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  1. Evidence of the Great Filter

    he here's the article mentioned, the youtube video didn't add any relevant information to it. Dinosaurs aren't the only (famlily of) species to go extinct and humans aren't the first creatures to become self-aware.
  2. ReTasking Maxwell's Daemon

    Only when the wold is different from the east or west will it make difference whether the molecule is more to the east ot west. Hmmm, presumably the deamon has put in some effort to get the effect you desire ... Are you paying him at least minimum wage ?? I 've never seen science been used correctly in politics, i actually wanted to make a thread about it, making some scientific standards for politics, but i realized it 'd just fail.
  3. Develop inmunity against poisons and toxins

    As stated, it will differ per poison, (but also per person) some poisons you will never get used to, others, like alcohol, can be rather immunized to by the individual but you can't get a meaningfull discussion going since halve the participants are drunk And NO, you cannot reach 100% immunity against most poisons, mainly because too much of something will always be too much; people have died from drinking TOO MUCH (8+ liters) of water for example.
  4. Axioms, definitions, and 0.999...=1

    1 = a number 2 = a number 1 = 2 Now where's my nobel-prize ?? In highschool i seemd to be have mind for maths and not languages, since internet i 've learned more different languages then i can count xDD. If a language (of logic)| does not yield logical results, for example by seeing two different meanings covered by the same term, you should assume that this particular language does not use the terms in a way for you to get meaningfull results
  5. a little later according to wikipedia. My main-concern is/was that most people have a rough idea what macro means due to hearing macro-economic numbers(BNP) (maybe this only counts for me?) and i can easily see the terms get mixed/misunderstood( because it carries over the idea that evolution SHOULD and not COULD be divided in 2 parts) Anyway i see from your info that that micro/macro-evolution is actually well-defined, so i won't propose a name-change.
  6. Inbreeding

    yeah precisely. As i undertand inbreeding causes problems because a pair of chromosomes is identical. however with having multiple pairs of chromosomes it would mean that this effect/danger would occur per chromosome-oair, right ? Also, at OP, i ve heard of an islandic study of (reproductive) offspring getting best results from 2nd(?) degree cousings - i cant find it myself right(bit drunk and i dunno if you realyy care) now but if you re interested you should be able to find it.
  7. Macro-economics is about numbers and is mostly used to propagate political views/show that they're affordable, it is NOT a hard science, it is mathmatics applied to assumptions. Micro-economics deals with what people economically actually do, basically the exploration of the underlying assumptions of macro-economics. Hence, micro and macro are actually two distinct concepts in econmics. Now, in evolution i have no idea what would be macro... the calculation of how much bio-mass was available ??? making up different definitions of life ?? edit:it is my understanding that micro and macro are terms that came from economics and "flew "over to evolution.
  8. dna evolution

    I thought it was the half-monkey-half-human. Anyway there is plenty of pieces missing, probably some predators ate it. Probably. However, we know DNA exists and is being created, and that is roughly enough; The creation of the first DNA is most likely coïncidence, and proving it could be created by accident does not prove it DID get created by coïncidence, so it would hardly solve any question.
  9. Ooh, she doesn't sound like one easy to convince. Personally, i 'd demand a threesome before marriage and bypass this whole cheating/hiding-thingy.
  10. Famous member catchphrases

    Area54 said: "People are animals. Most of them never get over it. Perhaps you should."
  11. Inbreeding

    Isn't this the chance PER PAIR of chromosomes to be identical to each other ?
  12. ah, i see, he means the inner workings. But then, how many chimps know why banana grow from a tree ? They know that they do, and that's enough for them... just like the average smart-phone user doesn't need to be able to write their own OS system just to be able to use it.
  13. If you don't know how a smart phone works, buy one and you'll learn. Just like animals don't know what to do in (bio)nature but start learning by watching their parents and by trying out ... and occasionally just straght-up failing to learn their required skill(s) and die. (and no, we're not genetically engineered to deal with smartphones, lukcily for us, capitalists have engineered smartphones to be dealt with by us.)