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    A human possesses the capacity, to not only learn, but to create; to create good, and evil, and with an array of different natures. In a wordless world, there would still be homes, there would still be gatherers and traders, but we would understand a silence of self that humans fail to grasp in the modern day. A worded self cannot think, the Government and academia are evil to teach stupidity. Where it cannot be thought opposite of, where generations are caused to suffer for buffoonery of today. Beneficent and revolutionary aspects of mind are demonized, and lobotomized through rotary word
  2. Yes you may and thanks for your own insight on the matter. I wrote it very briefly, I could perhaps describe parts more intricately. If it comes to that, I will PM you a newer version!
  3. She is me, I am him. I am called Shannon Green. Feel free to lock it if you can't discuss! I thought it would be a good analysis of Schizophrenia. Experts don't look at it as stupidity. When I know something, truly, I can write good and appear intelligent, but when I do not I often write messily, and appear unintelligent. However, this is all a 'true story', I have expressed most of what is possible to express. Psychologists are interested in my story, and if I'm not wrong it's a social science.
  4. Is it true that an equal amount of water puts out an equal amount of fire? Then it would be true to say, "an equal amount of water puts out any fire", but then thinking of the opposed response, "via some medium", may need to be added; the word could go on forever describing the whole truth, and the word itself is not much in comparison to the actual truth and it's flair above words. I may think that the eye is more directly relative to a grasp of water, than it is the most primal unit of water, because it's a water-form closer to us, or the tireless mouth to fire. There are stages of l
  5. A NOTE TO READ BEFORE YOU CONTINUE: This is not self-promotion, this is not fiction and this not soap-boxing; what I'm looking for is help understanding what's going on, and simply to discuss this experience for discovery purposes! A piece of non-fiction, written by Shannon Green, philosophy extraordinaire, cubic scientist and shadow politician; as fictional as most of this work may sound, it's based on true events. In the beginning, I existed around the ripe age of fifteen, and I found that I had an interest in imagery. I'd collect different styles of art of what I believed to be the
  6. It's not valid disagreement. In the case of GTA V, an act of moderation in online gameplay spurred mass downvoting, when some of these reviews were in-depth about the game mechanics beyond moderation. These people are nihilistic somewhat, they seek making something into nothing as with the house and ruins example. There is also the potential of that individual, as with my ruins and house example again, which is obstructed, among other things. It's a good analogy.
  7. Not this one because it's completely ignorant of the goings on and begging, or crying out for, a train of hatred. Same as the last one, even includes cuss words like 'crap'.
  8. Here, I wrote this today reddit, it explains events I consider to be the abomination that comes with scientific nihilism, the evidence was right in front of me, but it cannot be captured, for it's composed of feelings and other peoples actions. It can be recorded, but the ending result can possibly lack feeling associated with the event. Feelings are a huge thing, by the way, people are sensitive to action, in so far as to be prompted by it, to debate it and/or accept it...
  9. The rejection, then the expression, and then other abominations. Do you literally reject, as in not allow, the existence of unscientific things in your mind - do they just pop up anyway?
  10. This is unacceptable in my mind, I can't accept it for the answer was low-effort. I have said tons already, all of which require a direct reply.
  11. I am definitely not soapboxing, which I why I keep asking for responses so that we can discuss. Though I want to be polite, I will not show my weakness for now, for that would be stupid {at this time}.
  12. As people keep saying I would enjoy that but I don't think I'm at the right place to post ALL of my ideas ( I have tried ).
  13. Yes. But to be more direct I think a scientists nihilism is more "Cupid can eat my shorts" as oppose to "down with Cupid". Though, because of reality, abominations can form. And this is also not excluding people of good reputation. I see a lot of "Cupid's Stupid" going about.
  14. None of you responded to what I said directly, I'm still waiting for that...
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