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  1. For give me I haven't exatly figured out the system of writing math on these threads so I hope you can understand what I wrote.
  2. Well the division by zero isn't entirly forbiden. For example if you're working with an equation that as an aymtote, i.e. (x^2)+4/(x^2)-4, clearly if you plug 2 into that euation you will get 8/0, undefined?, no it is Infinity because the closer you get the (x^2)=4 the greater the number gets, there fore a number divided by zero is infinity given you are working with a function.
  3. I'm not sure if this is the right section of the math area to post this but I was hoping to get some help any way. Just recently I downloaded a calculator that has the capibility to graph 3D functions which has been fun experimenting with to see what I can get to come out but to be honest I dont really understand it. I know all about 2D graphs and reading them but untill now I never had an interest in 3D so what I am asking is if sombody here could explaing how 3D graphs work, kinda like how 2D graphs use the general formula y=mx+b, but in 3D terms with an explanation. Keep in mind I am still in high school math (AP calc which Im finding now isnt that high a math to study), so if it is possible can you keep it in terms you think I might understand? Any help with this would be very appreciated thank you.
  4. ok for some reason I'm not able to get the math thing to work with all the symbols but if you understand that and know how to do it or have any suggetstions that would be appreciated.
  5. The problem reads: Use seperation of variables to solve the initial value problem dy/dx=x-4+xy-4y; y(0)=4 and also stuck with \int_a^b x^2 lnx\,dx any sugestions?
  6. Yeah sorry about that I didnt take a really hard look at that and i thougt that it said "[(x+y)^z]+[(x+y)^z]+[(x+y)^z]" sorry about that I should have taken a better look before i jumped at it.... "make sure brain is running before you engage the mouth" is somthing I hear a lot. But I'll work on this a little bit and come back to try again. Question does x,y and z have to have three seperate values?
  7. Actually instead of using the dx=f(x+h)-f(x) as h---->infiniti you can also use this....if ax^n then dx=(an)x^(n+1) so then if you want to do an intergral then instead of adding one to the exponent you subtract one and then multiply that by the recipicol of the exponent....if you understand what i just said then try it it works I swear....
  8. The Petpet Supplies shop is 655 metres from the Smoothie Store, 393 Metres from the Defence Magic shop, and 314 metres from the Grooming Parlour. The Defence Magic shop is 236 metres from the Grooming Parlour and 524 metres from the Smoothie Store. Assuming the distance between the Grooming Parlour and the Smoothie Store is less than the distance between the Petpet Supplies shop and the Smoothie Store, what is the distance between the Grooming Parlour and the Smoothie Store? Please round to the nearest metre.
  9. Hmmm...I can prove this wrong right now... 3([(0.1)+(0.1)]^2)=0.12<2 reword this and maybe it will work....well work gor a 100% if reworded properly
  10. 7,8,9,1,3,4,5,6,7,9,1,2,3,4...?
  11. I think it may be me being retarded but I cant get 2,6,7,8,10,12,13,14, or 15 Anybody wanna help me?
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