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  1. Ah, I think I get it now, the stream of photons are being emitted across a length faster than an individual photon would be able to cross that distance from one side to the other on its own when travelling at light speed?
  2. I'm an idiot. If you divide by 4 with 2 left over, it has to be even and so can't be prime. x(factoral)+(sigma)y=z?
  3. Shadows don't destroy light, so any photons propagating from a light source would still be en route to the surface of the moon regardless of any shadows. The light would still be hitting the moon for a few fractions of a moment before the shadow "reaches" it, so the speed of any shadow would still be limited to c surely?
  4. Is there a resource other than Wikipedia where they have a layman-level introduction to articles on nuclear resonance and resonance in particle physics?
  5. What about the reports of all the people who repeated this experiment to verify those findings? Where there any, and if so - do you have a link to them?
  6. 1) What do each of those climate types mean and how are they defined? 2) "Of" our environment or "to" our environment?
  7. They were all originally designed to do something else before becoming famous for their more common usage?
  8. So a white hole would be like a bubble or membrane that only allows for one-way passage, that is, light and energy can pass through to the outside but not pass through to the inside? What would happen when there's no longer any mass or energy inside the bubble? Would the void on the inside combined with CMBR pressure on the outside cause the bubble to shrink into nothingness, which is why we can't detect them? Any old white holes would have been emptied and crushed to nothiness from the pressure of regular space by now, and so until we can come up with a hypothetical way for them to be created, there's no evidence to suggest new ones are being made any more.
  9. Of course not, because then I couldn't cheat -- uh, I mean... use my super awesome chessplaying tactics. Now, which way does the horsey move again?
  10. I could play chess against two grandmasters - at the same time - and I'd be guaranteed to either win one of them, or stalemate both.
  11. Why are you concentrating on the center of the Milky Way galaxy and not the center of mass for the Virgo supercluster?
  12. Wouldn't the opposite of a black hole be just a plain void?
  13. Eh, I had a Mensa IQ test about 20-ish years ago when I was in my early teens and got a score of 178.
  14. That's awesome and just what I was looking for. Thanks!
  15. Is there a quick and easy way of working out the nth number in the Fibonacci sequence when you don't know the values of the two preceeding numbers in the sequence?
  16. What does "field of superimposed probabilities" actually mean? To the untrained ear, it sounds like word salad.
  17. It's just numerology. What would be really impressive was if these words and numbers synchronize in every language, not just English.
  18. So symmetry breaking just changes the properties of the particles, not the fundamental laws, of which c is one of those laws?
  19. Ah, I see. So it isn't plausible than the value of c was different, pre-symmetry breaking?
  20. I've been reading articles on Wikipedia and I was curious as to whether it's hypothetically possible for the electroweak force to have had a different propagation speed to standard electromagnetism, and that when the two forces separated, their speeds also changed?
  21. Speaking of life from non-living material, is it possible to have a molecule that's something like a cross between an enzyme and a prion, or would such a thing be a contradiction?
  22. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if given adequate logging rights?

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      You do understand the legal ramifications of cutting down woodlands...? Teams of lawyers may be drafted in to pontificate on the issue...

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