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  1. Could be. I have no idea what they are. their directions of travel appears to be Brownian motion, but if the things were inactive particles there would be no refraction in whatever medium they exist in. These things seem to jot along on their own volition.They could even be flashing afterimages of individual rods and reels on my retina swirling in the currents. If anyone takes the time to see these things I'd appreciate some actual observational feedback. And to forestall any wiesenheimers out there, and I know you are out there, a woman has also seen this phenomenon.
  2. Point one: Others have seen these. It is a real phenomenon. Point two: you are judging my observation on a statement I never made. I specifically stated that these 'fauna' are too small to be seen. I further said that all that can be seen are the bright flashes of light, refractions of the brief wakes, that are visible, and then only visible with a suitably featureless backlight. Point three: take a look through the telescope, see for yourself.
  3. Some years ago I was sitting under a tree and gazing at the sky. I was unfocusing my eyes trying to bring my 'floaters', the detritus we see slowly sinking, but in reality riing, in the ey. In doing so I became aware of a kind of boil in my field of vision. I did a further alteration of my focus and there appeared across the entire field of vision tiny slivers of flashing light, minuscule compared to Floaters. In fact what I observe are so small that I cannot resolve them; their you can only observe the light refracting in their wake. From that I have deduced they are little flagellants, but either in or one the eye, I can't determine. A curious note: When I first observed them, they were all spinning counterclockwise . All of them! Since then from time to time there are some spinners, or none, and some Flashies, or Zippers, or spinners., are present all the time. It's just that you need the right back-lighting. I showed variou people how to see them but no one knows what they are. Can anybody tell me if they know of these things and if so, what they are? Jim50
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