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  1. Hello guys I'm a bit stumped here - why is [math]a_B[/math] tangential to the right along the x-axis as seen on bottom of the attached photo. I understand that velocity is zero at point B but why is acceleration tangential along x-axis instead of normal? If the bar is falling downward at center G then it has a path about B right? So B should have normal acceleration to the right instead of tangential. Maybe someone can explain that better for me. A bit frustrated here and thanks in advance.
  2. Yeah either way I'm confident with my calculations. I only care about the "process" not the answer. Thanks guys!
  3. I was just wholly glad that Hillary stood her ground and fired some some nice facts back to Trump's face. I was smiling slightly inside but I can tell you that Trump made himself a "believable" candidate for people that aligns with his views. Trump was acting like a bully with his cocked head, scorn look and frown, lifting his shoulders occasionally, periods of intrupption and talking over the talk host Lester Holt. I thought Lester did a fantastic job, much better than the last moderator. Holt made Trump clarify some of things that he said, and I wondered a couple of times if Trump was acting like he did because Hillary is a woman. He even admitted during the presidential debate that he didn't pay any federal taxes for the last 15 years! In close, Hillary portrayed a wise choice and I hope she prevails but at the same time, I have a bad feeling that Trump COULD and MAY win. It is literally scary. Also you guys should check out CNN's Fact Checkers of the presidential debate and it says that Trump lied more than Clinton. Does a sane person want him as US president? Unfortunately we can't take common sense for granted so there will be people that will vote for him regardless - just because he has lots of money. So irrational.
  4. Here's a screenshot of calculations that I did yesterday. I put down 2 Fb for friction force at both back wheels and 2 normal reactions at each A and B. Is it good?
  5. A second opinion please then I'll be happy with my answers.
  6. Yeah that was where I got struck on - the wording of the question. I did my calculations and I hope this is right: [math]F_B=4,500N, B_y=5,576.8N, and A_y=1,780.7N[/math]. If you want the TOTAL reactions at each A and B then just multiply Ay and By by two.
  7. Frictionless front wheels and 2 back wheels with [math]F_b[/math] applied at each.
  8. I attempted my calculations again. Still got the same answer for [math]B_y, A_y[/math]. What'd you get?
  9. Hello just re-did my old quiz from 2014 and for b) I got [math]F_{B} = 4,500 N, B_{y} = 13,078.9 N, A_{y} = 1,636.1 N[/math]. Did you get these answers as well? Thanks!
  10. Gravity pulls [math]9.81 m/s^2[/math] on all matters ON EARTH. Depending on their shape, their acceleration can be slower due to air resistance. Gravity on different planets differ from Earth's. Does that answer your question?
  11. Have you ever took Linear Algebra? It teaches you vectors in 3D space and how to define them. It's a very benefical course. The most basic idea is that you plot a point following the x,y,z axis. Also, do you know the right-hand rule? It tells you which direction the x, y, or z axis is going. If you have other questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
  12. Be careful: Absolute value actually means the distance between Object A and Object B regardless of their directions.
  13. You mean like this: [math]\int (sinx)(u^{-2})[/math]?
  14. I know that the intregation of [math]\frac{sinx}{cos^2x}[/math] is [math]secx[/math]. But I'm not sure how to get to the answer. I started off by using the trigonometric identity: [math]cos^2x + sin^2x = 1[/math]. Therefore, [math]\frac{sinx}{1-sin^2x}[/math]. Now what?
  15. I don't want to give you a scare, but maybe it's a sign of Altizheimer's in its early stage? But it's probably not that. It's very normal that you forgot small things sometimes once in a while.
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