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  1. this site is a place for a punch of crazy people think that they get pleasure by talking about a story of a photon going and coming back , crazy people, how do get pleasure by talking about things that are invisible ? we get pleasure by our senses!! regarding my thread energy producer, I successfully generated energy from nothing, what do you feel about that basic physics is wrong? you get pleasure from something invisible and wrong this place is exactly a Sanatorium. swansont , imatafal , hyper _valent idione , klaynos , I WOULD LIKE TO BE BANNED.
  2. The Taisnierus Magnetic Engine has nothing to do with what I am talking about that means you just can't analyze it let me summarize that , there are two people , one claimed that there must be a noticeable horizontal resistance and he was convinced that there is not , another one suggested that there must be loss due to gravity , and he was convinced that there is not, everything is clear here , Cuthber.
  3. I need more people to discuss , any one have a problem with my concept ?
  4. that is not a design , it is just a demonstration for the concept. I do not need it to be completely frictionless , just at level to obtain more work from small one . are you convinced now ?
  5. look at the picture above , in the previous post of mine , the acceleration of gravity g will cancel , if the surface is frictionless I may need small force to just push it along to continue motion by itself , the force may be neglected if the mass of the iron is small . are you convinced now ?
  6. 1) I first put it there , but that will not be a loss in energy it is just a starter. 2) I suppose that there is a frictionless support for the metal to move above it horizontally,it may not be fully frictionless , but friction will be less than the normal force , which is due to gravity and magnetic force. I can add frictions forces to the input , the output will still be more , however imagining that the support surface is frictionless , gravity will not affect my horizontal push. 3) they are just above each other they have equal surface area , the metal is for example 3 cm above the magnet and away from it horizontally about for example 5 cm in position C , in position D the vertical distance is the same , but horizontal distance from the edges of both the magnet and the iron is zero . 4) there will not be loss due to gravity , only friction force . look at this picture : http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah116/Yahya_Sharif/nnmmm_zps5kui200j.png
  7. there is not an initial position it is a circle , after position D you return again to position A and so on. I do work twice , first change it from position A to position B , moving it horizontally , without horizontal resistance . also another horizontal motion from position C to D . second changing it from position B to C , doing little work, because the magnetic force will be less, the critical point is , the magnetic force at position C will be less than it in position D , right? if so then the input work is much less than the output work. for the output work it will be in changing from position D to A again , so the output work is much more the input work. I mean I lifted it with small force to counter small magnetic force from stage B to stage C, and it came back with huge magnetic force from stage D to stage A again, the horizontal work can be neglected .
  8. I will gain the energy I used as kinetic energy in lifting it up against gravity again by letting it be free in position D " see my picture " , as potential energy, I will have magnetic energy plus potential energy , in position C I loose it as kinetic energy , in position D I gain it as potential energy, so I am not loosing energy.
  9. how chemical reactions will take part in brain , heart , hormones activity in a dead person ?
  10. Yes , it can come from nothing , refer to my thread , the energy producer , in speculations , it is an invention by which I generate energy from nothing.
  11. I have patented a device which will benefit from this produced energy , it is more complicated than this ,I want to check the concept of producing energy first .
  12. I can solve that , every invention has its problem which can be solved , I ask again , will there be a noticable horizontal resistance using a weak magnet ? if there is not a noticable horizontal resistane then my invention works, and I can generate huge work by doing little work , which is in other words generating energy from nothing!!
  13. the magnet in the video is very strong , if you want to use it in my invention , fine, the iron will undergo the resistance I saw in the video , however , the magnetic force will be huge huge using a strong magnet, return to the my invention , I ask, using weak magnet will that give a noticable horizontal resistance ? in comparison with the vertical magnetic force ?
  14. I am not using copper, I am using iron with a weak magnet , the force due electricity will not be a big effect in my invention. compared with magnetic force I gain ,is there a horizontal magnetic force?
  15. I am confused , the copper should not be attracted to a magnet.
  16. I think I have been misunderstood while explaining my idea to generate work from nothing , I will try again : I have here four positions , position A , B , C ,and D , in position A the piece of iron is above and the magnet is below, they are close to each other horizontally and vertically , at this position the magnetic force is huge , the co-area between the iron and the magnet is large , we take away the iron , to be in position B by moving it horizontally , without undergoing any resistance because it is a horizontal motion , there is not force horizontally, it is a vertical force between the magnet and the iron, so we move the iron horizontally to be in position B in position B we let go the iron, to be away horizontally by moving it but close vertically , while the co-area between the iron and the magnet decreases a lot there will be a huge decrease in the magnetic force , we will be able to lift it away from the magnet with little force to be in position C , in which it became away both horizontally and vertically , we return it again by moving it to be in postion D away vertically but close horizontally .in position D we let go of the iron to move with huge force to be again in position A , we repeat that to produce energy . I change the magnetic force from very small number to a bigger number , using this trick , and using very little work , the change in magnetic force will produce huge work . The total number of the input work done is much less than the total number of the output work done , by this process we generate work from nothing . 3D picture for the four positions: http://i1378.photobucket.com/albums/ah116/Yahya_Sharif/moooo_zpsqolrlahz.jpg
  17. OK, was Jesus a real person ? yes he was.
  18. how a mountain exists ?!! ..........what causes life ? is it spirit ? if so , what is an spirit ? I think this is a more meaningful question than" how a mountain exist ?!! we care more about life than the mountain , so will science answer this question ? if not , then you are just ignoring the phenomenon of life , and that what I am talking about , see my previous posts . fear of the unknown ? are you serious ? people fear of the bad things that may happen to them, that science can't avoid , these are well known , which causes pain and loss , that are what people are fear of and they still happen today. you are ignoring the most important thing which is life itself, the thing which causes life , and its absence causes death.
  19. what is faith ? I qoute from merriam webster " belief in the existence of God : strong religious feelings or beliefs " when you try to convince me not to have faith or faith is bad, it means you are trying to convince me that believing in the existence of God is bad and useless , according to the definition above of faith , and only if God does not exist that will be useful , that what I am talking about .
  20. do you thing they changed during time from the time of Jesus until now ( the things in bold) ? and what changed them ? did science do that ? and how ? not true , science will not give you the ability to determine everything ( the word in bold) , people just ignore things that science can't determine !!
  21. where did I say it is like magnetic field?! refer to my posts I did not say that ! it seems you do not understand my comparison between both mass and fields as being things that exist and spirit as also being something exist , the topic was if it exist or not and what is the evidence. the absence of energy in a dead person, energy for talking , speaking , heart pulse , brain activity all that work with energy, the absence of this energy caused by the absence of spirit. imagine that I have a computer or a motor , the device will not work in the absence of energy , electric energy when I supply it with energy it will work, however if there is something wrong with the computer it will not work even if I supply it with energy, in computer we have software hardware and energy , it is the same in a human body, the energy is contained in food, hardware is the organs of the body , the software is a bit tricky if we have food (energy) and all the organs are good ( it means it can work like the heart taken from a person being put in another person will work ) however the body is not defined by our software to work using food even if everything is OK , but the body is not defined to work using food , the missing is the spirit, which is similar to software . how to define the body to work using energy from food? only God can do that .
  22. if you have m and M two masses , m=2 kg , M = 100 kg , do you say M exists more than m ? or just they both exist , having a number which is not zero of a mass is enough to say about it that it exists , right?
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