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  1. What 'appeals' is irrelevant. What evidence are you drawing the conclusion that there is a hierarchy above us from? If there is one - it is pretty brutal. My pet spider was eaten by another spider... I came in to find a spindly husk and a smaller, but leaner nastier looking beast had taken it's web and had drained it of life. I didn't like the look of this newbie who had eaten my pal - I was going to bump him off but decided to leave it... the whole lab was moved the other day anyway and it has now gone of it's own accord. Here she is. . Before she was cruelly taken from me. Eaten in her prime.
  2. ....so, nothing to do with science then. I am still unsure how you confuse 'science' with 'secular'.... although a secular society may well be the result of what we have learnt from science, it isn't the same thing.
  3. Thanks for the insight.
  4. The bible actually says: "The secret to a happy Christian life is contentment". I can't remember which NT chap/verse this is... but it is there in the teaching for sure.... it is THE SECRET to a happy life according to the book/manual for Christianity.
  5. This only because the president seems to back them or see them as equal in their views... (which I know you sort of go on to say anyway). Without his support for their protest they would not have been so emboldened. How he bundles confederate generals in with past presidents I do not know.... I am probably showing my ignorance here but I thought the whole civil war was to do with race and slavery.... the confederates lost. So why glorify their memory at all unless you are harbouring some sort of desire to return to the slave trading days? In his speech he genuinely did not seem to see a difference between the likes of Lincon and Lee.... He genuinely believes what he says... he is just like my (and some other peoples) dad... he won't listen to anyone and will see any disagreement with him as a personal attack.... But we 'all' could see he was like this before we voted him in, so, I am not sure what people are so shocked about.... we saw it all coming a mile off. Here Here.
  6. I don't think he meant that at all ( I might be wrong). They are different completely. Secularism is just society without religion.... it says nothing about science. There are ways people search for contentment in a secular society. Maybe some of the religious teaching that promotes contentment is useful.... things like learning humility, grace, mercy and forgiveness... maybe there should be more stress on these things when teaching people about the world through love. Being fair - does science even need to deal with contentment and happiness... other than to study it objectively. Secular society on the other hand might well learn something from the babies in the bathwater they ditched when they dropped the god myth.
  7. I have to agree with MigL here - This is why BREXIT happened imo... anyone in the UK even dared to ask a question about immigration concerns or dared to criticise and of the bureaucracy of the EU over the past couple of decades has been shouted down and called a racist. They aren't allowed to talk about it in public without being shouted down, so they talk about it with others that want to talk about it and then become subject to their own confirmation bias because the only people they ever discuss the matter with are racists and xenophobes. Whether these people have obnoxious racist beliefs or just have seemingly ignorant questions about immigration people should engage them and educate them of their ways rather than cutting them off. They just congregate somewhere else and get sucked into their own echo chambers... some of these people genuinely believe what they are saying, they aren't necessarily evil.... although some are clearly just obnoxious c*&%s.
  8. It is a very pretty metal for jewellery... and as ranger said above it is so inert and doesn't cause allergies that some other metals cause.... It is truly amazing how girls can wear anything at all.... but suddenly when they get married or into a serious long term relationship they become allergic to base metals and can only wear gold.
  9. I had a conversation at work last year sometime.. It was about probability and coincidence. I was arguing that for a system to be random you MUST see patterns which look non random from time to time... I argued that if you threw a bucket of Dice from the top of a skyscraper, although the probability is immense, it HAS to produce all 6's sometime.. (if you repeat the throw over a billion years they will come up.. or at least have a chance of coming up). My point was that you cant use the fact that something is unlikely as proof that it cannot happen. That evening I played a table top game with some friends... I mentioned my conversation at work because we were about to roll some dice... We had to roll to see who went first. We both rolled 6's so had to roll again... we both rolled 6's 7 times before one of us lost the roll off. It was very spooky, but a beautiful demonstration of what I was talking about. My opponent said it must mean something.. I just said that it proved my point. The whole game was riddled with rolls of all 6's all 1's and things like that.... but totally random. I have rolled a lot of dice... sometimes they seem random, sometimes you get remarkable demonstrations of probability in action.
  10. I meant that the difficulty level depends on what is being forgiven.... It is easier to forgive someone for stealing a crisp from your packet than it would be to forgive them for murdering your child for example. ;-)
  11. True - but the bible DOES get taught as being the literal word of god. In churches anyway. I know where you are coming from - that place isn't too dissimilar from where I am coming from either. I have a lot of respect for the spiritual.... I would still say I am fairly spiritual.... although it doesn't mean the same thing for me as it once did.
  12. I am not sure everyone does at all. That is a lot harder than it sounds... Under the banner of Christianity (because that is the one I know) it can take many tears and much much soul wrenching. Honestly it can be very painful... as you yourself probably know.... although some seem to embrace it with joy - I guess it depends on what you need to forgive yourself or others for.
  13. How? It would have been different for people for sure. Are you wrongly assuming there would be no love in the world? Agape love is part of all of us... I can see how some religions DO help in awakening that love in people that are hard of heart, but it does exist and can be connected with without Dumbo's feather*... which is religion/god. *Dumbo's feather - I use this a lot, but I am getting older so I'll explain in case anyone doesn't know what it is. Dumbo, the cartoon elephant with big ears, could fly.... He could only fly when holding his 'magic' feather.... It gave him confidence to take off and fly. When he dropped the feather he realised that actually he didn't need it to fly at all as it was his own big ears that gave him flight. God is like Dumbo's feather for some. I used to pray for confidence and the holy ghost would fill me that confidence I needed (for public speaking, meetings etc..)... but I do not need an outside agency... that confidence comes from myself and this holy spirit is clearly just a state of mind. The 'belief' that it is an external spirit and not just part of me is what I am equating to Dumbo's feather. I think that (pure speculation here) we all have access to part of our selves, maybe from our genes, that is similar for everyone. That place of peace and love - total acceptance and understanding. The Budists call it Nirvana I think. Some call it something like a kundalini awakening, some call it enlightenment... I believe the Christians call it baptism in the holy spirit, although they would not admit it is the same thing and they don't all get it. Funny thing is that those that are more progressive and that don't believe in god do not believe in this baptism of the holy ghost... but it is a very real state of mind. I reckon it is similar for everyone who connects deeply with their inner selves.... I am starting to waffle - but just wanted to add these musings. ;-)
  14. That is a really good question. I could answer, but I am but one human being. If I give my honest current opinion I can tell you that I would have not agreed with it at all when I was a Christian and no-one would take it seriously. It is hard, because the obvious 1st acknowledgement would be as you said your self that the bible is not the word of god. But take that away and what have you got? Christianity is all about the bible (and trying to be good like Christ obviously). Then, there is the fact that the god of this bible fails to show up and do his bit as it states he will often throughout. Maybe we need to start a new world religion... but that would then be perceived by many as blasphemous and evil and satanic. There is your Budism.... I see more and more value in that as the years go by for the peace and love and the respecting of life... but there are different strands of that too and some of it total rubbish. Two of the nicest people I know profess to be Budist (a very western form of it anyway). My honest answer is that I do not know Prometheus - teach love and respect from an early age at school? teach people how to be decent to each other without the god bull shit in there? A while back I would have prayed for wisdom to provide an answer your question. I still do pray sometimes as it has been such a help in the past - maybe I am trying to connect with what I used to believe to be god.... honestly I could waffle for pages about it.... but I think it might be totally pointless. lol. Peace to you my friend.x
  15. I read it alright though. Sounds like they are embracing the god of the gaps then... the gaps are getting smaller. Actually - I have watched a few interviews with catholic priests.. they don't really know what to believe... they say they believe science, then they say they believe something from the bible that is totally unscientific, like the arc or god existing and interacting the way the bible says he does, when challenged about the conflicts of facts with their faith they um and ah and flit around the issue admitting or explaining nothing.