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  1. Because it will kill the more-resistant bacteria as well This is likely not beneficial to YOU, however, if more-resisistant bacteria survive, we can't treat that bacteria with the same antibiotics anymore in the future.
  2. Pollution can make certain systems collapse by poisoning creatures that fulfill a certain niche. EVERYTHING collapsing is nigh impossible; it's best to look at matter first, i ll try to discern 3 categories(more are possible): 1) certain matters are biologically usable; they can be made part of the bio-mass(=animals, plants) 2) other materials aren't realy usable by(/in) lifeforms (most metals) pollution would have to continue for a huuuge time before we 'd run out of matter for bio-mass 3) the third category are materials that would poison creatures; these materials could/would be consumed by creatures that cannot handle these materials, (ps:many materials are not poisonous untill taken in in large enough quantities) radio-active materials can be counted under the third category. The materials under category 2 and 3 do not necessarily increase, though they are pulled out of the earth and thrown into the atmosphere(=biosphere) (regional) eco-systems can(and have) fallen due to pollution, generally speaking the first ones to observe it happening are locals near the eco-system, not people local to the polluting factory(/car/cow/..) Humans getting poisoned until civilised systems fall/fail because of pullution ... well, i doubt even the Chinese would ever allow thát to happen.
  3. I live in the EU, in 2012 we got a nobel for not bashing each other's heads in, does that count ?
  4. If you have a character selected(just type anything down and select it with leftmouse) you can rightclick with your mouse and paste over it.
  5. It's something that people say when they come across hardships they can not avoid. It's usefull to to the human psyche to have something to hope for, a goal to achieve, and if there is no other reward for the hardship, the least a person can hope for is that this particular hardship will become easier to deal with in the future. Becoming stronger holds true in many ways, for example sickness will make your immune system stronger, adversary will make your will more focused etc; Basically, biological entities are very good at ADAPTING, which (partly) is (re)focusing effort to deal with the problems at hand Though actually going out and trying to overcome (random) hardships is generally not a good idea since hardships can(and will) damage one's health/psyche/social status. Easy practice is a better alternative.
  6. Well, first of all, creators of ads generally get paid before the ad is launched. (They 've created something for an advertiser, not for the viewing-audience) After some clicking on the appropriate sections of youtube, it does seem() that advertisers do not have to pay(full?) for advertisements that are skipped. (thus Youtube doesn't get paid) https://www.youtube.com/yt/advertise/launch-ad.html https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/3013684?_ga=1.148635135.951375823.1439213818 https://support.google.com/adwords/answer/2375431
  7. Why do you need a 1000 feet of water ? Most if not all buildings will be flooded to top with 60 or so feet, and anyone swimming in it would think they're somehow transported to the atlantic ocean.
  8. Now i never said it was scientifically impossible, i was just giving you a compliment. but since you asked When you started moving backwards in time.
  9. What happens when you switch to Firefox or another browser ?
  10. If you change the definition of a god then it's not hard to prove a god exists, then again, what have you proven ?
  11. Reïnstall everything ? It's something that needs to be done every now and then, just like the dust bunnies
  12. No, that is called vain. Probably jaleous people. The words look alike, i suspect that's why people think they 're related. no, there are more ways of correlation then causation.
  13. Text ?? are you maybe referring to Captcha ? The only physical key i got is for my bank(card + reader) Captcha and the likes exist to make sure they're dealing with a real human who is putting in some effort to get in. Because if only one in a million attempts-to-gain-access succeed there would be no way it would be worth it for a human hacker to get in, but without Captcha the servers could be attacked by automated programmes trying out every different key. Other solutions are possible, but they all amount to consuming more resources from a hacker to get in, which would also consume more resources from the server and get costly one way or another.
  14. As long as i 've been alive i 've had no danger to die from competition/predation. Off course i could 've died due to an accident but i call human society "low pressure"
  15. We don't need immortality, LOW pressure is not the same as NO pressure.(and creatures dying from old age is no problem) I suppose you 're right that greater genetic diversity does not necessarily mean greater biodiversity (i used the word "initially" as i didn't want to speculate) but surely greater genetic diversity is a prerequisite for greater biodiversity
  16. A "low pressure"-situation basically means that the environment does not "kill off" anyone due to being unfit. It goes without saying that this wil initially result in greater biodiversity.
  17. It's just an advertisement, OP has already been deleted. Anyone can make a puzzle that nobody can solve, but that doesn't make it a good puzzle. A good puzzle is one where, when given the answer, you say "damn, i knew that" - i doubt this puzzle falls into that category.
  18. First off, when being a dick and being called out on it you should agree and point out that being a dick does not invalidate your point(s). edit:note this is general statement, i did not read the thread involved. Further, i 've seen some discussions involve the "you should learn <insert theory> before claiming <insert claim>"-argument. As Swanson pointed out, it's hard for the, umm, recipient of such argument to guess the value of the argument or the mentioned theory. And i was thinking, maybe some () list of important theories and terminology per section would be of value, people could refer to it when stating someone should learn/know theory X. For me, also unscholared, i would actually love to see such list since it would "level the playing field" (with the help of wiki/google)
  19. It was the "if" i was responding to. Differs from country to country. but generally something like this is happening yes.
  20. Looks like a good system, no enforced participation, just a little push to the people who don't bother to make their minds up. In such system, if the pensionsystem is bad(or, more likely, there are better alternatives) participation-rates will still go down and/or the sytem is forced to improve. I suppose my previou assumption only holds true for "good" pension-systems, where people can clearly see the benefit to them. If the society is going to pay for poor elders anyway, why do you need a pension-system ? A better alternative is paying a minimum to elders, no matter whether they 're rich or poor, and allow individuals to safe money through a pension if they want to have more then the minimum when they 're retired.
  21. I 'm all against forcing people to participate in pensions, however, if people would be free to participate in a pension-system, pensions would still be used by the majority of the people who participate now.
  22. Or, often the lack of free will is caused by absence-of-information ?
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