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  1. From my limited understanding, a Theory of Everything would seek to unite both quantum physics and general relativity in one overall framework? How important is it that these two be connected? Could they not be two completely and separate things that together create the universe, instead of being two aspects of the same thing? I'm sure there's a better way I can word this, but hopefully you get the gist of what I mean?
  2. Going to England for an extended holiday this coming Monday, so I'll be spending the holidays with family.  That'll be nice. :)

  3. It's where they store the Goa'uld symbiotes in cryostasis.
  4. Obviously those bacteria are at the apex of their evolutionary niche for existing in petri dishes, and therefore don't need to evolve any further. Like crocodiles or cockroaches.
  5. Would a topic on chemical differences between the milk of herbivores vs. carnivores be biology or chemistry?

  6. I really don't think whatever effect you're going for, is going to be the best possible outcome.
  7. If it was possible to record brainwaves and replay them at a later time to re-experience them, would that mean in the future we could have dream recorders/replayers?
  8. The movie Gattaca was not supposed to be a documentary.
  9. So what exactly does that mean for our understanding of the very early life of the Universe?
  10. I love puzzles like this. The way *I* would do it would be to make a cone with one sheet of paper, place the cotton balls in the cone and then make a cylinder with the other piece of paper to place the cone into, for supporting the cone and keeping it in stable. Although I think the objective of the game isn't to get the "correct" answer, but to assess your own problem-solving skills by thinking about how you would work out *a possible* solution for yourself.
  11. Hahahahahahaha! *wipes tears from eye* Oh, you're serious? Hahahahahahahaha! Comedy gold.
  12. I have a question: If your ideas were somehow wrong, what would have to happen in order to show this and prove your ideas are wrong? If your answer is something along the lines of "nothing", then what you're doing isn't science.
  13. Daecon

    Pet Stories

    One of our cats caught and brought in a Goldfinch. After chasing it around for a few minutes, I was able to pick it up in a paper towel and release it back outside where it flew away.
  14. It's all about questioning assumptions. If you're going to start with one "primary" assumption, which would logically lead to a hole chain of them, the reasons for deciding the nature of each link in the chain should be questioned just as much as the first link. Premise 1: The Universe is a simulation. A) Accept the premise. B) Question the premise. If (A), goto Premise 2. Premise 2: The simulation was programmed by one single person. A) Accept the premise. B) Question the premise. If (A), goto Premise 3. Premise 3: The programmer is male. A) Accept the premise. B) Question the premise. If (A), goto Premise 4. ...And so on. I do like the whole concept of procedural generation. I think that's basically what the Mathematics is/are to physics.
  15. Why do you think it's the work of only one programmer and not a team of developers?
  16. Well a quick Google search has come up with either A) Hives or B) Super-duper-mega-ultra-cancer. Either way, I suggest seeing a doctor if antihistamines don't help.
  17. Ah, thank you. I'm aware that some forum's software allows a user to search specifically for their liked content, I presume this forum doesn't have that feature? That would explain why I couldn't find it.
  18. I notice that on my profile one of the details listed is "days won", regarding the times I had the most "liked" content on a particular day. I can't seem to figure out how to find the content that I posted on those days. What am I missing?
  19. Why would that second thing not already become a black hole by itself? Black holes happen when an object is so massive, its own gravity makes it collapse. On second thought, I may be mis-understanding your question. If so, perhaps you may find this Wikipedia link on Spaghettification informative: Spaghettification
  20. They're not mutually exclusive, they're just unconnected.
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