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  1. I also don't like the Big Bang theory or the 'mystical deity creation' theory much. Neither of them have very strong supporting arguments.
  2. Although the ancient peoples did not understand the laws of physics, they did observe their effects.
  3. Is it hader to perform fission/fission on an atom as its size is closer to that of iron then?
  4. Depending on your view, religion could either be a different theory to describe the univers or could be contained within the Standard Theory. Maybe God is not really what we think. In the Bible, I believe, it says something vaguely like, 'God is in all things, and in all things is intelligence'. Einstein's experiment showed that two certain particles 'know' each other's spin when produced, no matter where they are, right? This is a kind of intelligence. Could God be a description of quantum information/the laws of physics?
  5. But photons can be contained by a magnetic field.
  6. Thanks sensei+strange. Your answers are really helpful. But how can all of the byproducts of nuclear processes be contained in a magnetic field? What about things like gamma radiation?
  7. It is my understanding that nuclear fission (rather than fusion) is used for energy because it can release energy in a a stream of smaller packets, where fusion releases one big mass of it. However, research is still being conducted on the possibility of fusion energy. This leads me to wonder- what exactly are the restrictions in this situation? Are there just no reactors strong enough to withstand the forces produced? Would the way we use fission energy be substantially different from what we would do if we could use fusion? Also, does nuclear transmutation have any practical application whatsoever? Could it( I.e. To produce extremely rare or valuable elements)?
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