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  1. What is that? Is there an interface(or common ground) between philosophy and scientific research?
  2. The double slit experiment and Superposition

    Sure. Without good cause I was wondering whether you leant towards the view that we actually change events in the physical world by "thinking about them" Some people (not myself) do seem to believe that in a half baked way . It is not a view amenable to scientific discussion in my view but is doubtless entertaining to those who are attracted to it.(can't give you anything like chapter and verse on the subject-surprised you are unfamiliar with it by the way;I think it is quite a common unscientific belief **) **no innuendo intended
  3. The double slit experiment and Superposition

    No ,you have answered it fine. I was just unsure as to whether this was relevant to your question and the way you might have been framing it. I can now see it is not (I think my concern was off topic)
  4. The double slit experiment and Superposition

    Does "observation" (for you) involve a change in the structure of the brain (or psyche?)of the experimenter or does it (as I would understand it) a hurdle in the experimental apparatus that the wave must pass?
  5. The double slit experiment and Superposition

    Bigger fleas have little fleas Upon their backs to bite 'em And little fleas have lesser fleas And so on, ad infinitum Spike Milligan
  6. Referring to posts in threads

    That should help since multiquote seems to be automatic (up to a certain time delay I expect)
  7. Posts don't seem to have numbers . How can I say which one I am talking about without actually using the quote function?
  8. The double slit experiment and Superposition

    I also like it . It seems to help me with my self questioning "when is a slit a slit?" "(I am starting from scratch ,just trying to keep up with the posse at the closest distance possible )
  9. The double slit experiment and Superposition

    Is that from AK's programme?(no I don't know what is missing) Btw I found Dalo's Single Slit Interface video ten or so posts back revelatory (and this thread comparatively easy to follow) Is that video totally uncontraversial (insofar as anything can be)?
  10. The double slit experiment and Superposition

    When I thought it couldn't get any stranger...... The interference pattern doesn't change in "real time " surely? It doesn't "reverse itself" surely .?That would be madness. Have you a link that describes this experiment?
  11. The double slit experiment and Superposition

    Does the burden of proof actually lie on those who believe that measurements can be made without interference?** Do they have to produce an example of a measurement that can be made without interference ?(interference in the sense of "affect" rather than the possibly related "interference pattern") ** I think I have heard that measurements can be made indirectly but am not clear on this.
  12. Is this site's software equipped for curtailing the length of posts in threads? Would it be a good idea to have a subforum where we would be guaranteed that posts and responses would be short and to the point? I accept my own intellectual limitations are not shared by all and that detailed posts are valuable and necessary but could there be an advantage to also providing for exchanges where just one point (of maybe two) at a time would be expressed?
  13. Black hole?

    Thanks. I'll have a look at that.
  14. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    So is the problem more in the organisations where the offenses take place than in the actual state bodies tasked to investigate them?
  15. Black hole?

    If the expansion which seems irreversible now was in fact to reverse itself at some stage (some unknown property of dark matter or dark energy or some other as yet unknown force) then we could end up with one aggregate BH? As density increased at the centre of that BH (or even a smaller one) might some limit be passed that would trigger a change in behaviour and allow matter to escape? (If there were extra dimensions could they escape that way?) Might an event like that be very similar to what may have occurred prior to the Big Bang?
  16. Black hole?

    If they can increase without limit does that provide a mechanism to prevent a singularity at the centre? Can the density get "spread out" with increasing size? Can all the matter in the universe be combined into one BH under any circumstances?
  17. Black hole?

    Can I post this question in this thread.?Is there a limit to the size a Black Hole can be?
  18. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    I was talking about the way the police and the courts treat cases. am not sure there is a huge problem overall -account taken of the fact that members obviously come from the community and are susceptible to the same unconscious assumptions as the public in general.. On the other hand ,when a woman (or anyone obviously) is treated inappropriately by the system it is another injury ,and on a different level.
  19. Powerful Men, Beautiful Women, and Sex

    Are they ,considering the circumstances of the alleged crime (if it is a crime as sometimes,maybe in most cases actually it can be far less than that) ? I am not saying that they cannot or are not sometimes treated wrongly by the authorities(I don't have that information) but they do presumably have the right to take a case ( a class case?) against particular authorities if they feel they have been treated unfairly by the justice system .
  20. Waves,particles and fields

    What would happen if one attempted to make a similar simulation at comparable degrees of definition with the two slit experiment.? When a photon lands on the screen behind the two slits the region where it lands (and leaves a distinctive bounded record when viewed macroscopically) is presumably and usually a seething hive of activity as atoms on the physical screen bounce around .... Is it possible ,in theory if not in practice with a surface that exhibits complete rigidity ? If for example the screen was cooled to absolute zero. Can the arrival of a particle on such a screen be shown in a similar way to that in which the BE condensate is shown above.? As a general question , when decoherence occurs is it accompanied by a transfer of energy? (Can this transfer be shown graphically in a simulation?) One last general question :is it possible to view the general relationship between wave and particle manifestations/presentations as an "emergence" or a "phase transition" ?
  21. One of our number having been banned for sockpuppetry I was wondering about the interpretation(?) introduced into his recent kinetic energy/classical vs quantum spin thread by Mordred . He seems to have come down very firmly on the interpretation of reality (that 7 letter word ) being made up of fields and solidity being the great illusion (if I paraphrase correctly) Can we put more meat on the bone perhaps? (esp the idea that fields trump particles and knock them out of the park) Are there thought to be whole families of fields? Can they all interact with each other ? Is the gravitational field a very special kind of field (a field of fields perhaps) ? There seem to be lots of questions queuing up in my mind so I had better stop there as I have probably introduced misunderstandings based on "little knowledge" already.
  22. Is there evidence that "parasites"(symbiotic organisms?) alter one's mood? Who or what is "in charge"?
  23. Threads for dummies

    Does "numb and number" get me an additional curtsey? (I have already ceded the proposition btw)
  24. Threads for dummies

    I wondered if it could be done automatically(ie posting in those threads would not be allowed if those criteria were not fulfilled) but Phi said no, this site would not be set up for that.
  25. Threads for dummies

    You mean that there would be times when an artificial restraint on length would be too constraining and make the exchanges dissatisfying?