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  2. I had the same issue myself a few years ago when I first came here to the forums, I had it mixed up like your post above. Consider this, Gravity is what happens to spacetime geometry in presence of mass. Gravity is not mass, gravity itself is the bending and warping of spacetime and we perceive it as humans as a change in weight.
  3. Lizwi

    What Science Does to me

    Depends on your future career, what career do you want in future
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  5. naitche

    What is faith?

    Yes, thank you.
  6. Christoph Pachoa

    My Theory on dark matter

    Spacetime is potentially the combined information of all the infinite fields woven together or some role player in it, and we can see from gravitional waves that matter and gravity can interact with spacetime. With one interaction proven it is also possible that the density of spacetime and or all the fields is greater around supermassive bodies such as galactic center black holes or star clusters allowing for gravity to have a stronger effect on the formation and binding of galaxies than we’ve expressed with math based on spacetime and fields having no or the wrong value and function. The increased density would create a differentiation from galactic centers gravity and the edge of the galaxy, there’s already the relativity of time potentially an expression of field or spacetime density as the fields are information and energy and as denser closer to the black hole the information can be processed and transferred through states or through expressions up or down in direction giving us the increase in times duration as your closer to supermassive bodies. Because of density everything happens faster yet at the same relative rates. Any feedback is welcome just an aspiring theoretical astrophysicist trying to learn and grow. Thank you
  7. Okay so it's just 1540/11 million. Got it, thanks!
  8. brickman7713

    What factor does the amplitutde change?

    I do now, figured it out, thanks!
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  10. Lisa445

    Using a vaporizer: Dangerous?

    Well. it's not "entirely harmless", it's just less harmful than smoking (that was the reason I switched to vaporization a year ago). I usually read sites with the newest researches such as (it's US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health) or (it's on vaping and quitting smoking - found it last year while quitting).
  11. I have seen nothing in what You have so far said, that shows your hypothetical invalidates GR, or makes verifiable predictions above and beyond GR. Science/cosmology on the other hand, has recently supported two predictions of GR that stems from its equations over the last couple of years...Gravitational waves and BH's. If in your first statement you are somehow inferring that the universe is expanding faster then light [is this what you mean by c2 ?] then that can be explained... ... and also the universal speed limit of "c" applies to anything with mass.
  12. StringJunky

    shape of concrete drill bits

    Not what you really want but you could look at the manufacturers sites and read their blurb behind their designs. If you look at the most expensive ones vs the budget ones you can see why the former might be better and the function of each aspect. For instance, good drills are double fluted with a high number of turns in the spiral for more efficient clearance and also sharper edges on the spiral so that the hole sides are cut cleaner, like a revolving chisel. The tungsten tip in good SDS bits often have a cross-shaped cutting edge so that the hole face is chipped finer and faster, which can lead to easier clearance. I like the Black and Decker Bullet tips for hammer drills, which have tips that are concave-pointed as opposed to straight-pointed, which is the norm. They seem to punch a hole better as opposed to just scraping a hole out and getting hot, like the conventional tips. I can do harder material with those bullet bits in a DIY battery hammer drill that I can't do with conventional bits... AND they can be used again and again! I don't know anything about tungsten quality, so that might matter as well.
  13. jfoldbar

    shape of concrete drill bits

    im a tradie who has spent his life with all kinds of tools. we often take for granted the thought that goes into designing most of these tools. so i was drilling heaps of holes into stone last week. something ive done many times but not really thinking bout it. i tried a different drill bit and was surprised how different it was. so then i got thinking about the science behind drill bit design and how i can learn more about it. after all, knowledge means being able to better choose the right tool for the job. ive tried to find a youtube vid about this but cant. specifically id like to learn,for example, why/how the spirals are different shapes and angles, and the tungsten is different on different stone/concrete bits. can anyone steer me towards a video or something. only really about the tungsten drill bits.
  14. I think we all know what "bit" means. But you said "a bit of information" which, by itself is meaningless. Now, when are you going to present your mathematical model?
  16. What does "expands with c2" mean? What does it mean for space-time to expand? What does "every point in it represents the value of 0" mean? "A bit of Information." is not a sentence. What is it supposed to mean? "A basic reference point (line, volume)." Also not a sentence. What is it supposed to mean? When are you going to present your mathematical model?
  17. Space-time is a 4D coordinate system which expands with c2 and every point in it represents the value of 0. A bit of Information. A basic reference point (line, volume).
  18. I certainly have not seen anything that invalidates GR, or anything that makes verifiable predictions beyond GR. GR works, the model is overwhelmingly successful and 100 year old predictions have been validated due to improved technological equipment and research.
  19. No you haven't. You have not shown any mathematics.You have just made some vague claims. You claimed to have a model but said it is "too speculative" for the Speculations forum. Then you should not have any problem showing the math.
  20. As I said, I already introduced it. It is a pretty simple concept. I could express it geometrically if that would make it.
  21. Whether you can believe it or not is not really relevant. The theory works. That is because it is a mathematical model that makes usable quantitative predictions. (Compare this with your own vague and incoherent ideas.) Now, where is your mathematical model? (And stop avoiding the issue by introducing more of your beliefs and ignorance.)
  22. The GR model works. Its as simple as that. Gravity is spacetime geometry in the presence of mass/energy. The third point is evidenced by the observational data and success of GR. Who said anything about mass impacting the age of the universe? Ahh, I see what you are getting at. The two can still be considered separately. [2] Intervals of space and time, vary according to different frames of references, but spacetime is invariant.
  23. I agree with the previous points. I have problem with gravity, because I hardly can believe that mass (gravity) can impact (warp) the fabric (the fundamental informational structure and function) of Space and Time. I do not doubt that mass impact other physical objects and their path! and velocity! in space. How could mass impact the age of the Universe if the 3rd point is absolutely true? As Minkowski very well expressed, this Two is One entity, and can not exist without one another. So if space impacted, then time is impacted. The question is: Can we differentiate between the relative time of energy and matter impacted by mass and always observed as a part of a bigger system, and the real age of the fundamental realm containing Everyting? I do not think that the age of the Universe could be impacted by mass or gravity. Even for a singular point with very big mass, Time is ticking.
  24. Perhaps the tidal interactions with the Milky Way galaxy and the SMC have prompted in the past, a period of stellar formation and we now see that with the result of supernova or red giants that have become White Dwarfs after blowing off their outer layers.
  25. Interesting discussion, and while this has got way too philosophical for me, let me make a small offering....... Space is what exists between you and me, and Earth and the Moon. If space did not exist, then everything would be together and we would be as we were before the BB. Time exists to stop everything from happening at the same instant. If there was no time, we wouldn't be here and the same applies that we would be as we were before the BB. Here I submit the following..... "The views of space and time which I wish to lay before you have sprung from the soil of experimental physics, and therein lies their strength. They are radical. Henceforth space by itself, and time by itself, are doomed to fade away into mere shadows, and only a kind of union of the two will preserve an independent reality". — Hermann Minkowski, Which in my opinion tells me that spacetime is simply the framework against which we locate events an describe them in terms of length. breadth, height and time. Spacetime is also defined by the following facts. [1] the speed of light is invariant. [2] Intervals of space and time, vary according to different frames of references, but spacetime is invariant.[3] Gravity is the geometrical warping/mis-shaping of spacetime in the presence of mass/energy. All are real as I see it, space, time, spacetime, despite not being physical.
  26. Enthalpy

    Fire in Notre Dame in Paris

    Thinking more at the firefighter helicopter resulted in a hexacopter to improve the pointing freedom of the jet. Description of one sized to fit in a lorry, there: I'd say it's the same interrogation for non-historical buildings, whose answer is "yes" to sprinklers despite they may spurt without reason. But that is a good argument for fully passive sprinklers opened by heat rather that electronics, or worse, software. In the particular case of Notre-Dame's roof, there was nothing more apparently. A stone ceiling isolates it below, which avoided more fire damages. But I understand that water damage would be a concern in different buildings.
  27. Enthalpy

    Electric helicopter

    This quadcopter or, for redundancy, hexacopter shall extinguish fires, optionally in cities too. The multirotor is simpler and cheaper than a helicopter, and easier to (help) pilot by software. Its rotors are easier to surround by protective stators. It adds advantages specific to firefighters: The pipe and jet can aim up and down between the rotors, if no frame element interrupts the movement there, to tackle the braze from the side instead of fanning it. This lets tank in flight from a river, a fountain... with a reversible pump or two pumps. The tank is accessible from the top and the bottom. The jet creates a smaller torque and the rotors compensate it better. Mass estimate: -------------- 6*5kg Rotors with electric motors 30kg Gas turbine and generator, 70kW 3kg Empty tank 10kg Frame 10kg Pump 8kg Pipe 2kg Electronics 7kg Undetailed 200kg Water -------------- 100kg Empty 300kg Full Six D=1m rotors accelerate together 131kg/s air from 0 to 23m/s to hover. At 70% efficiency, this needs 50kW, but climbing at 7m/s takes 70kW, and hovering with a defect rotor needs power too. Batteries don't suffice here, a piston engine would reduce the payload. A fuel cell does the job but hydrogen may awake superstitions. A gas turbine is light, possibly from a small APU. Get inspiration there for the gearless light generator and for the geared motors. The pump isn't easy. 60% efficiency need 3.3kW for 2 bar and 200L in 20s. A centrifugal design is compact and the motor too, but it sucks water badly when air is in the pipe. Maybe a fast screw pump or a second centrifugal pump at the lower end of an optionally separate pipe. Have floats under the frame? The pipe is preferably of graphite composite, possibly a sandwich. Metal would need intricate reinforcements. Software would usefully stabilize it against the frame's pitch. The sketches and figures let the copter fit in a lorry. 2-4 people carry it empty. It can still manoeuvre in Parisian streets, and possibly arrive by flight from the fire station. Scaling up and down is possible. Marc Schaefer, aka Enthalpy
  28. Lizwi

    Double integral

    Use CAS ( computer algebra system)
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