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  1. I sure am, and I really hope that pursuit of science especially pure science will yield results that are unimaginable to us today, but would be second nature to future generations. Oh yeah, and if someone created perpetual motion, or a time machine, even better, lol! (I know that its impossible)
  2. Thank you for that detailed explanation. I am not that good at programming, so unfortunately did not understand everything that you said. I was wondering if you had a different recommendation for simulation software that would not be buggy, would be easy to setup, would be relatively easy to use, and would be free. Thank you for your suggestion.
  3. I was wondering if there is an easy answer about this. There are multiple versions of Latex, and I'm still a newbie to it. I was wondering if you guys knew which version is best to use and why? Also is there any fundamental differences between the different versions, and how much of the latex is standardized?
  4. It is despicable to see how people abuse their power to control people. I wonder about this bishop though... Is he really doing this to gain political power. Based on what I saw it is more because he is insanely ignorant, and afraid and therefore passes his paranoia onto other people. This whole part makes me question more the intelligence level of religious leaders, and if there is a way to ensure that it is relatively high. Perhaps better education is the answer... What do you guys think?
  5. Ha. That's a good one. You should post it in the political humor!
  6. Actually I was just hungry for the sausage that got electrecuted multiple times. I wonder how it tastes, and if you can actually tell that it was prepared by very unorthodox method
  7. I think the bottom line is our understanding of time, space, etc. is all limited by our observations. Based on what we observe we came with a model that differantiates time and space, and yet at the same time allows us to use the time-space 4 vector. 150 years ago no one would have considered arguments that we are making today, limited by one's experiences, and the whole idea that time space is a function of one's velocity was pretty unorthodox. 200 years before that, you would most likely be burned for such reasoning. I really wonder how well we will understand the subject in another 100-150 years. Perhaps at that point our ancestors will read arguments on blogs like this and laugh at how primitive our thought pattern was...
  8. So why were there no "churches" that used science as the absolute truth and put to death anyone who didn't approve? There has to be a fundamental reason why that never happened because scientists, and minister's/bishops, etc. are both people that have similar strengths and weaknesses and that could exploit other people for their personal gain.
  9. Maybe it's just me, but this video made me hungry
  10. I can tell you the result. It would be similar to performing fourier analysis of brownian motion
  11. This is the kit I ended up getting: http://www.amazon.com/Molymod-Inorganic-Organic-Molecular-Student/dp/B005NWGISS/ Now I have plenty of things to try. I haven't downloaded the software yet, but thank your for that suggestion, Enthalpy. I anticipate that using a computer simulation, I can make some crazy biochem molecules. Wonder if you spent enough time on it, if you can actually form a model for the DNA... probably an unrealistic task that would take a lifetime to accomplish.
  12. So what is the punchline, stayoffmylawn? I know it contains K, N, O, C, H and Fe, lol
  13. Well you can think of something as having a size in terms of time. All it means is that for a certain period of time there indeed was matter at a certain position. So a box at rest will also look like a box at rest from this point of view. What do you think?
  14. I see, but what is the fundamental principle from not viewing it from the other point of view, where your virtual vector is constant and is space, and time is the associated vector?
  15. Welcome. I'm assuming you want someone to calculate an empirical formula. A physicist here, so even if I did the composition would not speak to me, lol. I am curious what material you are referring to though...
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