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  1. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    I am not disagreeing with you, I think you are right. I think we will continue to make further breakthroughs and fast too. Which is also why I still have 'faith' that, although it has always been quoted as a nominal 50 years away, we will solve the issues around energy production using fusion safely eventually. There have been such advancements in my lifetime with regard to looking deeper into space that it has been totally amazing to watch. I expect much more.
  2. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    I hear you and tend to agree... but we can't just assume we will discover something totally new which will enhance our ability to see across the universe. I was answering Moontan's question about whether I think there will be something so amazing it replaces what we currently use (as an alternative to light and radio). I think, that as we are looking at light, the tech we use will be light based and not something hithero undefined or discovered. i.e. better telescopes and better interpretation of the data they give us - rather than a futuristic space ray that penetrates across the universe further.
  3. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    No, but they might mean we can better resolve the information we obtain from our current telescopes or the current ones could be improved. We still look at the light from the stars like we did 30 years ago, but now we are more sophisticated in the way we interpret the data, looking for planetary bypasses and things.. things we didn't do back then. We couldn't detect black holes... we have no new tech to surpass the telescopes we used then (although they are probably better) - we just know how to spot them now by looking at the images they warp and what orbits them. You are probably better informed than I am with regard to what currently goes on. I am a lay observer of what gets reported. imo we have only just started looking... in terms of the 3 year old boy searching for the octopus, we have just put on our snorkel and have waded out up to our knees, have stuck our head under the water a few times and declared that there are no octopussies. I could be wrong, but I think we have only just begun our searching and I think we will improve our techniques over the next few centuries.
  4. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    Because we are not that technologically advanced yet and have only been looking a very short while? In my lifetime alone we have seen incredible advances in being able to look further away and to be able to tell more about what is going on. 30 years ago we had never detected other earth like planets before and though that we would have no means of doing so or that it might not even be possible as we were a goldilocks planet just right for life. Now we know of many. Give it a century or 2 Moontan and I'm sure we'll know more.... Give a 3 year old boy a snorkel and tell him to find an octopus. Chances are he will fail.
  5. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    Also, being fair to us - we've only just started looking... what, in the last 50 years or so at a guess? That's the last 50 years in 4.5 billion years of the earth forming and 14.5 billion years of our universe as we know it forming... Maybe we are the first civilisation to pop up, maybe we the latest in many that have already been and already gone extinct, maybe we will get a state visit from our nearest neighbours once we unify the planet.... maybe we will get a visit from the Borg sometime in the next few centuries and all be assimilated. Who knows... lol - Maybe a school of space sharks will invade one day... I know that is what Moontanman will probably think is the most likely. ;-)
  6. Maybe. He looks a bit like my Granddad, who introduced me to religion. I loved him very much. I understand how people get taken in by it. Times are progressing though and you have to be true to yourself, the whole of Christianity is based on the bible... which is provably wrong in many places and full of errors and contradictions... all of which you make excuses for and explain away when questioned about - I am done defending god and his bullshit in the bible. All it would reasonably take to disprove that the Christian god is infallible would be to find a single error in the bible. - the errors and contradictions are many. The whole lot is clearly a work of fiction, based on some very thin actual history passed on by hearsay rather than recorded text. I do, however, like the general idea of looking to something greater than ones self, practicing love, forgiveness, mercy, etc.. trying to be humble and going about life with a sense of humility and gratefulness. I have never gotten this right - but I am not sure it is possible - although I have met some lovely people that are fair 'better' than me with their love and compassion for mankind and animals and their peaceful natures.
  7. OK thanks - so diffraction is actually a wave interfering with itself then - that was new to me. It makes sense from the vid.
  8. I looked up Huygens Principle.... which it seems to be about - it seems believable, but as I said - I do not know if it is accepted or testable.. it seems like calculus for waves.
  9. I don't think you can - but you can shorten the quote if it is a page long by cutting the middle out. It shows you are answering a specific post without having to copy the lot out. I don't know if that helps at all? I liked it when the posts were numbered too.
  10. It seems like an attempt to explain diffraction by picturing a wave front as an infinite number of little waves fronts. I like the idea and follow it.. I do not know if it is accepted or not in mainstream science... it certainly seems to be as an idea, but I am not sure there is any solid evidence or how you would test it. It is new to me anyway - when I was at college we learnt about DeBrogle and Bragg although I remember little about them as I have used nothing about what I learnt from them in my professional life. .
  11. Hold on - when there is only one slit open surely you wont get an interference pattern? If you close a slit then you have just one slit and you get a normal beam out of it as you would for 1 slit, no? - am I wrong here? Have I missed or forgotten something from my uni days? You still get the pattern if you fire off one photon at a time... as if it 'knows' there are 2 slits.. I thought that it was this observation that proved it travelled as a wave not a particle. If you cover a slit then you are left with 1 slit. Correct me if I am wrong. The interference pattern as I see it is just the same as any wave interference pattern when 2 waves meet. There are 2 waves because that is how they emerge from the 2 slits. You can see it on water as a wave goes through 2 openings, you get the same interference pattern. Maybe my understanding of it is too basic.
  12. Huge - but not infinitely so - that is your error. We are closer and closer to explaining it... your god of the gaps is getting smaller and smaller as we continue to explain things that were in the past unexplainable and attributed to god. These days he never shows up and is responsible for what exactly in creation? We know how natural selection guides evolution. We have a good idea of how life started through the many many complex steps that took place over billions of years.. Where is god supposed to actually BE in all of this? - what has he actually done? You can't just take all the things you do not understand and attribute them to god... we have done that for thousands of years and our level of ignorance has shrunk... along with the level of interaction we believe god has with us... now it is zero outside of people's imaginations. What seems 'blindingly obvious' isn't always the case. What is the 'blindingly obvious' reason that god hooked the laryngeal nerve all the way down and around the heart before routing all the way back up to the brain? Why did he do it for all animals from fish to the giraffe?
  13. Trump to recognise Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

    Yea - I think I should stay out of this sort of discussion as it goes. Depending on what sources you read or view you get conflicting narratives imo. It is either a story of cruel invaders that displace the locals with no respect for them or the other side is peaceful settlers plagued by religious terrorists that aren't interested in negotiating peace but want to wage continual war until one side is wiped out. I guess I am slightly biased towards the Israeli cause and the settlers... maybe this is because I am a westerner or maybe it was my Christian past.... either way I think I might still be biased in my thinking and will stay out of further conversation about it. Although I can only see a war to end the conflict unfortunately. Peace would be nice, but if one side won't accept what it is offered as a peaceful state solution then what can you do? Every time boundaries have been suggested 'one side' won't accept it and there is a war or a campaign of terror. They loose ground by doing this and I feel they could loose more if Israel loose their patience with them. I still think that the dissolution of Palestine into Jordon, Syria, Lebanon etc would be a solution. There will be some that will wage war at any suggestion other than the total destruction of Israel, so, you can't please all the people so just make it final... give Israel the lands they want round there and make the rest Jordon, Syria etc.. There is loads of space, they just push up against Israel to further their Jihadi BS imo.... but as I said - I think I am biased in my thinking about the situation, which is why I'm going to try to study the situation more... or just stay out of it - none of my business thankfully.
  14. Being fair - I don't think the OP wants to build an ashtray - he wants a clear heat resistant material. He used an ash tray as an example of the kind of heat resistance that would be needed. So - glass or borosilicate glass or some plastics... without knowing the exact application it is difficult to suggest anything exact. Reading back he says that glass is too fragile... I would argue that it depends on the thickness/toughness of the glass and the application - some glasses are very tough and difficult to break. What is the application? Some glasses (as Strange pointed out) are very tough if you make them thicker and tougher. They can be doped with resin or fibres to reinforce them.
  15. Yet another possibility for Fermi's Paradox

    ha ha - bit of both... The real parts were the threads and stuffing and it's clothes my nan made for it. The imaginary part was the love it had for me and the relationship I had with it... the relationship was real but the thought that the feelings were reciprocated were obviously imaginary and not 'real'. Dogs are real - for the most part - the relationship I had with my dog was real... some of it might have been imagined, but the dog was real.... in reality... in the solid world. Gods are mad made imaginations and always have been. There is nothing real about them apart from the imagined interaction people have with them. It might seem real to them.... but it clearly ain't. I am pretty certain you believe this too from past conversations we've had and from posts of yours I've read.