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    Laugh at Rice

    Lol. I love the idea of customizing your car for esthetics. Some of those cars are wicked!! I don't like fart can mufflers though. If you don't have the engine to back up your engine noise, don't fake it. No car is complete without a massive sound system though. Mine vibrates the rust of other peoples' cars (not to mention the screws in some of my heat shielding )
  2. I love this one: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/image/0501/orionNeb_ukirt_f.jpg and: http://photojournal.jpl.nasa.gov/figures/PIA07226_fig4.jpg and: http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/image/0503/foxfur_croman_big.jpg They don't look real!! It's amazing how organic galaxies and nebulae look. [edit] Like this http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/image/0503/ngc1532_gemini_big.jpg
  3. check again post edited the last one is awesome
  4. Oh well; check this. http://hubblesite.org/gallery/showcase/text.shtml Better yet: http://www.astronomy.org.nz/aas/pub/Gallery.asp and http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/archivepix.html
  5. Hans, 20, absent. (names may have been changed to protect the innocent)
  6. Dolphins have to be smart. They aren't people smart, because they have neither the capability nor need; they don't have hands, as mentioned before. Their echo location is very accurate and complicated though, and would require a simmilar brain power requirement as our dexterous hands, or so I've read. The controlling of those massive muscle groups also has need of much brain power.
  7. Excelsior!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. And where does this ray originate? Which way does it face? I assume you mean facing foreward starting at the big bang, but as far as humans are concerned, time started when we began to exist, and ends presently, as nothing beyond that is provable beyond reasonable doubt. A time ray facing foreward assumes time has been plotted, or at least proven to exist, which it hasen't. It almost certainly will exist, and just did, and just did, and just did, and so on, but popular belief calls for a heat death of the universe, in which case time would cease to exist. On a universal scale, assuming the future has not happened yet in any instance, time would be a segment of a line, from begginning of time to present time. Unless you assume the future will exist, in which case time ends at the end of the universe. I could not see time as a ray, as it assumes there is a beginning and no end, or the other way around. At least a segment assumes both, and a line assumes neither. Maybe you are paraphrasing the popular point of view; in that case I just dissagree. Either way, I would like you to elaborate.
  9. In december I heard the Doom song for the first time, thanks to MrL. From then on my life has changed for the better, as I now know what the worst song in the world sounds like [enter the remix]. The Amazing Doom doom doomy doom doom doom doom Song The worst song ever spewed from a set of speakers... ie the remix I abandoned it's production, because it was depressing me, but I figured someone might want to hear it, for some reason. [edit] Not even JaKiri is commenting. That's just sad. I knew I abandoned it for a good reason.
  10. alt_f13

    Laugh at Rice

    "Side shot... yep. still gay." Classic.
  11. Fried or broiled? [edit] Oh, and how do you like your chicken?
  12. I click when the bloody sheep look up!!! Then I gotta second guess and I get all slow. 0.2426
  13. alt_f13

    Is this FTL?

    What would happen if you were on a spaceship going .999999999[etc]c and you tried to move your hand foreward? To someone outside, time would just slow down too much for my hand to reach c right? Is that what that equation accounts for?
  14. Perhaps. But, I hold flavor with her Magistrate the Queen. So, ye be warned. Thanks man!!
  15. Those guys always eat my damn sheep. Thank Mod for goderators.
  16. "The be warned?" Man' date=' pirates must have been stoopyd. [edit'] Aha. dictionary.com says ye1 ( P ) Pronunciation Key (th, y) def.art. Archaic The. ye2 ( P ) Pronunciation Key (y) pron. (used with a pl. verb) Archaic. You. So we can both be right. And hey, if the site is changed after I made the pretty buttons... I'd have to make them again, as I made them for this site.
  17. Obviously, my thinking was backwards. I was speaking along the lines of "ye," like "ye olde coffee shop," or "ye be warned," from back in the day You was originaly plural I think. Shizzle's changed. I'll try and think of something. Ideas welcome. Talk to the cursor. The smiley ain't listnen.
  18. Thanks. What does everyone else think about the quotes in "Quote"? I thought they were hillarious. I'll do "New Thread" and an alternative set that you(pl) can take a look at. ...Is there an english plural for "you," aside from "yous guys?" Cuz yous guys don't always know who's being addressed. Silly English. [edit] I tried the speed line thing, but I can't get it to work. [edit] Nevermind, I'm too damn busy (sleepy) to do another set. I'll edit these if need be.
  19. Up and down, left and right, foreward and back, time, and 6 which reside in calibi-yau manifolds. They don't have names, yet. So I'll call them Geoffrey.
  20. I can rework the small ones if need be, then put it to the public? [edit] Actually, I think I can make them better. If you like where they are going let me know. Got a problem with them, let me know as well. I really want to get rid of the buttons that are there.
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