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  1. Just in case someone may be interested, I found a video on the Savant piano player on my previous post. https://boingboing.net/2013/10/21/leslie-lemke-blind-savant-pi.html
  2. Suicide has many considerations. Usually friends, and family are devastated by a suicide in the family. Some has called suicide the most selfish thing one can do. There are considerations of health, pain, and mental problems that could cause a suicide. I heard suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. I know religion has driven some to suicide. Devils, demons, and eternal hell being the cause. Then there is the legal part of it. It is a complicated question. It is a unique question for the individual considering it. I have talked to many of those wanting to take their own lives, and as expected, some didn't and some did. Counseling is a necessary part of considering suicide. The best way to help IMHO is to educate, there is more to this world than we can know. The following quote is from “Emmanuel’s Book II, The Choice for Love,” compiled by Pat Rodegast and Judith Stanton. I want to remind you that those who commit suicide recognize immediately the futility of what they believed was the final act of self-destruction and escape. They gather quickly all the details of what happened. Then the wisdom and love that is there instructs, directs, and sends them back to the planet. The longing for death can, when it comes from remembering, be a voice from Home. When it comes from a desire to escape then I’m afraid it’s only that.
  3. Kinda expected.I was really hoping for an answer of some kind. Maybe we can start a thread on this? It is very important and I am always kind.
  4. I am not a stranger to knowledge of brain functioning, I find it interesting what science has Learned. No, I don't imagine or fantasize about the spiritual happenings in my life. My Near Death Experience due to a heart attack started it, and it has never really stopped. I love to study brain anomalies, which can be explained by spiritual means , but I would like to hear the scientific explanation of the Savant Syndrome. "The skills of the savant may vary from being exceptionally gifted in music or in mathematics, or having a photographic memory. Most often, the savant is a person who suffers from extreme autism and cannot reach out to other people in a normal way." I remember reading about a young man adopted by an older couple because they were not allowed to adopt a normal child due to their age. They woke up one morning by beautiful piano music played by their mentally challenged son. He could play the classics without missing a note. The adoption agency said he had never seen a piano his whole life. He had been in their care since a very small child. I also know about Neu­rode­vel­opmen­tal disorders which do not explain how the skill was learned.
  5. One can come up with 100 reasons why a particular event happened, but in honesty they are all guesses. I do believe in a Creator and a spirit world because I have experienced these things many times in my life. I don't believe in the teachings of the church or any religion. It is far more logical and different, I don't understand anyone's problem with it.
  6. Is there a place in the brain for politics sports, etc., etc. I don't believe that study is valid\. No one will find any data stored in the brain. The brain is merely an interface between spirit and body, nothing more.
  7. This is one of those unknowable events to some and understandable to others. My father-in-law was at the end of his life in the hospital. He was comatose and expected to pass. My family was there with him. I had been up all night, so my wife asked me to go home and rest. They would call me if needed. I was asleep on the couch when awakened by my father-in-law's voice calling my name. When I sat up he said "Goude, it is time for you to go back to the hospital." I heard it clear and it was his voice. About 10-15 minutes later the phone rang explaining he had passed and I was to return to the hospital. Now was this event supernatural or just unexplained? If there is indeed life after death, it would be unexplained, not supernatural. Until we have the knowledge of an existence or no existence it is just unexplained. Some will try to say it was just a dream or brain issue all within myself, if so then it just must be unexplained not supernatural. The word supernatural indicates a belief in something beyond our natural world. Maybe a spiritual world? Our language is full of words pointing to something beyond our physical world. Supernatural is one of them. But if you don't believe in God, or other spiritual phenomenon why use them? ,
  8. Supernatural is just a word to pin on unexplained events, nothing more. We will never be able to explain everything in the Universe, so there must be supernatural events.
  9. Sorry about the failed post. I was going to bring up the Savant Syndrome.
  10. When a person's heart stops and brain activity ceases what you have is a dead body. Dr. Moody chose the name near death experience. More accurate would have been Limited Death Experience. Pam Reynolds body was clinically dead for one hour during surgery. Yes, she and other experiencers were actually dead. The info gathered from NDEs is positive . If science chooses to ignore the NDE they will have to prove the brain is where the personality resides. Something that will be impossible. I think we can learn from anomalies that people are not born with a blank brains.
  11. I don't believe there is anything supernatural in life. Just things we don't understand or don't have a reason for happening. There are alternate explanations to any event. All I can tell you is that NDEs happen when dead people still see and hear what is going on around their dead bodies. When they return to life this information is verified by people that were alive around their dead bodies. If it were any less there would not be hundreds of websites, thousands of experiences, and millions of experiencers on the Internet. It would just not be news. Over the years I have learned much about belief systems and people. I know people believe what they want to believe even if it makes them unhappy and depressed. There is a website that claims to be scientific run by people that have not experienced NDEs. It is called "IANDS." The "International Association of Near Death Studies." They might be more helpful, I personally rather read the writings of those who have experienced. I have researched and studied NDEs for over 30 years, reading hundreds of books. I was somewhat skeptical when it happen to me, but since then I have enjoyed many more spiritual events. I am not skeptical now. I give you this information in good faith to do with as you wish.
  12. I don't think you understood. The patient saw the Doctor using a special tool while she was clinically dead. The Doctor verified what she saw and that she was clinically dead at the time. Its all in the video. In one experience the patient died and the nurse in her hurry to get equipment knocked over a stool. When the patient was revived he said he saw her kick the stool over to her surprise.
  13. Because what they see the Doctor do can, and is, verified by the Doctor. This is done in many experiences. Pam Reynolds' doctor went public with the information on Television. Can't tell you the time or name of the show, but I do remember watching it. The experience has been verified by many medical professionals. Why scientists think it is all subjective I don't know. But even if subjective it offers hope and gives meaning to life. I think this is not going to be understood. The fear of change is just too strong.
  14. Dr. moody published and was fired in 1975, over 40 years ago. I can't think of a reason that would be documented for all time. If you wish to believe in elves seen during drug trips that is fine with me. If you really believe NDEs are just "made up" then they have nothing to offer you. Just pass them bye. I am confident that truth will always come out eventually. I am not lessened by others disbelief. "Ye shall know truth by its peace and calm" "I saw a Wood Sprite dancing on a leaf. The more I looked at her She looked right back at me. She danced up and down the leaf a dance I’d never seen. Then quickly as she came she disappeared again."
  15. I did expected push-back. Dr. Raymond Moody worked in a large hospital. Some of the surgery patients were telling about these strange experiences. Dr. Moody asked, and got permission, to study these experiences which he labeled "Near Death Experiences". After a year or more Moody published his first book "Life After Life." When the hospital senior management found out about the book,they fired Dr. Moody. There is documentation in his book. I can understand the reluctance, having a hard time understanding the hostility. There is nothing to fear from reading and learning about NDEs. Whether you wish to consider or reject them it's OK. While the information does damage religious doctrine and rituals it does not change much of scientific study. Science has been very good for us Humans over the years and I read a lot of science news. I think you are seeing it all in the video, there are more videos of Pam, and Dannion Brinkley is another NDE standout experiencer.
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