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  1. I saw a documentary once where an army special forces guy who had been in the desert for a long time had built up a resilience to scorpion stings. I think it started by accident where he was stung, and then over the years he just allowed himself to be stung every day or so. Now he can take a hit from a scorpion that would normally kill someone and he just gets a slight headache.
  2. Could you slow time using a tuning fork?

    How/why would the oscillations of the material atoms have any effect on the sub atomic particles in the nucleus? I also suspect that the speeds and accelerations involved would be negligible compared to what is going on inside the atoms themselves.
  3. Yes I know (+1)... it's just that all those stress tensors are a bit over my head. lol.
  4. Regarding the oval - I would have thought that it might give better strength in the long direction but actually less across the wider side... I think it would depend on where the impact was located on the shape.
  5. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    Glad you slept well. What does cancer taste like then?? Feet, BO and farts? lol.
  6. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    Humans don't hear it, just the dogs - too high pitched. (Sorry - just seen that you have realised this already). Just to play advocate for 1 second as it might not be totally irrelevant. Your outer peace or turmoil can be easier to accept with inner peace. The inner peace we speak of can lead to better problem solving and solutions (maybe/sometimes) and could inspire a better solution to be designed by you own brain. It could put a break on any anger getting out of control so you wont go on a dog kill so easily. It could help you accept and approach the problem with happiness for a problem to be solved rather than from a tired burnt out frustrated sleep deprived position... and finally... well, just 'inner peace'! what's wrong with that at anytime? lol. I am sure there could be other positives to support the position too if I had time to think of them. But if your not into that hippy stuff then just get a whistle - sounds like it would be an interesting experiment to try to see if it shuts them up. lol. They start from about £1- upwards on e-bay. https://www.ebay.co.uk/i/252529324740?chn=ps&dispItem=1&adgroupid=47119442607&rlsatarget=pla-326789570815&abcId=1128926&adtype=pla&merchantid=110335821&poi=&googleloc=9045058&device=c&campaignid=856227598&crdt=0 Sorry - replied to last page - missed the whole second page of conversation and didn't spot it before my reply...
  7. Well in my house they need to make me happy by staying out of my way. I try to use a glass to put them out, but can't always practically do it... but it's evolution - the ones that stay hidden are the ones I want to select for reproduction - the ones that come at me boldly can be removed from the spider gene pool. I swear they are getting bigger and bigger each decade. I have had 2 or 3 in the last couple of years that would not fit onto a poker sized playing card!
  8. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    Police then? Explain that you have asked politely but they won't stop their mutts barking? Are you in the USA? You could go to the shop, get a gun and solve the dog problem.... but I'm not sure how legal that would be. ;-) What? Similar to what I did with the catapult... The irritating noise of the whistle might shut them up if they realise that you stop when they stfu with their barking.
  9. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    Or sort the problem out by telling the neighbours to keep their dogs quite... lol. If they are strays then get onto the council - if they are the neighbours then tell them to shut them up or you'll call the police or just take matters into your own hands. I once had a neighbour's dog that would randomly bark all night - I fired ball bearings at the fence NEAR the dog (I wouldn't be so cruel as to hit it). I think this scared the dog and after a little while it stopped... I think it realised that after it barked, I would fire at the fence (making a loud noise on impact) and it got scared. I think it learn't to associate it's own barking with the ensuing missile attacks and it stopped.
  10. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    yea dogs barking are a pain ... as you said, it is erratic so you can't let it drone into a background noise. Do they belong to a neighbour you can complain to or are they strays? If strays then maybe your local council can take care of the problem.
  11. Sleeping with the windows closed? Earplugs?

    Have you just moved to a house near a road? Don't worry - you'll get used to it - embrace the noise and try not to let it worry you and you will start to block it out and just ignore it. I have lived in quiet areas and also next to busy roads - it doesn't bother you after a while and you just get used to it. ....and your house isn't a perfect enclosed seal - when you shut the windows and doors you will not suffocate - air diffuses in and out of cracks and stuff. I was once part of a house share with a right whiney little bitch of a man.. he would knock on my door at 11pm to complain about the fan on my PC because he could hear it (barely) and it was bed time.
  12. I love a nice strong cheddar!! <3 In the past - in times of total poverty... I have eaten a single piece of cheddar cheese as a supper. The strength of the taste can help stave off hunger pains in my experience (as can a teaspoon of marmite) and it is pretty satisfying (compared to sod all anyway).
  13. Natural Awareness

    It's called 'Numinous'. I am sure we have mentioned it before. It is very common and makes us feel totally insignificant in the grand scheme of things... which we are. The universe is totally amazing isn't it!? The word that describes the wonder you feel and are describing is 'Numinous'. Many confuse the feeling as the feeling of 'god's' presence.. I used to make this error myself. PS - I would change the word 'creation' in your post to 'the universe' or some other word that doesn't infer design and manufacture by an intelligent designer... in this day and age it is rather sill to suggest with what we currently know. If this is what you are inferring then you are clearly trolling as this is a) a science site and b) you have had your creation arguments debunked over and over in many other threads. ;-) I don't believe everyone only gets it when alone... things are spookier when on your own and your imagination runs wild. Maybe that is why?
  14. ... but at the level for red meat the melon is still digested surely? What problem does it cause? Slight indigestion of the red meat if the pH is lowered by the melon? I guess that could be why we have several courses with the fruits at the start or the end of the meal.