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  1. What I mean is that Grays anatomy was written a VERY VERY long time ago. So it should be out of copyright. In Australia I can pick up a version for about $35, hang on, USA has different copyright terms. That could explain it. :aha: But yeah I hear you on textbooks. I spent 800 on texts+materials when I was doing my 1st year nursing And we were considered fortunate. husmusen.
  2. The line drawings in grays are a work of art. But 153 is a rip off for a book that, as far as I know, is public domain. Husmusen.
  3. husmusen


    Spynal Meninjitus. Ecleptic seizures. Mofin (Think about it a bit) I've probably just made JohnB scared of going to hospital. husmusen
  4. Abort, Retry, Wallop. The big one for me is walking, say I normally walk to the supermarket, but today I've decided to go to the park. I'll start thinking deeply about something and suddenly I realise I've stopped walking and I'm infront of the supermarket. Yep I have built in autopilot husmusen
  5. Ascitic fluid is, by definition, fluid in the peritoneum. Fluid that leaks elsewhere, e.g. the ankles, is not called ascites. If you are interested in a really in depth understanding of this system I suggest you read an A&P textbook. Marieb's Essentials of A&P is a good introductory text. But for now From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ascites Husmusen
  6. The big bellies in Africa is due to something called "ascites". It's caused by, among many things, Protein-Energy starvation. Human blood has a set of proteins in it(albumin), that prevent the blood from leaking through blood vessel walls, but in starving people, the body cannot manufacture enough of this protein, so blood serum(the straw coloured fluid left after you take all the particulates out) leaks into the abdominal cavity. Hence big bellies full of fluid. husmusen.
  7. Backs are very resilient, if your avatar is any guide you are c. 20y+-5 old, I don't think a single bump is going to do anything. So my good nurse advice is to go have it checked out by a medical professional. My practical advice is give it a week, if it still hurts then worry and go see the doc. One of the niceties of being young is that most damage regenerates fairly well. Just don't hurt it again in the week, and dont lean right out over a table or bed for something in that week. An awful lot of back pain is muscular, so try rubbing some menthol/salicylate cream(you can get it from any pharmacy) into your back. Get someone else to do this rather than bending your back into interesting contortions trying to reach. That stuff works pretty well on muscle pain. NB, if you get pins and needles in your legs, or arms, or an electric shock feeling everytime you move your neck, or bend over or twist your back you go straight to the ED. If the pain suddenly intensifies, you go straight to the ED. And make sure you tell them you got banged up in a car accident. husmusen
  8. And that ladies and gents is how a political ad can completely blow up in your face. husmusen
  9. Agreed, St Johns wart is a DRUG, just because it's made by a plant rather than a machine, doesn't make it any less of a drug, and it doesn't make it automatically safe to use haphazzardly. The active ingredient in White spotted fly mushroom(it should be toadstool) for example is also a "natural" substance and it's rather toxic. However the good thing is that your Doc should know all about St Johns Wart(if he professes ignorance find another doc), and how best you can switch over to it, and if it doesn't work your doc can switch you back. Husmusen
  10. Nope, some are highly invase, like strands growing through the tissue. Others are big lumps. Some look a lot like an omelette in shape and texture. They can also present as ulcerating. They can grow as cauliflower like necrotising wounds. I'll link some pics at the bottom. Cancers can form from just about any body tissue, they can even be composed of multiple different body tissues. See Teratoma. Each cancer has it's own different way of growing, and IIRC they have just discovered that bowel cancer may be over 50 different kinds of cancer(on the genetics/protein level) which explains why some people go home cured and in other people the chemo rather than killing it almost promotes it. For example Carcinomas derive from epithelial cells. Sarcomas Connective tissue. Gliomas Brain tumors basically. And they all grow differantly, even the same cancer will grow different in different people. So you have topology and morphology. Basically fancy words for "where it is" and "what type it is/how it grows." EG, you have melanomas which present as these tine little lesions on the skin, then basically grows straight down and invades everything it can as fast as it can. Then you have lipomas, which are benign, they are basically fat grow slowly and dont spread. They generally spread through the lymph system, I had an interesting patient once who had cancer in his foot of all places and you could actually trace his lymph system by the cancer lumps, Basically each lymph node trapped the cancer cells, which multiplied relentlessly eventually killing the node and escapeing to the next node etc. So if you ever find yourself with lumps on your foot which multiply upwards, try to come in before it hits your knee. It makes our job >Much< easier. Husmusen Further Reading http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cancer A slide of tissue level sarcoma. http://erl.pathology.iupui.edu/C603/GENE298.HTM An advanced basal cell carcinoma kaposis Sarcoma A fungating wound:-
  11. Similar in what ways, Anna Karaenina covers a lot of ground. It's hard to say without knowing more about your project. As a generic option you might try Pushkins the Captains Daughter. It has a relationship as it's primary theme, set in a historical canvas. Husmusen
  12. Well, uniforms don't do anything to stop bullying, all the schools I went to in Australia had uniforms, there were good schools and bad schools, bullying ranged from taunts to stabbings. I have nothing against uniforms, but could they just get a bit of taste. I see the other countries schools and there is blue and red and white and all sorts of colours. Vs Aussie High schools different shades of grey. And the buildings were grey too, and it all blended in so much you could accidentally walk into people because it was like perfect camoflage (allright I'm exaggerating a little bit but not much). What you must watch out for though is if a school gets it's logo on it, you then have a monopoly uniform supplier and uniforms can suddenly be a major school expense. Husmusen
  13. I suppose it would require at least a functional nucleus for the Sino-Atrial node. Or is their some alternate means that the foetal heart uses to contract?
  14. husmusen

    LCD Monitors

    That assumes that the new equipment was better, not always the case in hospital sometimes "cheaper" is more important in the eyes of hospital management. Husmusen
  15. I've always found checking the opponents king to be the better strategy If you meant checking(with the) queen, that's why you get a stalemate, no single piece can checkmate a free king. You either have to block your opponents king in by some means i.e. his own peices, or use more than 1 of your peices to force mate. http://www.chesscentral.com/novice/play_chess_chess_strategy.htm For beginners I recommend the two castles of doom. (Or a Castle and a Queen) as a good way to matt. Also play slowly when you can, a single game of chess where every move is thought deeply about is worth ten hurried games. P.S. Welcome to the true world game Husmusen
  16. I did some surgery on the adaptor. Now I can get my card out, and the adaptor still works. Win ++.
  17. I have a transflash card for my phone. Getting it out of the phone was an interesting challange but with patience came sucess. It has a T-flash to SD adaptor for my computers card reader. (Manufacturer of both is sandisk) However I am having a LOT of trouble getting it out of the adaptor. is there some trick to this? It's a lot easier to grab when in the adaptor than when it's in the phone, but so far I've worn down 8 nails and I cant move it a millimeter. Has anyone else got one of these? How did you get yours out? Husmusen
  18. Well half of them are probably senile but not yet diagnosed. The other half may not have had someone talk to them in a year or more. So yeah, someone smiling at them probably does make their day. Husmusen
  19. That's not just an approach, it's actually the law. And even when they are involuntary patients the law specifies that they must be kept in the least restrictive environment that their condition permits. Husmusen
  20. Why do you assume people will kill if they think they have an afterlife? Why not refuse to kill because you have an after life? Why not refuse to cooperate with evil, because you have an afterlife? Why not refuse violance and violent authority because you have an afterlife? As for not believeing in an afterlife, the upright person will try to improve things, the selfish person will decide that their life is by far the most important life by virtue of it being theirs and happily sacrifice others for a little more of it. What you see here is that it's not the afterlife, but the state of a persons soul. Is it full of hate? Is it full of love? Is it self centered or people centered? Actions do not come from theological conferances on the afterlife, but from the persons heart. Husmusen.
  21. Vomiting is basically a form of reverse peristalsis with violent contractions of the stomach. That is the body flips a 'reset switch' to make food go the other way for a bit. It's controlled by the Medulla(a part of the brain). The Medulla takes signals from all around the body, so irritation of the GI tract can cause vomitting, but sensations from the inner ear can also cause it. As can vagal nerve stimulation(I think) and emotional stimulii. Also chemoreceptors in the nose and mouth can trigger vomiting, generally the ones affiliated with bacterial pocesses. So rotting fish, fermented blood, feaces, can all trigger vomitting. Rotting human flesh has a very pronounced vomiting effect. Some Chemotherapy drugs are really really good at stimulating the Medulla Put simply the way I understand it is that the Medulla processes signals from all over the body, and tries to figure out if you have ingested a toxin. If it decides you have it tells you to hurl. I would also infer that the liver has some means to trigger vomiting as well, although I don't recall them teaching us that. Regards Husmusen.
  22. It doesn't offend me Herme. And I doubt it will offend anyone else. I think perhaps this is necessary for you, because I think you have broken free not from religion but from ritual and habit. Which are not one and the same thing. But whereever you find yourself Herme, try always to love others, especally those it is not popular to love or those who don't love you. Peace Herme. Husmusen.
  23. Well speaking of the Australian school system, we did it in the last two years before university in Victoria. Husmusen
  24. *cough* malaria vectors *cough* Would viable organics survive a High speed/High temp impact? Most proteins denature above 150C, cosmic rays, a sudden temp change from near absolute zero to higher temps probably wouldn't do them the world of good either, nor for that matter high speed collisions. It's possible that someone has worked all this out but I'm not aware of it if they have. Husmusen
  25. Are you sure about that? As IIRC about the only useful thing the Taliban did was kill Opium production, I thought it was the Northern Alliance who relied for more on drugs as a financial vehicle, which is part of the reason that Opium is flowing freely in Afghanistan again. Husmusen
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