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  1. Racism seems to mean caring at all about race. For example I am a "racist" because I do not want the European people to be replaced with non-European people. Is that caring "too much"? It's subjective. The natural meaning of "ist" words is extremely wide and includes any connection the noun used to construct it. A "knifeist" could be somebody who supports the concept of knives, such as a housewife. These words are stupid and vague and only used to stifle thought for political reasons rather than elucidate.
  2. The personae arguing against racial differences were using ad hominem and nonsense. The person arguing for racial differences was using deep knowledge and logic. Oh dear whatever are we to do? Maybe you can cherry pick a mean word I said under the torrent of abuse and pretend it was "just me".
  3. Not at all. It's just that I've reduced you to writing obvious nonsense while pretending it's esoteric and profound. Everyone can see that.
  4. Could one of the other people hostile to the race concept explain what this person is talking about. I don't understand it at all.
  5. Humans are a subspecies. Why do you think they are a race? Do you have a definition of race? Presumably you have a definition of race to call humans a race. Unless you just babble meaningless PC slogans on a "science" forum.
  6. So where's your answer to my questions? What's a "pure individual race"? Is it some meaningless crap you made up? Why should I post here if the forum members are all total retards?
  7. I'm not being sarcastic. Your questions are stupid but I am answering them accurately.
  8. Genes, it was in your question. "pure individual race" is meaningless nonsense you made up. What does it mean? What's an impure race? What's a non individual race? Since you are asking me to count how many instances of your meaningless nonsense exist IRL the answer is obviously none. This has no relevance to anything.
  9. You need a new Stalin for the ultimate stamp of authority.
  10. Lol. Virtue signalling pseudoscientist. I already explained why it's science. Science makes predictions using knowledge. It's trivially obvious it's science. But "science" to you means "agreeing with my fashionable SJW beliefs".
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