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  1. The future of humans

    But we're talking about couple different models: 1) robots produce everything, and result of their work is given for free, owners of robots don't get richer, (jump to 3c' or 3c'') 2) robots produce everything, and result of their work is sold, owners of robots get richer, unemployed are becoming poorer 3) robots produce everything, and result of their work is sold, tax on robot exists (buyers of goods pay it actually), government takes the money and: 3a) waste it, as usual 3b) spend it more wisely, unusual and probably not possible to sustain in long term (often changing politicians, unexpected events like crisis, disasters). 3c) give it away as basic income, and: 3c') people without having to work, will degenerate 3c'') people without having to work, will spend their entire life wisely, learning and becoming more and more smart and intelligent, will be discovering world and Universe If there will be 3c, politician who will promise the largest basic income will win election, in society which is full of fools (and cause inflation). ..I could go on, and on, and on, each of these paths further extending what can happen as a result..
  2. Venezuela

    Perhaps example of what can happen if inappropriate, not intelligent enough, politicians are at charge.. ? When price of oil were high, they didn't invest enough, in the right sectors.. and when price of oil dropped, it caused problems, social unrest.. Rather unintended victim of putin's attack on Ukraine.. which resulted in sanctions, and rapid drop of oil price, which caused too-much-oil-dependent countries to have problems..
  3. Regardless what is put there, teacher should fail student, because of hardcoding..
  4. LOL... 1<<30 is > 1 bln entries.. 2D array of ints with 1 bln entries per row, per column, won't allocate on any currently existing computer..
  5. Attached code should fail because it's hardcoding limits in this line: int[][] diff = new int[25][25]; Nobody in your assignment said there will be just 25^2=625 cells..
  6. How about starting from making rectangle class taking all data as params in constructor, and putting these rectangles to (custom made class) kd-tree (or quadtree), but just 2D, not 3D, and checking whether they intersected, which will be easier/faster in kd-tree (quadtree), rather than regular list.
  7. U.S. Immigration

    Actually from Slovenia, not Russia..
  8. Space poles

    Did you hear about Gold foil experiment? It's one century old.. Even thin layer of Gold foil reflects majority of alpha particles from radioactive isotope.
  9. U.S. Immigration

    The money is problem. Because large army, and large mass destruction business (aka "defense industry"), demands new orders every year (usually bigger and more lucrative than previous year!) so they can continue working (and growing year-by-year showing higher income).. Unused airplanes are landing on desert graveyards.. You paid for it, from your own pocket, and nobody went to jail for stealing that money from you.. LOL! At the same time, people were thrown out from their homes, and made homeless, because they could not pay bill...
  10. See your monitor screen. It's made of pixels. Full HD = 1920 x 1080 pixels = ~ 2 mln pixels. You can draw circle, triangle. They look fine from distance. After zooming in, reveal they're made of pixels. After zooming in the Universe, it reveals that it's made of atoms. Why there is no perfect crystals? See how they were created.. Because they're contaminated.. f.e. Diamond is made of Carbon. But Carbon has two stable isotopes C-12 and C-13. C-13 is 13/12 = ~8% heavier than C-12. And there is also trace of C-14, made by cosmic rays, collected by plants, eaten by animals. It decays to N-14. Imagine you put them together.. and after a while, after making artificial Diamond, some C-14 will decay, and you have no more pure Carbon in your crystal... there is contamination, Nitrogen atom..
  11. The future of humans

    I see what you meant. Some governments might be pissed off not getting money from taxes, when everything is given for free, exchanged by citizens for free.. Taxation on robots is example of such interference.
  12. Trump's height/medical exam

    I am not feeling good with all this narration that he lied. Simply, if you'll be measured when you're lying on the bed, you will get different result, than standing straight.. ..or measure at the morning and at the night.. ..or like I showed in my initial post article, astronaut "grew" up +9 cm in cosmic space..
  13. Trump's height/medical exam

    Whether he has 188 cm or 190.5 cm does not matter. What matters is what he has between ears..
  14. U.S. Immigration

    Ten oz, I was talking more generally about what is considered truth (the all sides claim to have monopoly for truth *) ), not specifically about DACA. I fully agree, that young-children-immigrant should remain in the country, in which he/she lived entire life, instead of being thrown abroad. Especially if they are fully naturalized, integrated, useful member of community, etc. etc. *) but scientists at least are using scientific methods, to gather, process and analyze data..
  15. Trump's height/medical exam

    Send him to outer space.. He will grow up.. "Japanese astronaut grows in space and now says he's worried he won't properly fit in the capsule bringing him back". "Lieutenant Norishige Kanai said that he has stretched out during his time on the International Space Station (ISS). The extra 9cm he has gained since he arrived on December has left him worried he won't squeeze into the small space of the Soyuz capsule, which is set to carry him back down to Earth."
  16. U.S. Immigration

    But the same claim your opponents, claiming that their version of right, is truly right, while your version of right, is actually wrong.. (e.g. "fake news")
  17. U.S. Immigration

    Entire world is world of immigrants.. The only question is "how many generations ago?"... ps. I was not talking only about humans..
  18. economy over science??????

    Somebody who is programmer can (should?) apply for a job in IT company e.g. making games (they are the easiest to find around).. But after applying, the all diploma does not matter, you have to pass through internal tests given by IT company, to actually check how good programmer is.. I know people with diploma, and can't pass through these internal tests.. Not to mention somebody can do programming projects through Internet..
  19. The future of humans

    Robots taking human jobs, is meaningless problem. Simply there will be no money. Everything will be for free. Without money there will be no robbery, no thieves, no other crimes with unauthorized taking somebody money and/or property. So there will be no prisons either. There will be no inequality. At least not due to being rich or poor. But still there can be inequality due to access to knowledge, and personal willingness to learn (and mental retardation making learning impossible). Imagine, somebody is learning programming, robotics, etc. and building his/her own robot. And telling him "build this for me", "do this for me".. And robot is doing it.. Repeat as many times as there is people around the world. It's impossible to sell anything to anybody, because they can tell their own robot(s) to do the same, without having to buy it from somebody else.. You can have it now. Just buy 3D printer (or better, build you own). But you will have to model thing that will be printed. You can print parts of robots in 3D printer and join with Arduino, and control it from laptop. Do you want to have house? No need to take 30y loan, no need to hire team of workers. Just build robot building house like this one: Money, job, career, motivates people to get out of house every day (and not being evicted and become homeless), and do something with their life. Sometimes that thing they do is also useful for entire community. Sometimes it's exactly reverse (like somebody eviction from house). Without money, there are needed smarter motivating mechanism for people to do something instead of watching TV on their lounge the all day long. or simply they have to be 'aware'.
  20. The future of humans

    The future of humans... not bright...
  21. It flushes DNS.
  22. Is space itself conductive?

    Through vacuum e.g. free electrons can flow. They can be emitted by e.g. electron gun. ps. Very unpleasant reply from you, directed at people who are trying to help you.. When accelerated particle changes direction, it can emit photon and slow down. It's called Bremsstrahlung Eventually cyclotron radiation
  23. Did you check DNS? Try Google DNS for a start.
  24. The illusion of justice

    I can agree with this statement to some degree. In ancient times there was rule "there is no crime without a victim". Now there is plentiful of such silly laws. Starting from possession of insignificant amount of drugs for personal use (or voluntary prostitution). I don't recommend (or promote!) narcotics. I can understand that person after taking some of them may lose perception of this world (by law they are put in the same group, regardless of how they change perception), and under influence do some the real crimes. But narcotics addicted person requires healing instead of going to jail.. After prison, with criminal record, won't be able to get normal job, unable to pay for rent, will lose house/apartment, etc. etc. and it'll turn him/her to full-time narcotic dealer and abuser, at accelerated rate.
  25. You should start from reading Wikipedia article about Thermal conductivity: