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  1. Isn't the advancement of civilisation and the creation of technology a natural process? Ants and termites engineer their environments in much the same way we do, and that isn't considered 'unnatural'. Besides, most animals do live in primitive social systems. How are you more human than anyone else? Your comments above don't make much sense, no offence.
  2. Why? why would this actually occur? How exactly would a star's collapse 'rip the fabric of space and time'? And how would such a tear show the kinds of effects that black holes do?
  3. The mods on this site are not jerks. Every time someone complains about them, there was a good reason for whatever they did.
  4. The Earth is clearly warming, whether the snail is extinct or not. The question is, rather, whether it is caused by human influence or not.
  5. Why did we and do we seek order? Many species evolved to live independently. Could human intelligence be affected by social structure, or vice versa?
  6. Do they simply need to be plasmas so that they have enough energy to fuse?
  7. I'm starting this thread for a debate about why and how humans form governmental systems. This seems like a fairly interesting idea to discuss. Note, too, that even before humans evolved, primitive caste systems were used by the more advanced organisms (e.g. Gorillas, ants are a prime example of a complex organisational system). This is not a thread about anarchy.
  8. How is survival capacity not true order? Your beginning observation is good, but the facts are a bit skewed.
  9. Why on Earth (no pun intended), or any other orbiting body, for that matter, would such a thing ever occur? Of course it's not in Wikipedia, and for good reason. If this 'theory' is true, how does the Earth's motion not transfer energy to itself and cause the Earth to spin at an infinite speed?
  10. I'm probably wrong, but it kinda looks like an assassin bug to me.
  11. I don't think anyone cares enough about testing for baldness to have isolated the gene. I would guess that significantly more biologists are working on cancer and autism.
  12. Someone should do an experiment on this: take one group of children who's parents refuse to vaccinate them and keep them all together all the time for a month or so, and compare their average state of health to a similar group of vaccinated kids.
  13. It's simple! All you have to do is clarify your post so that people actually understand your question.
  14. Bonjour. I'm Swiss. And yes, my username has forward slashes in it.
  15. With Russia and America's relationships these days, it seems most likely that they would be the two big players. The question is, who would ally with Russia and who with America? What assets/relationship does either side have that would be an advantage?
  16. According to Google, the definition of cyberpunk is: a lawless subculture of an oppressive society dominated by computer technology. This sounds to me like almost every chat website (think 4chan). The Future may have been fulfilled, at least, in that regard. The futuristic ideals that the starter grew up with were looking in the wrong direction- away from computing technology. Most people didn't think that it would be used for much more than scientific and business calculations, and see now how much it has changed our lives.
  17. The human brain transmits information in a very different way than a computer does. Even if some way were discovered of converting the brain's electrochemical signals to bits, it would probably not work to 'run' the person's mind like software on a computer, and definitely not to 'download' someone's mind into another person's brain. That would require actually physically rewiring the neurons of whoever received the 'mind transplant'. It would be something like tring to put Java code through a C++ compiler.
  18. Chaos has some influence on just about everything in the universe. However, it may be a little bit overly philosophical to state that chaos is order. Every system in existence is continuously trying to achieve equilibrium in one form or another, from atoms to the Hoover Dam.
  19. Oh. Whoops. A testament to my amount of scientific experience.
  20. I thought it would be helpful if we compiled a It's of physics theories, maybe for cross referencing and citations in physics posts. I've got a few; see if you can find more to list. Links would be great. My noob list: -Abstract Quantum Theory -Markov chains (discrete classical probabilities) and information theory -Theory of Quantum States and Measurements, and its resulting concept of entropy -Least Action Principle (fundamental expression of classical mechanics, reversible phenomena) -Conservation Laws (macroscopic approach of classical mechanics) -Symplectic Chaos Theory (continuous probabilities in reversible phenomena. Examples: study of stability of planetary orbits; asteroid belts and globular clusters - even if some kinds of irreversible processes are present there too) -Dissipative Chaos Theory (example : climatology) -Thermic Equilibrium (microscopic description at a fixed temperature) -Classical Thermodynamics (macroscopic description; either static or dynamic behaviors, using the macroscopic effects of the thermic equilibrium of every small zone of matter at their respective temperatures) This is from settheory.com.
  21. Me: Hello. Bot: Hi! Me: How clever are you? Bot: I don't know. How clever are you? Me: Do you think I'm clever enough to stump you, or do you know it? Bot: Don't know.
  22. On the above: yes, studiot, that's what I meant. Two particles. I probably should have been more clear. But a proton has a positive charge, no? Why does the fact that it is a gamma proton change that? Also: what do we do with the gamma rays/particles then?
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