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  1. I think that was a combination of stereo recording, and stereo playback... all on less than perfect equipment. Listening to sounds at these frequencies is usually reserved for those special vans that roll around to all the elementary schools giving eye exams and hearing tests. God those were fun. It was my first taste of psychological warfare. [edit]I've noticed that frequencies that are out of my soundcards range (but not my headphones) tend to be played back in what sounds like a form of digital compression(as in jpeg or mp3)... like on a bad cell phone connection.[/edit] You would be one of the few people on the planet that could mate... congrats. BTW' date=' how many hundreds of thousands did your speakers cost [edit'] I think it was proven that babies can hear at those frequencies... and speakers that good are only in the few hundred dollar range; I was exaggerating.
  2. Chances are that is your sound system, and you may not be able to hear above 18khz. The average sound card before recently could not even reach the highest frequencies listed. Speakers are even worse. If you want to hear what your computer can produce, get the tone generator here, and set it to sine, then keep upping the frequency until your computer plays something that sounds lower pitched. Besides... it's alot easier than downloading samples :S.
  3. alt_f13


    Hmm... seems love's a big topic, even in the science world. Tip for you gents: Think half James Bond, half Robin Williams, and don't say anything... not in words at least. It's all about actions, and the little things you notice that other guys don't. Tip for you gals: alcohol is the perfect excuse...
  4. I found that my 5.1 speakers weren't up to the task of reproducing this sound properly. I played it, and it seemed to be between 5-9Khz, and pulsing, like tuning forks of different frequencies. I knew that coudn't be right, because anyone that isn't deaf should be able to hear that, so I popped in my headphones. The actual noise is bloody irritating, like an old tube television[edit]Old tube TVs tend to produce high-pitched whines.. presumably at the pitch of the CRT... but don't quote me[/edit]. I checked it out in a couple sound programs, and it's morphing between what looks like a saw wave and a square wave and back again, but it's hard to tell, thanks to the low sample rate of the mp3. It's probably supposed to be a sine wave but was recorded or encoded out-of-sinc with the file, though it doesn't really matter what waveform it's in at that frequency anyway... it's not like the harmonics are that audible. It's fluctuating between 15500hz ~ 16500hz, what's supposed to be the limit of human hearing. I've uploaded a clean cut of a single saw waveform from the BBC clip, made mono for anyone who wishes to make their ears bleed. I left it in wave format at 44.1khz, the original samplerate. Unfortunately, using only the one waveform leaves the sound at that single frequency... 16khz in this case. [edit]If you're listening on speakers, as opposed to headphones, try plugging one ear, and moving your head from side to side. If you can't hear it, you may not be able to hear 16khz.[/edit] Feel the pain. Tell you what: if I hear that garbage around any "local retailers" in my city, I'll be sure to leave my own brand of "positive feedback". I already have to put up with it from people who actually use the devices as mosquito repulsors (though, now that I think about it, I could disable them and the hearing-disabled owners wouldn't even know about it).
  5. The wolfman liveth! It's amazing the lengths people go to to avoid eye contact as well. I've started looking directly into peoples' eyes when I pass them on the street since I noticed this. Those that look back are rewarded with a smile. It's my way of giving back to the community.
  6. Alls I know is musical notation software and FPSs will never be the same if this technology manages to go mainstream. Heh, it's the next generation Wii controller.
  7. When you click on the images for their code, the link "Click here to see a LaTeX guide." points to nowhere.
  8. By the time you're arguing about it, I doubt coffee's going to save you.
  9. I thought that was the spaceship The Flash flew... or was that Orgasmo... I'm not sure, I heard they both sucked.
  10. I'm sure you have some insights that I wouldn't. What do you think? Anyone on the forum that would know? Martin?
  11. I thought martin explained that the ionic wind effect calculated is too small to actually lift the sized lifter that it comes from, as explained by that Test Report...?
  12. organ: how? swansont: How does special relativity deal with this problem?
  13. I imagine there are a few 3rd party programs that take advantage of some of the dlls. That's not to say they cannot be downloaded when needed though. Every dll on the planet can be downloaded... commercial software or not. For some reason, noone seems to mind free downloads of their dlls. (Guess VB and Vb.n stuff would be useless if this weren't the case, though.)
  14. Anything Beethoven as far as classical is concerned. I was writing a list... but there's no point; it's all amazing. The rest (also amazing): CJ Stone - Shining Star (http://www.emp3world.com/mp3/61882/Cj%20Stone/Shining%20Star Trance fans or not.... A-freaking-mazing... Free too!) Sunscream - Exodus (Fire & Ice Remix) Fishbone Beat - Always (Psychadelic Martini Mix) Kernkraft 400 - Zombie Nation HIM (HER in some places) - Right Here in My Arms I have quite the varied taste in music.
  15. "It's time for another 'Good Idea, Bad Idea'." I'm one for redefining the metre as "the distance travelled by light in a vacuum in 1/300,000,000 of a second," as having a unit of measurement that is based on "the ten-millionth part of the distance from the equator to the north pole" is completely arbitrary and utterly useless (not to mention, almost exactly the same). The metre should have been rounded down the moment the speed of light was calculated. Anyway, seriously - a metre should be 1/300,000,000 of a light-second, and equal to a yard/three feet. Then we would have two awesomely round numbering systems and imperial would no longer be a complete waste of grey matter. Good idea, bad idea?
  16. JustStuit: Happy birthday! Woelen: Yeh. I messed up a little. I wanted to get the point across that momentum is a vector quantity, and forgot about the car when I was trying to illustrate that. Should have used a wall :S
  17. 1-13 volt charger? Wouldn't it work the same way if they were connected the way you want them to be?
  18. A heating element? Perhaps the opposite of a heating element... wiki
  19. Methinks you need a new web designer... The references and external links sections of the wikiP article have tonnes of info on them. Try looking up actual machines, like nano-gears and the like, in google. I used to have a great site bookmarked with tonnes of info and pictures as well. There were also theoretical nanomachines as well as ones already being produced, and proposals on how new ones might be manufactored. Wish I had the site to give you...
  20. I've noticed over the past couple of years that many actions and activities that require quick thinking can be made much more fluidly or efficiently when I'm either not conentrating on the particular task, or I'm in what can be described as a state of trance. A few good examples of these activities are games that require fast and accurate reactions, like video games or baseball and other such sports, and even conversation. I'm a musician, and notice too, that coming up with melodies is much easier in this state of mind. When I'm very tired, or in the state that comes right before falling asleep, I can even 'hear' new melodies or full on songs with little more than a desire to do so. I find this state also heightens the ability to do some of the actions mentioned above, particularly sports, games and other activities that require hand-eye coordination. I find this state of mind is often accompanied by a loss of sense of self, thinking less in full sentences or thoughts and more flowing of 'ideas', and a sort of tunnel vision, where whatever I'm focusing on, be it a computer screen or thought (or combination, which is usually the case) becomes the only thing I see - everything else gets ignored, as it were, without the effort of my 'concious' mind. I find that being in this state of mind is much like being in a dream, but being able to react to stimuli outside of your own head. It's the way you feel when you wake up from a dream and haven't quite realised you're awake yet (as you fight off some fantastical adversary, or grip your pillow believing it was the lottery money you just won). For someone in the business of being creative, having the ability to use this state of mind at will would be somewhat of an advantage. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this phenomenon. Think there is a way to draw out this state of mind spontaneously (without the use of recreational chemicals)?
  21. I don't get the 'sniff'. Usually it's just a blatant evasive action. Especially when it's dark and I'm running full speed in their direction. I'm not really sure what this is...
  22. The material of the bumper doesn't make a difference, just the change it invokes. If the ball bounces back at the same speed it hits the car, but going the other way, it means that the change in momentum is exactly twice that of the change of momentum in the situation where the ball drops strait down. For example. momentum = mass * velocity P = mv so ball: 2kg x 2m/s = 4Ns car: 4kg x 0m/s = 0Ns When the ball hits the car, and drops strait down, that means that the car receives all 4Ns of momentum, so the car is then moving at 1m/s. If the ball hits the car and ends up moving at 2m/s in the opposite direction, the change in velocity is not 2m/s, but 4m/s, as it is now moving at -2m/s. That means the change in momentum is 8Ns, as 2kg x 4m/s = 8Ns. Bouncy collision: 8Ns/4kg = 2m/s Non-bouncy collision 4Ns/4kg = 1m/s [edit] In other words, what hurts more: a bouncy ball to the face, or a mud pie to the face, assuming they weigh the same.
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