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    https://www.sciencealert.com/physicists-claim-a-they-ve-found-even-more-evidence-of-a-new-force-of-nature “the researchers found pairs of electrons and positrons separating at an angle that didn't match currently accepted models. This time, the number was closer to 115 degrees. Working backwards, the team calculated the helium's nucleus could also have produced a short-lived boson with a mass just under 17 megaelectronvolts.”
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    Of course it isn't unsolvable. Any so-called "paradox" in relativity is simply something that is unexpected or counter-intuitive. The theory is mathematically consistent (so no real paradoxes are possible) and also tested experimentally and confirmed to be an accurate description of the way the world work. Presumably, the person who made the video is just ignorant of the theory..
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    This is an older thread, but the topic is current and this seems to fit. A surprisingly great speech from an even more surprising source. Well worth the 20 minutes to watch if you’re at all interested in how the world at large is being twisted by people with malarious intent. A summary is also available here: https://techcrunch.com/2019/11/22/watch-sacha-baron-cohen-skewer-zuckerbergs-twisted-logic-on-hate-speech-and-fakes/
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    That's all true, but deserts can be farmed very profitably if the water is available. Israel is one of the world leaders, they have huge areas of desert growing stuff like Jojoba. If you have a water supply that isn't going to run out, you can build up a soil over the years, growing crops initially that are suited to more sparse conditions. Some crops, like Clover, fix nitrogen from the air in their roots, and improve the soil as they grow. There's loads of stuff on youtube about growing crops on desert soils. Edit : More directly relevant to the OP, this youtube video shows Israelis extracting dew from the air, using plastic around the roots of each plant. It starts at 3:10
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    Shades of both. Green is the more dominant, but there are hints of red about.
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    Question: How are you able to claim all these precise details about your ability and also claim that no-one is willing to take part in tests? Who told you details about your claimed ability? I would expect someone just trying to troll the forum to be more creative. Maybe someone trolled you into believing you have psychic powers? Did you pay someone for some kind of "test"? According to wikipedia the metro population is > 2,500,000. If you try my suggested method for some period of time, and get zero responses, that would be a hint that you completely lack any kind of telepathic ability?
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    I'm calling 'bull'. You are making excuses.
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