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    You use cellatape to stick it down when you want it closed and stayed closed.
  2. lol! haha, good work! Congratulations! Yeah...wow. My guess WAS such a major fluke! Maybe I was having a lucky day! So how'd u say ay? Case Closed?
  3. Sorry for pulling out this dusty old post...but I've found the "secret message" translates to something oddly familiar sounding....maybe it's me, so I thought. Here it is for you to prove my sanity: I've divided up the numbers literally with the 0's, ending up with: 0229 0230 0248 0197 0198 0216 Then if you look those numbers up as if they are special character keyboard shortcuts, then it turns out as åæøÅÆØ. Jibberish, right? well.... Doesn't it seem odd that åæø is repeated in Capitals?? As mentioned before, these are letters which can be pronounced, so then I copied åæø into the annoying "Text to speech Microsoft Sam" thing, I think you guys should know....Control Panel > Speech > Text to speech. Guess what I heard?? HELLO. Haha, So I guess it's just another way your friend uses to greet you....Or I've just lost my sanity.
  4. No problem! [hide] 9: Fill up the holes, match up the colours. 14: Circle the thing on the top right hand corner, then dance with the steps! [/hide] Hope it helps!
  5. Wow...just finished....it was so tedious!! Yet fun. I got stuck on 12 and 14 for a while but I worked them out after all.....seems like the author has a liking for sucking the brain juices out of people..Good luck guys.
  6. Hi, as a suggestion, I think the images used in the SFN layout should use JPEG or GIF, because PNG takes longer to load than JPEG + GIF => takes more bandwidth. Also, the SFN logo on the top left, you guys should slice it properly as there are useless bits of the background in the whole image (http://www.scienceforums.net/forums/images/sfn/sfn-logo.png) that you could cut off to save bandwidth. Hope this helps!!
  7. I have another question, do you think that by rolling a ball bearing down a slope (without ANyyyyy friction whatsoever), it would make a quite a large difference? (Like 500cm??)
  8. Hello, I am just wondering, why does the stopping distance of a ball bearing start to decrease after the angle of the slope exceed 45o I really don't understand why.... Thanks.
  9. How about this? You could use a 4069 IC for this, although I don't know if it will provide enough current...but I doubt it wouldn't.
  10. Yea, I know, there are also circuits out there that does it as well. But to keep the cost down I just thought it would be a good idea if a COMPUTER did it.
  11. Hello People!! Please Help!! I've just came up with an idea of making a noise cancelling application and I've no idea where to start. Basically (Well, it probably quite hard to do), what I want to do is, retrieve input from the microphone IN and inverse the wave of the input (Mic) and play it back to the speaker so that it could cancel out the noise from the surroundings of my Headphones(Speakers). Any Ideas? Also, Could somebody tell me if this is right, if inversing the wave really does cancel out the noise?
  12. I think he means the "Newest Posts" thing on the front page... I agree with blike, It's a pretty cool thing.
  13. How about a wysigwyg editor for the quick replie box instead of a textarea?
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