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  1. This isn't some personal loan that someone took out and blew on booze that we're talking about. It's an institutional one, and institutions have made mistakes in this regard, not only Greek institutions. Most of the people ending up paying for these loans had no say in this in the first place.(both lenders and recipient)
  2. Well, if they would print their own currency(let's call it the drachme) they would have to exchange all the physical and i suppose fiscal euros in the country for drachmes, and quite possibly those euros wouldn't be enough to repay their debt to the ECB, if so a strong argument for debt-relief arises.
  3. Greece can't erode the value of their debt by creating drachme's, because their debts are in euros, (they could AND DID before the euro, btw) Politicians have political priorities, hence they will likely keep Greece in the eurozone, bankrupt or not.
  4. I don't think the older Greeks still have mattresses filled with money, though i'm sure some of the smarter ones do, why do you tigh voting to this ? I'm sure the lenders will lose out if Greece doesn't pay, generally though they will have distributed their financial investments/risks and survive. agreed.
  5. Do you want an explanation of how a body is formed or can i just blame/praise evolution ?
  6. Too complex, no, but you're just using structures/interfaces that are already on the web, and try to apply them to a wiki, there's a reason wiki's are structured differently then, for example, Tumblr. Involving the social media might work for something more political oriëntated, but not for a wiki(and wikipedia and other wiki's are reasonably comprehensive already) And Tumblr is more of a presentation for new/interesting things, it does not need to be as comprehensive as a wiki.
  7. Just take you friend to a flat surface, and let him explain why he can't see beyond the horizon(remember he can see the moon/sun/stars, so distance is not a real issua)
  8. Chromosome-number is the amount of DIFFERENT chromosomes.
  9. Roamer


    I think there was a South Park episode about that.
  10. I had gotten an "end-of-the-world"-pencil when the world was about to end at the end of 2011 iirc, 6 months into 2012 the pencil was still working, just as if the makers didn't believe in the end of the world.
  11. The birds still have the same (approximate) "plasticity," it is just the speed of evolution is low(as opposed to revolution, which means a fast change)
  12. If you wish to make music on a mouse or any other non-conventional instrument you're still gonna need to direct and using different tones etc, maybe check out 8bit on youtube, it comes close to what you're doing. As for tracking mouse-movement: the technology to track mouse movement with a browser is quite old already, it's mainly used for sites with interactive functions like drawing, but i expect nobody would notice if "normal" sites would do it as well.
  13. It makes sense that more evolutionary changes happen during times of changing environmental factors. That this is visible through skull-measurements is hardly surprising.
  14. Roamer


    Most currencies started out as the opposite of debt, obligations of a bank to pay (in gold) the holder, which gave them their value. Most currencies have lost this obligation nowadays, though there is usually still some kind of backing-up with gold. However the oldest "currency," gold, has gotten it's value for being durable and shiny. Also cigars have been used as money by the common man when their (old) currency failed them.
  15. Roamer


    As i understand it, banks are obliged to keep in stock/safe a percentage of the money they loan out.
  16. I wouldn't call those impossibilities, rather points-of-view.
  17. There's always more to learn. Whether you actually want to learn more is your own choice.
  18. A better idea is to take a long vacation together to test cohabitation.
  19. Yes, satelites are tools. In most human societies, the available tools are available to everyone. This is not (just) because we like sharing, it is because it is good for the group. Exclusive access to any resource, be it weapons, a consumer-market, legislative authority, gets abused by the few, and doesn't get any thrust for progression. Classifying non-lethal tools as weapons is a bit of a stretch, but it would make having equal access for all even more important.
  20. Phi For All: I don't see how this would make players dishonest.Let's take the Ukrain-vs-Donetsk conflict, truces have been broken, fingers have been pointed, but satelite-images(and we know plenty exist) have only been released sparsingly and in low quality, making authenticitation hard to impossible. With more parties in space, well, off course there'd be more liars as well, but they would be easier to dicredit.
  21. Roamer


    Because people(and politicians) enjoy spending money.
  22. It's theoretically possible, but in practice it would take a lot of willpower(which could be substituted by hypnosis) and practice(practice in killing oneself) which are both not very practical.
  23. You gotta multiply the frequencies. The frequencies are basically percentages(0.780=78%) So to calculate AG you multiply 0.78 by 0.22 and get something around 0.18. Note that numbers become smaller after multiplication because you multiply numbers which are smaller then one.
  24. Often a parasite needs to breathe to survive as well, you can look around the bump for tiny airholes.
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