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  1. That's right. As per exercise, could you give me all possible combinations that 2 parents could have, if you'd want a child with blood type O (ii)? EDIT: OP felt the need to solve exercise in PM; answer is given: ii (O) + ii (O) Ai (A) + ii (O) Bi (B) + ii (O) Ai (A) + Bi (B) Ai (A) + Ai (A) Bi (B) + Bi (B)
  2. No, A and B are AA or Ai, and BB or Bi, respectively, "i" representing an allele lacking of genes coding for antigenes A or B, thus resulting in O (people with blood type O have red blood cells that do not express antigenes A or B; it is important to know that O antigenes do not exist, it simply represents the lack of antigenes A or B). So you must consider the possibility of the parent with blood type A being of genotype Ai, or AA. Ai + AB = AA (= A), AB (= AB), Ai (= A), or Bi (= B) AA + AB = AA (= A), or AB (= AB) Do you get this?
  3. Why do you think that the person with blood type A has genotype AA? Hint: O (genotypically commonly denoted as "i") is inherited recessively, A and B are inherited dominantly. See it as follows: the "O-gene" does not allow the person to produce any antigenes on the cell surface of the red blood cell. But, if that person has any other gene (A or B), they will create the respective antigenes and will thus be considered to be of that blood type. Do you get this? The person may have both O and A antigenes, but will be considered of blood type A since he makes A antigenes on the red blood cell surface. Sidenote considering antibodies: in development of the immune system, all potential anti-A antibodies will be eliminated (so that his immune system won't attack his own blood cells), and only anti-B antibodies remain in the blood plasma. (Analogous: a person with blood type AB has both antigenes A and B and in the development of the immune system, antibodies anti-A and anti-B will be eliminated very early in the development of immune cells, leaving no antibodies in the blood plasma, making persons with blood type AB the ideal blood plasma donors, but the less appropriate blood pack (cells) donors)
  4. If you consider that the rhesus factor is dominantly inherited, consider the possibility of one parent having genotype Rh +/-, thus he will produce the rhesus factor, and will thus be considered "Rh+", but it is very well possible that he has another allele that "is" Rh-. If he pairs with a person with Rh- (who can only have genotype Rh -/-, else this person would have Rh +/- or Rh +/+ and would undeniably produce the rhesus factor, thus "be" Rh+, which is not the case), the following combinations are possible: Rh+ / Rh- = Rh +/- = Rh+ Rh- / Rh- = Rh -/- = Rh- So you're not going to base your answer on rhesus factor. Do you know something on the inheritance of blood cell antigenes (A, B) and plasma antibodies (anti-A, anti-B) and what role O plays in there? Neglecting the rhesus factor, someone with blood type A can have 2 different genotypes. Do you know which?
  5. First day of SSRI. I'm curious.

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      Sure I can, its an informed promise too. I know that Functionella is too smart to be not all good :)

    3. Asthfx


      Patience, I've been taking them for seven months now and took it also a year and a half ago. Finding the right med might be the harsh part but the improvement is beyond amazing ;)

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      Thanks to both of you; I'll keep you updated.

  6. Consider improved diagnostication bias, decrease of taboo, ...
  7. The pure depressions not always have environmental/causative reasons to happen I'm seeing my GP tomorrow to get myself fixed. Some familiar connection: my great-grandmother, my grandmother, my grandfather, my mother, my aunt, my brother, and now I have to deal with it. Only thing that prevents me to end it myself is that I don't have the guts to. And perhaps because I cannot think of an elegant way to do so. And since I won't end it, my GP better gives me some SSRIs, which tend to work in all affected family members. I know this is not so relevant to you, so sorry for that. I'm terribly sorry for your loss, and for him I am terribly sorry to imagine what pain he must have gone through.
  8. Hello Does anyone know why pdf files look a thousand times better in Foxit Reader than in Adobe Acrobat Reader (or DC)? Nothing looks smooth in Adobe, whereas everything is a piece of art in Foxit Reader. Is there a possibility to make my pdfs in Adobe look like they would look in Foxit? Because I have Adobe Acrobat DC, and I use this a lot to modify pdfs, but it's just a shame they don't look as good as in Foxit Reader. Thanks Functionella
  9. Won't the registry be incompatible?
  10. Hello everyone In 2 weeks, I'm going to buy a new laptop. I have my eyes on two of them. One (A) costs about € 1,300, the other one (B) about € 1,500. A: 7th generation Intel Core i5, 12 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD, 15.6" touch UHD 3840x2160 px, Intel HD Graphics 620 (shared, 2 GB), supports Windows Ink B: 7th generation Intel Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD, 15.6" touch FHD 1920x1080 px, NVIDIA GeForce 940MX (dedicated, 4 GB), supports Windows Ink, comes with active stylus Since I'm quite in need of some storage, I was quickly convinced to go with the pricier one with 512 GB SSD. However, the UHD property of the cheaper one left me in doubt. In a 15.6" display, will I even slightly notice a difference between FHD and UHD? Some websites led me to the answer "no", but I'd like to hear some arguments from you. Thanks. Function
  11. Which is his very right. No we don't. Well, good on you. May I ask about the conclusions you draw from the discussions hereabove?
  12. It seems like we're the coin you're flipping, although you already hope for a certain outcome. It namely seems like you want us to call it sexual harrassment, and keep coming with arguments to do so. And it's your very right to do so. I have this male friend, and to this male friend, I send the craziest stuff which could get us in psychiatric wards if it leaked. Getting a boyfriend won't change the status from the stuff I send and receive to/from this friend from 'normal' (lol) to sexual harrassment. But if I were to send it to random other friends, things could get really awkward.
  13. Hooray.
  14. I can't find signature between the options in account settings?