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A big thanks to all who make ScienceForums.net what is is.

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Hello all,


It has been over a month since I've joined Science Forums, but never have I realized how awesome this Forum is.


Up in New England, because it has been snowing, I have been stuck in my house. Because of that, I have gotten back into my hobbies, remote controlled cars, programming, and a new hobby, called Arduino(that I would have never even known about if it weren't for this forum)


So, to tune up my RC's, I head over to my RC universe forum, that I hadn't been on for over a year. I had never noticed it, but it had over 500 Forums!!! Way to big, I had to use the center mouse wheel to scroll to the way bottom. And with that amount of forums, you will never know if your post would of been read. On top of that, when I got on, there was 256 active users, and 54 anonymous users!!! So if you did post anything, your post would be kicked to the bottom. So that is one reason why I love Science Forums, it is just the right size, and has just enough regular users... And the forum is not small, but its not crazy.


Then two days ago, I signed up for the Arduino forum. This was a small forum, but it was very technical and impersonal. There were also a lot of strict rules. I wanted to put up my rover/quadcopter project that I am doing, but I was intimidated, and didn't. That is another reason why I love this forum. It is a very friendly forum, but they accept you are human.


So to sum it up, this is the best forum I have ever been on. Just to point out some people that deserve to be pointed out who have helped me: EdEarl, studiot, pears, hypervalent_iodine, ajb, and others. I enjoy the patience they have given me, and answering my questions, even if some could of sounded stupid to a college grad, or a very smart person.


And a great round of applause for Cap'n Refsmmat and the administrators for making the best forum I have ever been on, and will continue using for years to come.



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SF is an excellent generalist forum, that seems to me to specialise in discussion.


For practical help, there is a University of Toronto teaching forum, that shares an administrator (Dave).


You will find they are just as friendly there.




Do bring anything you learn there back here.



go well

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Thank you for the shout out, Lightmeow, it's kind if you to say. I'm glad you're enjoying yourself here and I look forward to reading more of your posts!


I too enjoy the community atmosphere here and I like that there is an emphasis on skilful debate in the forums; I think it's taught me a lot in the few years I've been here. I personally don't frequent many other forums except sometimes when I'm doing detective work, though of the ones I do visit, this is by far my favourite one to read and participate in.

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It's always good to hear some sweet in the Suggestions, Comments and Support section. Thanks to all for spending your time here, collaborating and discussing and helping to build this learning community.


Thanks Cap'n, Sayonara and dave for the extra energy that keeps us in perpetual motion and half a step ahead of the IAEA.


Thanks, hypervalent_iodine, for even considering my suggestion to pose for the SFN calendar in your lab coat.


And thanks, Lightmeow, your support and contributions.

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