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  1. Hi Function, how goes it with you and Belgium?

    1. Function


      Hi there studiot! Good to hear from you again! I'm doing quite well, at the end of my basic education; I'll be an MD in about 2 weeks, whereafter I'm going to specialize; it'll be either neurosurgery of anesthesiology (I'll know this after 22 June) :) Belgium itself is finally regaining some social life ... How about you?

    2. studiot


      I look forward to toasting your success.

      'Us country bumpkins' have largely avoided the worst of it. Took the family for a long walk in Okehampton woods (which are not in Okehamton but near me in Somerset) to the quarries today and helped a grocery delivery driver find some  house. The lady there told me that she has been waiting 3 weeks for the food delivery. Of course GPS is very poor and patchy in our area.

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