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  1. Torture does not produce the results wanted. It get misinformation and death. Seldom does it produce results. During WWII the allies used friendly Germans to get info from enemy Germans. It was very successful. But most of all torture is immoral, inhumane, stupid, and unnecessary.
  2. Me too. But I guess consciousness has to come in somewhere, so the brain is willing.
  3. Well, I wonder if conscientiousness has anything to do with the brain. If you want to expand the nature of awareness and mind look at this video, if not, it's OK. https://youtu.be/WnoIf2NwaRY
  4. I tend to think spiritual beliefs are different from religious beliefs. I quit religion and church as a young man because it scared me and was not logical. Then at the age of 49 I experienced a heart attack with what I learned was a near death experience. It opened up a new look at myself and the world as spiritual. I am thinking there is a "separate intelligent energy" that controls the brain and continues to live after the death of the brain and body. It is probable that this is true.
  5. Poetry is the common art of thinkers. I Am I don’t know from whence I came, nor how this Universe began. I care not play the guessing game, pretending wiser than, I am. Some theorize it’s all just fate, while others a divine plan. But I am not convinced, at date, that either way will stand. I can’t say whether I’m heaven sent, or a peg on the wheel of doom. But I am certainly not an accident, Nor will I live a life of gloom. Wake up everyone and enjoy. Awakening Gloomy clouds of desperation billow through a bungled past. Failed probabilities mangled from a question left unasked. Guilt straddles the back of heroes, distraught over what might have been. Anxiety contorts the soul, what was, will never be again. Hiding deep within the darkness, cloaked with eons of denial. A glimmer of serenity whispers, madness is not final. The grim prevailing ambiance is not what it appears to be, within it exists wisdom that validates immortality. What seems solid is but vapor swirling about an Honesty. A light long dimmed by fearfulness and beaded with apostasy. Press bravely through the inner mist. Reclaim a wisdom known before. Light of unconditional love, resides within you ever more.
  6. I have two serious answers for you: To gain wisdom through knowledge of ourselves and our environment. Grow spiritually learning compassion through knowledge of ourselves and others. I added a spiritual reason because I think we are only beginning the journey here. It will continue through eternity.
  7. Thanks for the explanation, and I agree. To some spiritual people God is the sum total of all existence. God is everything. Not quite sure of that either.
  8. I have no idea what "God of the gaps" means. I almost laughed at "disturbed bodily multi-sensory integration." Reminds me of my Navy days. Things that say nothing but sound important. Perhaps something sweet. Home Again Lush beauty everywhere abounds, the smell of Jasmine all around. Breathe deeply the pristine air, drink pure water bubbling there. Let go the stress of dismal years, nothing here to harm, dry the tears. Enjoy this place where you are known, warm greetings welcome you back home.
  9. I wonder why others think they know my motives. I don't care if you agree with me or not. There is no meaningful discussion if you do. I don't believe in supernatural things, just natural things yet to be discovered. Well, If you would like there are surgeons that disagree with you. It is not important whether we believe or not. What is important is what is.
  10. I was hoping we could have a friendly discussion. I do agree with you that science changes as new discovers are made. I also like science and follow it closely. It has help make our lives better in many areas. I also agree that my NDE is totally subjective. But there are others that are not. Some have been verified by doctors in attendance when it happened. I will not go further now, the environment seems a little tense. But if someone is interested we can discuss some verified NDEs.
  11. In my old age (84) I have turned to writing poetry, and prose about spiritual events I have experienced. But I am interested in the whole of life. I like science as well as spiritual studies. I have some books published on Kendall. I don't mind discussion as long as it is friendly.  At my age life has become less intense and the need to be right has disappeared.

  12. Just in case someone may be interested, I found a video on the Savant piano player on my previous post. https://boingboing.net/2013/10/21/leslie-lemke-blind-savant-pi.html
  13. Suicide has many considerations. Usually friends, and family are devastated by a suicide in the family. Some has called suicide the most selfish thing one can do. There are considerations of health, pain, and mental problems that could cause a suicide. I heard suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know religion has driven some to suicide. Devils, demons, and eternal hell being the cause. Then there is the legal part of it. It is a complicated question. It is a unique question for the individual considering it. I have talked to many of those wanting to take their own lives, and as expected, some didn't and some did. Counseling is a necessary part of considering suicide. The best way to help IMHO is to educate, there is more to this world than we can know. The following quote is from “Emmanuel’s Book II, The Choice for Love,” compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton. I want to remind you that those who commit suicide recognize immediately the futility of what they believed was the final act of self-destruction and escape. They gather quickly all the details of what happened. Then the wisdom and love that is there instructs, directs, and sends them back to the planet. The longing for death can, when it comes from remembering, be a voice from Home. When it comes from a desire to escape then I’m afraid it’s only that.
  14. Kinda expected.I was really hoping for an answer of some kind. Maybe we can start a thread on this? It is very important and I am always kind.
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