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  1. Thank you. I know it took courage to do it. The theory of brain electrical activity I read years ago. There are several reasons why this does not explain the NDE. Medical science says the brain can live about 11 seconds after the heart stops. Pam was clinically dead for an hour. She was looking down upon her dead body watching the doctors work, this is fairly common in NDEs. The brain would have to live for an hour and take a position above the body which is not possible. We are first Spiritual (intelligent energy) and second Human. When we die all of us return into the spiritual world. T
  2. I tried to show something beautiful, but they cared not look.
  3. I am sorry. I thought it could be discussed in a calm manner. The evidence is clear and strong . The video is only one of many, many events. Yes, I do believe what I have experienced, most people do. Watch the video and remember it is only one of hundreds. We need to discuss the video.
  4. We must be reading about different drugs. I have read about them for years and did not get that impression. They produce some very bad things as well as pleasant But still do not have the power to change lives like NDEs do. It is not just my opinion, it is my personal experience. I have read about the drugs for years and didn't get that from the material. Please view the video and listen to what the Doctor said about it. I don't want to argue. It is something for each person to learn about individually.
  5. I don't think N,N-Dimethyltryptamine is a legal drug. No? I know drugs can make you feel good, but they do nothing to change your belief system. NDEs are more than feel good, they teach you things unknown. I will show a video of one here and I hope it is OK. If not just delete it. Pam reynolds' NDE
  6. I sometimes deal with suicidal people. They feel life is useless, I try to give them hope, 30-40 years ago NDEs were taught in college and to groups of suicidal people with some good results. There is a large amount of material. Too bad about its status today. It could help many find hope and meaning in life.
  7. Those experiences would have been very scary. I didn't remember anything during my heart surgery either. When I had a heart attack and found myself without my body was my NDE. The only time in my life when I heard someone talking in my head asking me if I wanted to continue living or go on. Something you never forget. That is why I believe in a greater reality than just our physical lives. It seems so useless to learn and work a whole lifetime and then vanish from existence. I appreciate your comments. Thanks
  8. Goude

    On tact

    It is a great write.
  9. Goude

    On tact

    I like your signature's "Life is the poetry of the Universe Love is the poetry of life" It is a great quote.
  10. Goude

    On tact

    I think the point is missed. it is always desirable to give respect to the person. We all are at different levels of growth. If you don't think as they do it is OK. Respect everyone, you will be a better person for it.
  11. No, I have not read every post in this thread. But I never expect people to totally agree on any question. Yes, a NDE is personal and can only be fully accepted by the person experiencing it. Mine was like someone opening a window. I saw there was more to life than the house I lived in. I saw no religious aspects, no judgments, no punishments, a very pleasant event. I would love to hear the details of your NDE very much. Should a new thread be started? Thanks for answering my posts, and the last line of yours is so true. Understanding is a horse of a different color. Much harder to
  12. I agree, and believe the church is responsible for much of religious doctrine.
  13. I do believe life has a purpose, but it is not religion. I think there is a greater reality out there and our physical lives are only a small part of it. So I am excited about what I learn from life. On 60 minutes last week there was a segment on dementia with new findings that changed everything. I love knowledge and study it. I like to read about things I don't agree with or understand the most.
  14. Yes, I believe that would infer the correct conclusion. If the whole is tainted then the parts of the whole would also be tainted, or in this case purposeless.
  15. I agree with you. I am not a religious person at all. But did have a NDE years ago that changed the course of my life. I am not sure if that falls under supernatural or not, thousands have experienced similar events. One thing that bothers me about the purpose of life. If life is without purpose doesn't that make things like religion and science also without purpose. Thinking logically.
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