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  1. i think so. its liken to kids when you want them to stop doing something destructive so you go about trying to keep them from the act while rewarding them with prizes or treats when they respond positively verses, beating the ever-loving bejesus out of their butts and having them resent and like you said form resistance or rebel against the parent, if they react that way verses withdraw and inward psychologically negative conditions. i found a few peer reviewed studies but most have been on depressive conditions of social media use within certain age groups and focusing on sites like twitter and fb, snapchat, instagram and one or two more mainly showing females as being more depressed than males and also females being more addicted to social media verses males in the studies for age groups 16-early mid 20s except instagram showing males more addicted to it. again depression being the major depression DSM-5 diagnostic criteria. but the one or so ive read tonight havent gone into specifics . as far as devaluation, its rampant on many social media sites and forums, ive witnessed devaluation here as well as well as positive conditioning for behaviors which the numbers below the member icon for all of us state for positive behavior conditioning. but now thats not as much of my focus as trying to understand overall what effects are the two styles from current studies doing to people. also the devaluation i think is a bit more complex over all with all social forums and a major issue at larger social media sites i think but thats also not the point im trying to make now as much as id like to see long term studies from fb's startup of this kind of change in emotion states and what is being shown and why , to remove myself from the focus, and help myself and others gain better understanding of whats really happening long term to people through this kind of behavior changing. example , i wonder how much cultural influence plays in these same studies in say africa on fb verses canada with signs of just one condition like depression and see if its manifestation is determined by cultural social media responses or standards of living and cultural social media response..... some hybrid of the two being the culprit? obviously populations are being affected to a great deal by virtual social contact and in some in a very negative way.
  2. i will. currently im in the genetics section because i have an interest in synthetic nucleotides and want to learn more. but i know ill make it over to cosmo and i WILL make it a point to look and read your articles. i agree with this too. im always amazed how much changed after hubble space telescope in general. thats something i didnt know. id aways assumed via some old material it was about supreme density of some state of matter/energy. that never sat well with me it pictured a material zygote of sorts to me waiting to react. what was it doing there? for how long? where did it incept from? the inception being my greatest curiousness .not the only one i know but just the idea alone that its hard to define what exactly we are IN in as far as a system goes. sometimes i imagine we are in an organism thats biology is just so far removed from our own that it appears lifeless but in fact is not in its own respects that it reacts to its environment in some way we dont sense or record with our current instrumentation . but thats more of a daydream . much like some of the cellular signaling complexities we ve observed over the last couple decades but on a cosmic scale. a physics professor id had had brought up a crazy idea that had been in circles somewhere that gravity wasnt real but was a manifestation of inertia but im not tested enough in physics to side with such a revolutionary idea and of course would side with it being false but i like the effort to test it and play with the idea of it if only to completely rule it out and see data . but there are SOOOOOOO many areas to learn. i just ordered krauss's book ($12 amazon) to read later but currently im in strumm and morgan's aquatic chemistry and its technicalish so that ill check out after for fun im still curious on studies that involve the effects of reputation labels on sites and effects and ill post some data here , its not meant to be offensive ,but maybe we all can learn from it . since i dont know any or have never even looked into any studys , ill deeply go over the studies and post them objectively somewhere in psychology for viewing.
  3. seemingly was a good word choice , it indicated that you dont know. as for nonsensical , we d need a pole for that. but sure i am happy to move on to more interesting scientific topics. i can do that now if you like. i like that there is not really a hard defined construct for what happened before the big bang. it leaves a lot to the imagination and at the same time its a bit scary to think we dont know. cosmology is not a specialty for me but ill try . due to the idea of it being forward from a singularity, i kind of have two ideas that one we are in an expanding system and the singularity was from a "portal" or flux or whatever term you want to use that was its base or original phase. then the opening collapsed or spent itself out . meaning there is a whole other universe in tandem with our own under different physical properties and ours may eventually need to depressurize somehow and that create sort of universe pools from larger ones that have some undefined membrane keeping them apart....maybe, but more that the one we exist in seeded from another like dumping a tub of water through a drain and it spouts out somewhere but under very very odd physical properties and energy/matter/antienergy/antimatter changes........but i dont think its a giant cosmic snake or anything else absurdly cartoonish as limitless as that would be. the other is the whole system will eventually stop, revert, and time moves backwards to the original singularity, but im not partial to that one bc i cant see how that would work logically . and even if that were true what the hell would that be? it just makes you wonder even more what the hell kind of system are we in??? id liken to start reading that. ive read nothingness: the science of empty space by henning genz on properties of empty space but i forget if it was written before the discovery of dark matter. again, im a little weak in cosmology i saw this in an after look
  4. that will most likely be more negative for the sites reputation than mine. there are plenty of science forums. and ones where open discussion of ideas are not limited , those that are limited are not in the greatest favor imo. in any case, it wont cease my studies....also your post comes off as a threat i think, why that no one checked that is probably because of your social status here btw. do i? lol are you a machinist or in psychology? i am pretty sure i was trying for 90s era qvc shopping ads, but what do i know . if i did is that a bad thing? dont individuals need attention as a psychological component to life? i certainly dont know but maybe we do have some true psychology SME's in here. also this seems a thinly veiled way of saying in have emotional problems , again, unchecked by anyone i think bc of social statuses already in place maybe. but im guessing . i am happy to talk science, lf youre interested do you or any one esle know of any studies of the psychological effects of social media social rating systems? this is not a jest at you, but i am interested in this topic now. i saw even today there is a grand amount of stir going on about right handed privilege and its effects on the social and emotional growth of left handed people, surely there has to be one study on social grading on media networks and the long term emotional effect on humans now that fb is at almost 18 years old. you are entitled to that. some people believe there is a giant cosmic snake that created the universe , since no one seems to know what happened before the big bang , who am i to piss into the wind? but i consider that im wrong sometimes. for others they may not.
  5. lol thats funny! i can accept that and would encourage it haha. i can see in many other of your cases yes, but ill tell you a fact that you have an outlier here. dont believe me? run an experiment on my posts and see me wrong in 3-6 months total posts. if the data proves you right, ill leave the site, if not then.....well i think the data would say enough. im taking my son on a hike and will check these later today
  6. i dont hate this site. its quite the contrary, i really and truly respect the vast amount of scientifically gifted minds ( which is why i decided to join) here and I have huge ambitions of learning from every single specialist here on the sciences Im interested in and knowledge Im unaware of. my intentions are not to become the house troll here, even though ive lately changed my signature for playfulness and decided to run a short unpopular experiment on social responses. i do have a playful nature to a fault and also challenge ideas and standards to see if they are in fact true values. i dont have issues with being wrong as you ll learn. im aware of my applications here being imperfect at least to some degree. but i also have some perspectives here about some issues i think may be spot on. Im not typically a habitual abrasive poster or responder to subject matter. it is just a fluke that these are my first foot forwards while learning my feet here. i think more data is needed before conclusions can be made. i think this could be assumptive . you d need a larger population set of my posts and if you want to make that leap from less than 1 month of my posts while you are open to that your results may be false positives in the longer set for me. im honestly only in this site to become a better learned scientist . i just happen to find some issues with how i think people respond to posts. this is secondary to why im here. eventually ill bore of this trivial purpose and focus more on learning here. this original thread post was purely an experiment .
  7. i was running a social science experiment PHI. i could not alert the test population.... 1. sorry i am sane ( unless you or someone can prove beyond a doubt otherwise), that probably doesnt sit well with you , but i cant help that. 2. by the way, you cant presume to know my angles can you? 3. I am a scientist . and read mostly here. 4. im just having a little fun , please try to lighten up yes? 5. also notice where im posting this thread and ask yourself what is the purpose of a "general area" thread category please? 6. Im have fun, obviously you are.
  8. 1. sticks and stones 2. are you presumptive and salty? 3. assumptions make an ass out of you and me 4. maybe you know from personal experience of being crazy? 5. sorry , im certifiably sane....sorry bud 6. alot of this is in fun, so lighten up yes? you gave a very nice FIT as well, good job!
  9. Hi Im ____________________, you may have seen me in many versions of "Ill help you" get your life on track media applications across the decades dipping into the early 18th century.....you thought II was dead! well, Im back from the great void and simmering ether with a deal better than birth itself! Tired of seeing all those nasty red social slap down points for not being an original member or just plain not being in the inside double standard powers that be forum social elitist group? Feeling like an outsider looking in? are you naked and crying in a ripped bean bag chair from the 1990s eating not even a major food brand bag of chips trying to smoother the pain of not having a 300-1000+ green whole number social score on scienceforum.net? no, oh that probably didnt fit most of our ideal target audience, darn survey shenanigans is what i blame..... no matter, today is your luckiest of days, for a finite amount of time social F.I.T.S. which is a no where near a patented program that was just made right here and stands for Forgetting (or F*%^ ) intimidating thread stigmas, is here to help YOU , yes YOU ! sounds limitless you say........ but how does it work you ask? well Im glad you inquired......let me lay out this ugly bag of snakes for you and straighten it all out so even the wee lil ones can nod yes. for as long as this thread doesnt enrage the powers that be ( and it probably already has) and end up in the "we dont like what you posted graveyard" ill be giving all of you red flagged poor unfortunate souls plus 1s and a text of inspiring words of comfort! WHAT IS HE CRAZY?!!! you heard it right, I dont even know you , but Im going to give you the benefit of doubt like youve never had from your very own mother! just post and show your negative social credit score and Ill give you a +1 . FOR FREE! and if you feel slighted so bad as to give others that post here in this thread plus ones WELL C'est La Vie! "SURE WHAT EVER YOU SAY PAL" is what your saying? and whats the catch? ok you got me, i happen to want to see how many negative reputation remarks can be amassed to me the point of hilarity! to bring a little levity to here of the expense of the emotionally stifled "i think im better than all" so and so's. so give me as many negative marks as you can!!!!!!!!! seriously !!!!!! and surely they will be here with their self endowed massive green marks of glory to put down our effort!( most of them, not all of them are bad honestly, but those of double standards know who they are) with mouse clickers ready to take away your newly gotten green upclick. ( or worse) just ignore them, theyre not like you and havent the understanding you and i do. embrace your gift from each other and feel unalone here in the new wild running running of social science personal character labeling ( no matter if a person is aware of it or not) . YOU ARE A PERSON OF WORTH! except if you arent , and well we can be honest, some people are just plain bad! you know who you are! but rehabilitation may be in your wheel of fortune ....so consider your possible new path to sunny vistas you of nasty temperament. NOW LETS SEE THOSE social F.I.T.S. !
  10. oh no the thread relevant police man is out guys....better stick to the topic or else!!!! want to see my thread posting papers officerNOW? officerNow thinks the purpose of life is relevancy (what do i know maybe it is ) lol now we re back on topic lol
  11. some my mother always told me never to give advise to people that dont ask for it....oh well, i guess i had a better mother than most
  12. there is this episode on this show with seth macfarlane called the orville, sorta a comedic version of star trek the next generation.... anywho they have an episode where everyone's personal status is determined by how many "likes" you have and those that have "bad credit social status" have to give personal public apologies to the world while chained at the stake in city centers. basically the world and not a judiciary system decides your guilt. some of these forum social status facebook mimicking implementary processes (not just here at this forum) remind me of that. are we on that track? i cant say but its starting to make me wonder i added an emoji so i wouldnt get a down vote lol. heres to you Vat, i liked you satire. i was picturing the wooing dolphin spouting literal love sonnets to his dear mate. ah l'amour!
  13. plants become polymorphic all the time . showing odd types between species that dont really place them in either but are obviously related. I forget when I visited the museum of natural history in D.C. there is a panel with at least 25 species of Homo, maybe more. its fathomable to me that many of these species bred with each other. I think this is plausible. deleterious mutations may not have been lethal and still allowed beneficial ones to aspire. and if they did perhaps new genetics were introduced. like why a certain percentage of homo neanderthalensis genetics have been found higher in certain groups currently. also time, there is a lot of time for a benefiting mutation to occur in 50k plus years. having a large set of beneficial genes then setting a small system for them to mingle together only for only a couple thousand years may not be very harmful at first
  14. If my attitude offends you that is a you problem. questions ive already asked. the world is surely diverse and my "attitude" is a part of that tapestry , either you can swallow that or not. not my problem. in the words of val kilmer in tombstone Why Ed does this mean we're not friends anymore? You know Ed, if I thought you weren't my friend... I just don't think I could bear it!”
  15. I dont know. and I dont think anyone else does either. ok Ive answered your question. Im done and Im moving away from this thread bc it isnt worth it for me. for the rest of you , enjoy. i know when im not wanted so ill be reviewing other posts for my own benefit. Well that also goes hand in hand with me being new that I wouldnt possibly know that unless ive been spending imo way more time reading rules than i had just diving in, so thats my fault yes, but i know im not the only one. either way, i know im not a troll , whether any one else does isnt my concern. frankly without proof of someone being a troll i wonder how moderators can let someone make that leap without corrective measure here, but honestly i dont care atp as i said. its not really worthwhile for me to engage in this thread any longer. goodbye
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