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    Astronomy Songs

    Swansont that was pretty impressive.... do you know all those off the top of your head or did you google it? I have been goin through my ipod all day and since i have 25 gigs of music it will take me FOREVER but i find a song that will work about every 30 or 40 minutes haha. Anyways thanks!
  2. Stusi

    Astronomy Songs

    Hello everyone.... i'm DJ'ing a small stargazing party being hosted by my local rotary club and i was wondering if you all know of any songs that mention stars, astronomy, or space as i thought it would be cool to play a lot of them while we are looking through a massive telescope in the middle of nowhere texas. It's for kids 15-19 so hopefully you all know of some stuff they would like. Here is what i have thought of so far. (I'm tryin to keep it pretty chill so no death metal about "the sky is falling") Artist - Song Our Lady Peace - Somewhere Out There James Blunt - High Train - Drops of Jupiter Hum - Stars Coldplay - Yellow The Tornados - Telstar Our Lady Peace - Starseed Steve Miller Band - Space Cowboy Oasis - Champaign Supernova Jack Johnson - Constellations and a friend of mine suggested "good morning starshine" but i have no idea since i havn't listened to it yet. Anyone else got some good suggestions?
  3. Thank you all for your help... i wonder if i can even find christmas lights this time of year in stores. I guess i will look for a website. I don't really know what size i want... it would be fine by me if they were dim as not much light will be needed at all. Also to whomever mentioned the tube being open at the bottom.. i too thought of this but it's still gonna be quite hard to pull it all through... oh well. This helps me immensley... thank you guys for all the help. Also if you have any more genious ideas or find waterproof x-mas lights with a transphormer on the net lemme know.
  4. First of all i wasn't sure where to put this post so if it needs to be moved or reposted elsewhere please let me know and i will do so. So heres a quick background, i'm a senior in highschool and at my school it's tradition to ask the girl you want to go to prom with in a very creative way. I had some friends write "Will you go to prom with me?" in huge letters in the girls street, others had streakers at a football game with "Ally prom with me?" written on their butts, and other creative ways, some romantic, some not so much (is male frontal nudity a good way to ask a girl?). Anyways here is my idea... I want to go to the creek like we always do and have a small waterfall light up suddenly from behind (this is at twilight so it will be kind of dark) and the lights will spell out "Prom?". The waterfall is small... only 6 feet wide by about 3 feet high. So i decided i would wire together a long line of LED's and put them into waterproof tubing of some sort and secure the tubing to some plywood whichi can then put behind the water so the light will be coming through. My problem is i have never worked with LED's, or electronics, in my life. I am a huge computer nerd and can fix just about anything and i love a good project so i decided this would be great. Anyhow i was just wondering what the best way to go about this would be. I thought of just using Christmas lights to spell it but i really like the look of the LED's as this girl is really into astronomy and stars so it will look more like a constellation. I think i could find some Christmas lights that use LED's though couldn't I? Anyways, if i did make my own setup... what kind of power would i need (a car battery perhaps?) and what would be the best way to wire the LED's so they can all turn on at once and be getting splashed on? Any help would be greatly appreciated as i will start buying materials in a few days. Also if i am successful i will have to include some pictures and let you all know if she said yes. Thanks in advance!
  5. So i have a site that i want to be able to tell me customized information such as my bank account balance or the number of unique hits i am getting and i am wondering how to code a page that will go out and get info from other pages that require a login. For example, i want it to go to my bank's website and login as me then get my balance, save it as a string, then output it to a page on my site. I can't find ANYTHING on how to do this and if you guys could just point me in the right direction with a page or link that has some sort of explanation or even where i might start coding wise i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance
  6. Well my problem is i have very limited programming skills so i would love to find a program that would help me along with all the setup. As of now it looks like i'll have to find a coder for this project because not only do i have a few blurry spots on how to do stuff, but my client keeps adding features to the list which i would never have a clue on how to do. Thanks for the help though!
  7. I use http://www.1and1.com and heres what their cheapest hosting package is... # Includes 1 domain at no additional cost! # 1,000 MB web space # 25 GB monthly transfer volume # 200 e-mail accounts # Virus Guard & Spam Guard for all accounts for $5 a month.
  8. I am looking for a way to set up a site that lets people post in categories, but won't let anyone reply. Also, the poster must sign in to post anything, but anyone (signed in or not) can view all the posts. I cant use forum software for this and basically i'm trying to do something similiar to http://www.craigslist.com Anyone got any good ideas? I normally do layouts and don't have a whole lot of experience with coding so i figured some one here might be able to help me out. I have heard some suggestions from people about using blogging software for this but i'm still skeptical on how well thats gonna work. Basically people will post advertisements for their stuff and it will have their e-mail on there. That's the goal. Any suggestions/links to some tutorials or articles would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Ok i understand flash powder is more of a "bright light" type of effect, but i have also heard of people using it in place of black powder. So i'm just curious, whats the difference? Im guessing flash powder is not as loud as BP but brighter? Just kinda curious.
  10. Well i know a lot about computers, and basically my life revolves around mine. I am an avid gamer, forum junky, photoshop and lightwave 3d artist, and i also make a movie from time to time. In any case, i know a lot about computers, but one area i am trying to break into is programming. So i signed up for a programming class at my highschool to try and learn. Well we are learning Java in the class, and i have a few questions... 1. Can you compile java programs into a .exe or are they always going to be bytecode files that need an interpreter? 2. Is Java a good first language? 3. What are some of the main differences between Java and say C++? 4. How hard is it to go from Java to C++ or some other OOP language? 5. Do you know any languages? If so, which ones, and what do you like the most and why? Just wanting some opinions about it all and to see what my next step will be.
  11. Stusi


    Well i'm learning Java in school at an agonizingly low pace, and was just wondering if you guys had a favorite website or two with some good tutorials/lessons for Java. Also, why cant java be used like a .exe? I hate having to install software on every computer just to get my programs to work.
  12. Stusi


    Haha thanks for the very simple explanation YT, sorry i'm just gettin into this all so i get confused easily. But again thanks for the help guys!
  13. Stusi


    Oh ok, so is it just used in stars to hold the components of the stars together?
  14. I am same as dreamlord and agree, i'm a damn good archer, but other things such as baseball are a little harder for me.
  15. Stusi


    I have heard of making dextrin but cant really figure out what it's for. I assume it's a binding agent in black powder, but does it affect the explosive properties of your BP or is it just to make it a "solid"? Also does it become solid like a rocket engine or like playdough?
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