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  1. Umm, almost all mechanics in the psyche that interact ? Basic human behaviour ? Our conscious and unconscious tendencies to do what we want ? Our decisions regarding which peers to hang out with ? Our believe(or absence of belief) in something positive when something potentially positive comes around ? Our desire to go to that party with all those hip people ? I can try to pinpoint what tiny mechanic in our psyche effects us, but in the end we are the "sum"/decision of all the smaller mechanics in our psyche. Thinking is our main mechanic of short term changes in our psyche, acting is our way of interacting with the world around us. I'm not saying being ultra-positive all the time is best or something like that, btw, being negative is a good defense mechanism against a negative environment. Humans have many beliefs, they will keep their beliefs as long as those beliefs serve them one way or another.
  2. Possibly we remember lists with a title, and (subconsciously?) pick one of the list as "title" thus removing it from the list itself. I 'm just guessing though, as iNow said some statistics would be nice, possibly this effect only occurs on long/short/strange/normal/etc. lists.
  3. Here in the Netherlands doctors are allowed to perform euthanasy, which means suïcide on request. It was first available to people who has diseases that were incurable and/or were in great pain, iirc it got later expanded to anyone who wanted it. One of the earlier experiences of one of the doctors was that, if he suggested euthanasy, people were inclined to say yes, if he did not suggest euthanasy, they never(seldom?) asked for it themselves.
  4. I think the law should be something like this to be closer to reality: Think positive, and positive things have a tiny tendency to occur to you more ofte, act positive, and positive things have a moderate tendency to occur to you more often.
  5. Perfection is an illusion, it has no true meaning.
  6. So i had this sister, who was, just like everybody else, straight. But then she started experimenting and was like "i m bi-sexual." Then she was all like "okay, i 'm fully lesbian." And then she was like "Hey, i 'm pregnant."
  7. Roamer


    I numbered the questions for some ease 1) The real question would be how much you and/or your friends contribute themselves, this does not necessarily mean funding, but for example an essay on how these villains actually do things that we disapprove of. 2) Unemployment benefits. 3) How easy is it to manipulate you ? If it is hard to manipulate you it might be easier to cover up the facts you did not learn. 4)There are some bigger organisations out there, they're maybe better targets for the tinfoil hat-approach, but for the most part, humans just do. 5)/ 6) People do not lie, who told you that ? People say whatever serves them best, and if we do not like what they say we call them liars and drag examples from this reality that we live in to counter the "liar's" argument. 7)Hmm, i 'm going to assume those are american government agencies dealing with drugs, and you're not talking about them forging false results on some research. Those agencies, they have their own set of standards, if those standards are met by a substance, they attach a label to the substance. When you hear "drugs" or "medicine" and automatically get a picture of something good/evil(i suppose), then that's your doing. If you go to their website(s) and actually figure out what their standards areand what they mean according to them, that'll be your doing as well.
  8. It's not just a matter of choice vs. genetics.How much choice does one have if the entire culture one lives in only accepts straights ? Being gay is only a choice as in so far people turn gay when they get the (belief they have the) choice. The genetics have more to do with "what that choice would be," and if that choice would be to be straight, such a choice is usually not made, because it has already been made by social expectations.
  9. I 've heard of humans being called social memory complexes, it seemed quite accurate to me. Without ego's, i'm afraid we'd be drones, prone to abuse of the ones with ego, like animals are our drones now.
  10. What is life to the universe ? A way to explore itself, a virus, or something else ?
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