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  1. what do you think of these? The small ones might be too big, and would be a pain to change b/c I hate dealing with the primitive gif with its bloody single transparency color stuff.
  2. If I put it any plainer, ... stuff would happen. Ahem, anyway, I think those buttons have to go. I could design some if you like. Only take a few days. You know, the ones for reply, edit etc. They just don't fit. Everything else is peachy, but the buttons are an eyesore. [edit] They just aren't as hard edge as the rest of the site. The buttons themselves are fine alone, but don't fit with the decore.
  3. I don't know. However, I always thought there should be some sort of automated way of disposing of garbage. Most garbage is still reusable. If the metals and plastics could be sifted out, the rest could be heated and compressed getting rid of polystyrene etc., and the remaining waste should be biomass, suitable for burning.
  4. Lol, okay, thanks for the replies, but, I totaly wasn't asking any of that. Yah, I'm not belemic or anything, but a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, when he's wasted. However, I do appreciate the advice, and will offer some of my own. JUST SAY NO TO MARTINIS
  5. Why does vomitting make you feel better? It only lasts for a few minutes, but afterwards you feel fine, not sick anymore. Whatever the mechanism is, I'd like to implement it in such a way that I no longer need to run to the washroom and induce vomitting in order to feel normal again. Beer before liquor...
  6. Throw a ball at someone's face. The kinetic energy in the ball is transferred to the face. The resulting effect on the ball and photon would be different, but the kinetic energy is transferred all the same. The ball may bounce (maybe giving twice the force as explained earlier) and the photon may bounce. Same mechanism, same result. [edit] To the face, the photon does have mass because it travels at c, so it does have momentum to act on the face. Going in to the mechanism on the subatomic level would be as pointless (in this case) as going into the interaction of the ball and face at the subatomic level. The net effect is the same. The point is, the kinetic energy is transfered from the light to the thing it's hitting.
  7. There is a higher chance that I will be killed by a meterorite in 25 years than winning the next raffle I enter... scary, actually. Blow it out of space with a nuke; the resulting fragments would pose little threat with that ammount of time to dissipate.
  8. Lol. I knew something was wrong with the public education system. I've always said it and all I had to do was ask. All school was good for was meeting chicks, and I still did a bad job of it! I always thought it was hillarious how almost all of the "smart" kids were really raving idiots who just studied too hard and remembered everything by rote. I also find it funny that I've been taking le francais the entire time I've been in school (as canada is apperently a bilingual country) and neither do I know any french now, nor have I met a single french person since I graduated. THAT is exactly how you waste hundreds of thousands of dollars per student on an absolutely useless exercise. School was a waste of time. I learned so much more in my free time than I ever learned in school, it's amazing how such a moronic concept is considered the way things are done. Elementary should be there to teach you basic skills all the way up to advanced math and writing. Four days per week. No useless highschool. Way more extra curricular activities available for students to learn about what's available in the world. WAY LESS SPORTS!!! WAY MORE SCIENCE/MATH/SOCIALS/LANGUAGE STUDIES. How many kids graduate school as professional football players? Directly into college, then the uni of your choice. I may actually still be in school if it was done this way, rather than trying to find a way to make enough money to go back and sustain a life on my own. School should be free for those willing to learn, and not forced apon those who are not. There are plenty of jobs flipping burgers or filling gas tanks that can be filled by people who really cannot do much more, rather than those who were forced to bend.
  9. I think she was talking about the big ones, Brah... the universe sized ones, which we may reside on. They came up with the idea of 'branes through String theory. They probably arrived at it after discovering that the tiny ones aguy2 was talking about were probably the solution to fitting six extra dimensions in to our three dimensional world. The six extra dimensions were needed mathematically for string theory to work. I know that makes little sense, but watch the show in this link and read it again... http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/elegant/program.html
  10. Look... you will never be cool until you learn to speak in michael jackson. Well, mercury is reflective, and here on earth you can use centrifugal force to create a parabolic mirror which is perfectly smooth and very very large... however I overlooked one important detail in my plan: there is no gravity in space to hold the mercury down, so sploosh! The mercury flies everywhere. But I may have a solution. Is mercury not affected by magnetism? I'm just trying to come up with a way of making the best optical telescope possible, and I think a massive one up in space would do the trick.
  11. Yah, I'm not so sure the rest of the crowd in the US would have gone along with it. I still meet crazies up here in the Great White North who think metric is just some other language. Those crazies, they make me laugh.
  12. I did this last year... and again!!!! It's 1:15am here in Vancouver, so you Brits should all be up and about opening your gifts and such. Hope you didn't get coal! Merry Xmas!
  13. The alphabet is 26 characters long... should we reduce it to twenty? A difference of six numbers to get used to is nothing. If taught from age 0 as it should be, base 16 would be much easier to deal with than base 10.
  14. What is the appendix for? [edit] Aren't bones, like, not organs? And don't some snakes have vestigial legs?
  15. Neither do they feel the need to capitalize most of the words in their sentences. :hahaha: [edit]
  16. Yah, sorry for making such an obvious exaggeration...? 16 has no odd divisors, besides 1, making it a much rounder number to deal with. Music is almost always based on 4/4 so math in music is easier. Computers use base 16 and base 1, which can be adapted to each other much easier than base 10. 16^2 can be divided by 16^(1/2) and still end up as an integer (again, just an example of how much rounder 16 is). Give me an advantage of 10 over 16... besides the number of toes you have... [edit] And the fact that it's the system currently in use by most of the planet... that's already been made.
  17. It's hard for me to imagine a pulling force. I cannot in my most maddenned of states bring myself to believe in a force that moves objects in the opposite direction to which it moves, so I have come up with this... When EMR hits something, that something tends to heat up, and tends to move away from the source of the EMR. That was a particle with momentum, which it transfered to another particle. The particle hit by the EMR assumed part of its properties. Now imagine the opposite and extreme version of that scenario. A particle is emitted by some matter. The particle then interacts with some more matter. This time, the particle assumes the properties of the other matter, and vice verse. Now imagine this on the most minimal of scales, happenning constantly at almost every point in space. Gravitons move until they hit another particle, and they trade places, exactly the smallest point value possible from each other. The chain reaction would result in all the matter in a line from the point of origin flowing outward, and of course this would happen radially in all directions. Obviously larger masses would produce more of these particles, as they radiate like EMR, pulling other masses in faster because of the higher volume of gravitons. More gravitons=more transitions/time. This could also explain why you can outrun gravity, because while one graviton would only make a transition at one unit of space per interaction, mass can move at trillions and trillions of units of space per interaction. As you slow down, however, more transitions are allowed to happen. Gravitons still move at the speed of light, so eventually with enough gravitons, you could be brought back to the ground, accellerating all the way as you allow more and more gravitons to hit you. See where I'm going with this? I seriously believe this to be quite possible.
  18. Binary, sure. Base four? Okay, its a little more managable than binary, and base 16 is in full use throughout computing... but base 10? Why not make it base 7.5? That's just as useless. What's with the base 10 numbering system? What a stupid system. I seriously cannot understand how we still use such a primitive numbering system in this day and age. Well, I can... but it is time for revolution! Aside from my rant, what would be the best numbering system for the future? 1,4 or 16? Or something completely different? I don't know about you guys, but I stopped counting on my fingers when I graduated teh preeskule.
  19. Um... he died!? [edit=post] Kelvin sucks too. We need a temperature system not based on the percent of water freezy boilingness. Celcius was stupid to begin with... Kelvin is just an elaboration of a poor system. DAMNIT! Too bad I won't live to see the day we discover the FIRST NON-ARBITRARY NUMBERING SYSTEM!!!1qw [/edit]
  20. I propose we make a new telescope in space that is 100m wide using mercury on a spinning plate as a reflector. How should we build it? Water proof fabric on telescopic poles? Divide the plate into sections and send them up in a shuttle?
  21. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/1345134.stm We've seen back 12 Billion years eh? Nifty.
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