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  1. Good kind elderly sir, sir MantiBore. I do not need to "finish" my education, I am a grown up man with a wife and children. I work, study, live, have accasional fun, etc. Stop harassing me, Good sir, sir MantiBore.
  2. Bullshit. You know nothing about real life. All you know is 1+1. Maybe not even that.
  3. Ladies and Gentlemen I have unraveled string theorie ! The supposed "thring" is actually a circle. It is a circle on which reside the many supposed "parallel" universes. The universes sit on this circle or, Ring. They are not parallel AT ALL. This ring used to look like a messed up string, because of all the mess in the universes. Now it has finally gone back to it's original ring form. The many universes sit on this ring. Our universe sits on the most top of the ring. The Gem of the Ring. --------- The ridiculous notion that the string is sta
  4. My opologies oh good sir, I have forgotten a few basic facts. Lets redo. Ladies and Gentlemen, good day, I have unraveled the pi mystery. We all know what pi is, the length of a circle. M = length of the circle K = 2*Radius= Diameter M -- = pi = 3.14159 + the rest K Lets say R = 1 M = 3 + 0.14159 + the rest If it were M = 3 It would make an even sided triangle. M = 3 + 0.14159 + the rest "the rest" concides into a SINGLE dot. So we have M = 3 + 0.1 + 0.04159 If we fold out the circle and straighten it into a straig
  5. Ladies and Gentlemen, good day, I have unraveled the pie mystery. We all know what pie is, the length of a circle. M=length of the circle K=2*Radius=Diameter M -- = pie K P = 3.145 + the rest Lets say R = 1 M = 3 + 0.145 If it were M = 3 It would make an even sided triangle. M = 3 + 0.1 + the rest "the rest" concides into a SINGLE dot. Of about 0.0456 So we have M = 3 + 0.1 + 0.456 If we fold out the circle and straighten it into a straight line we get --> ----- + ----- + ----- + - The total of which it co
  6. I have found the cure for Cancer and Aids. It is one simple text line. The cure for Cancer and Aids is: Do not impersonate. I will now go into some detail. Impersonation is the most foul act possible. It is when one impersonates another, and causes dispute with another subject. It is the dirtiest of sins, and needs to be completely removed from the universe. It causes a great mess that leads to many negative results, the most harsh of these being cancer and aids. Impersonation can be done physically, but is most and foremost done telepathically. To remove cancer, aids
  7. You guys spill out alot of contradictions. Some of you say it always works some of you say it never works, and then all sorts of bs in between. It never works for n>=3. Wiles "proof" is some big bs I assure you.
  8. This equation works for a few x,y,z when n=1,2. For n>=3 it simply does not work at all. Trying to prove it ALWAYS works is just ridiculous. One false answer, like x=2 y=3 z=4 n=3, debunks the entire case of both fermat and wile.
  9. They CAN be the same. And then my proof stands firm.
  10. x^n + y^n = z^n x = y x = z x =/ 0 x^n + x^n =/ x^n 2x^n =/ x^n 2 =/ 1 For this case an infinite number of numbers will not work
  11. Big fucking deal.My claims are proovable with a serious computer, for any number.
  12. Special case ? Are we talking mathematics or rubjub ? There are an infinite number of these "Special case"s. It just doesn't work AT ALL, NEVER, EVER, EVER for n > 2. Try it and see. This Wile's "proof" is also some bullshit. Fermat came up with one proof for n=2 and thought he prooved it for the entire equation. This is the so called "Lost solution". He went out and talked about it, and created a big excitement. He later found out it doesn't work always like he thought and destroyed the so called "Lost solution". That is all there is to this story. It is one big Bullshit.
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