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  1. Sorry for my rather late reply, havn't had much time to get to a computer. Anyway, the one question, that has been argue'd over, having no sollution, I was told by my teacher, to simply put, No sollution. We've since moved on to thing's like Linear Programing,matricies, and Determinates. I've had a bit of trouble with multiplying matricies, so i can jot down a quick example, and see if you guy's can try to help and see what i'm doing wrong. FIND EACH PRODUCT 1) 2x2 matrix [-3,4] [5 , 2] multiply by 2x2 matrix [1, 0 ] [2, -3] we were told to multiply the first row, from the first matrix, by the first column in the second matrix. so -3x1=-3 and 4x2=8 then second row by second column [this is where i believe i mess up] but i get, 5x0=10 and 2x-3=-6 so the new matrix would then be [-3,8] [10,-6] right after multiplying the first row by the first column, is where i mess up. Any help much appreciated.
  2. Hello, I'm a junior in Highschool, currently taking Algebra II. The reason I'm making this topic, is due to the many problem's i often find myself facing, when trying to work out problem's. Previous to this class, I've taken two classes of basic Algebra and one course in basic geometry, and to this day, comprehend very little of it. At this point in time in the class, we are reviewing the algebra 1 material, and i am at a big loss. We had a practice test today, covering the materials so far, and out of 25, i missed at most 12. For the most part, the way to solve the problem's is what trip's me up, and i often spend loads's of time picking number's from my head, and plugging them into the equation. I get the right answer by doing so, but it is very time consuming. I've written a few problem's from my class, that went over my head completley, and will write them down, along with how and what i did, perhaps some of you can provide some much needed and appreciated help. I also am trying, to once and for all tackle this algebra so that i may possibly take chemistry/physics courses, both of which i am told require algebra related math,and difficult ones at that. So another question i have, is if i do take one of said classes, what kind of math can i expect to see? and for someone in my situation would it be wise to take these classes? I'll get to the question's now. SOLVE AND GRAPH 1)3(4d-9)<6(2d-5) for this one i distributed the 3 to both the 4d and -9 and got... 12d-27 and then distributed the 6 to the 2d and -5 and got... 12d-30 so i end up with 12d-27>12d-30 my question is, where to go from there? 2) |4x-3|=-27 I was told that the two lines (absolute value?, mean two equations) so i ended up 4x-3=-27 and 4x-3=27 question being do i use either [and/or] and where to go from there. 3) 3(4x+7)<21 i distribute 3 to 4x and 7 and get 12x+21<21 from here where do i go? 4) This one i'm not sure how to approach, if someone could give me a tip on where to start. 2x+3/5<0.03 these are the one's i had the msot trouble with, and would greatly apprciate the help. -Thanks Brendan
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