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  1. this site is a place for a punch of crazy people think that they get pleasure by talking about a story of a photon going and coming back , crazy people, how do get pleasure by talking about things that are invisible ? we get pleasure by our senses!! regarding my thread energy producer, I successfully generated energy from nothing, what do you feel about that basic physics is wrong? you get pleasure from something invisible and wrong this place is exactly a Sanatorium. swansont , imatafal , hyper _valent idione , klaynos , I WOULD LIKE TO BE BANNED.
  2. The Taisnierus Magnetic Engine has nothing to do with what I am talking about that means you just can't analyze it let me summarize that , there are two people , one claimed that there must be a noticeable horizontal resistance and he was convinced that there is not , another one suggested that there must be loss due to gravity , and he was convinced that there is not, everything is clear here , Cuthber.
  3. I need more people to discuss , any one have a problem with my concept ?
  4. that is not a design , it is just a demonstration for the concept. I do not need it to be completely frictionless , just at level to obtain more work from small one . are you convinced now ?
  5. look at the picture above , in the previous post of mine , the acceleration of gravity g will cancel , if the surface is frictionless I may need small force to just push it along to continue motion by itself , the force may be neglected if the mass of the iron is small . are you convinced now ?
  6. 1) I first put it there , but that will not be a loss in energy it is just a starter. 2) I suppose that there is a frictionless support for the metal to move above it horizontally,it may not be fully frictionless , but friction will be less than the normal force , which is due to gravity and magnetic force. I can add frictions forces to the input , the output will still be more , however imagining that the support surface is frictionless , gravity will not affect my horizontal push. 3) they are just above each other they have equal surface area , the metal is for example 3 cm above the magne
  7. there is not an initial position it is a circle , after position D you return again to position A and so on. I do work twice , first change it from position A to position B , moving it horizontally , without horizontal resistance . also another horizontal motion from position C to D . second changing it from position B to C , doing little work, because the magnetic force will be less, the critical point is , the magnetic force at position C will be less than it in position D , right? if so then the input work is much less than the output work. for the output work it will be in changing fr
  8. I will gain the energy I used as kinetic energy in lifting it up against gravity again by letting it be free in position D " see my picture " , as potential energy, I will have magnetic energy plus potential energy , in position C I loose it as kinetic energy , in position D I gain it as potential energy, so I am not loosing energy.
  9. how chemical reactions will take part in brain , heart , hormones activity in a dead person ?
  10. Yes , it can come from nothing , refer to my thread , the energy producer , in speculations , it is an invention by which I generate energy from nothing.
  11. I have patented a device which will benefit from this produced energy , it is more complicated than this ,I want to check the concept of producing energy first .
  12. I can solve that , every invention has its problem which can be solved , I ask again , will there be a noticable horizontal resistance using a weak magnet ? if there is not a noticable horizontal resistane then my invention works, and I can generate huge work by doing little work , which is in other words generating energy from nothing!!
  13. the magnet in the video is very strong , if you want to use it in my invention , fine, the iron will undergo the resistance I saw in the video , however , the magnetic force will be huge huge using a strong magnet, return to the my invention , I ask, using weak magnet will that give a noticable horizontal resistance ? in comparison with the vertical magnetic force ?
  14. I am not using copper, I am using iron with a weak magnet , the force due electricity will not be a big effect in my invention. compared with magnetic force I gain ,is there a horizontal magnetic force?
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