque because I did some modelling using a sheet of paper and an eraser, which acted as my block). Our teacher says that the force responsible for the torque would be the "pseudo force", ma, which acts in the direction parallel to the acceleration, a, and through the center of mass. That doesn't make sense either, because that force, ma, would cause a torque in the clockwise direction, not counterclockwise. WTH is happening?
  11. Hey, Could someone plz. send me a gmail request? Thanks Encrypted
  12. Funny, religion has no value absolutely any more. Ecrypted
  13. Telus High Speed is the best! Most competitive prices too. Sadly, only available in western Canada. Encrypted
  14. Encrypted

    Doom3 Movie

    Doom does suck as a matter fact. Only 5000 people? Wow that's a lot of people....that is so amazing!!!! I have played Doom3 at a friend's, it runs fine on his computer, but I still think it sucks. Half-Life2 has an extremely good storyline and gameplay and has the added bonus of coming with CounterStrike Source. Halo 2 is another awesome game multiplayer wise....can't say too much about the single player though for Halo 2. Encrypted
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