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  1. There can be many reasons, like heavy programming software, games or so. I need a powerful pc for animation and game development. I also need some power when I need to host a web server on my local machine or so. Other then gaming, many companies provide powerful machines to developers to reduce the compile time of code so more time is spent on coding then waiting for code compilation.
  2. yeah this way is most easy 9^2500=81^1250=6561^625 (6561^5)^125= Best Of Luck Dude :')
  3. As far as we know, nothing is too small to be affected by gravity. In our current models, even the smallest particles have a gravitational affect on each other. However, as far as I know, this this has never been checked experimentally. Maybe there is some small gravitational perturbation that can be seen in the collisions of particle accelerators? Someone with more expertise than I could maybe comment on that. So the current understanding of gravity is given by models that are amazingly accurate in the regimes were we have experimentally checked them. And according to those models, there is nothing too small to be not affected by gravity.
  4. Source - How to Get Your Own Element Collection This is the best i found This isn't really a way to collect elements, but if you're interested in elements, here are some of the very best books. Some are stories that may not have a whole lot to do with elements, others have factual information about each element. Uncle Tungsten, by Oliver Sacks (Literary) Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide to the Elements, by John Emsley (Factual) The Elements, by John Emsley (Factual) The Periodic Table, by Primo Levi (Literary) Discovery of the Elements, by Jim Marshall. (Factual) Rediscovery of the Elements, by Jim Marshall. (Factual) Living With Radiation: The First Hundred Years, by William Kolb and Paul Frame (factual)
  5. well, you cannot fit something so easily into others brains without any solid proof that this particle is moving faster then light which is quite impossible since if you try to measure something faster then light then how will you see it? no matter how much you try you cannot observe it since you need light to observe something. for example, if you send a particle you know faster then light about a light year away and maybe it do reach the distance before light but.... you will only be able to observe it only when the light from it comes back which will obviously take 1 year and if you add the processing time in it then it will obviously give result which shows that it was slower then light or equal to speed of light. well, this is my theory to agree or not is all upto you. Hope I made sense.
  6. Its upto personal prospective as what you find attractive in women i saw a documentary about a year ago on discovery channel and they said that women with big bottom are preferred by our subconscious mind as they make healthier babies so maybe this can be one of the reasons
  7. Light have both particle and wave nature and that's what I learned in 9th grade. There was a huge debate in the time of Newton and there were different scientist suggesting different things and they finally concluded that light have both particle and wave nature
  8. I will love to help you develop it and i volunteer for alpha and beta testing and i am already making a 3d game which can be vr compatible so lets see how long can this go best of luck!!!
  9. well numbers does not start from 0... they have no beginning and we call it NEGATIVE INFINITY and they does not have any end and we call it POSITIVE INFINITY if u give me a huge negative number then i will subtract 1 from it and will give u an even smaller number same goes for larger the disk thing is something we made to visualize the positive number line but it have its limitations as clearly stated in your question
  10. well not exactly... still as per my knowledge animated videos helps pretty well in remembering things also some knowledge of image building can help you remember things instantly and it will last pretty long there is no method which can make a 4 year old learn quantum mechanics instantly it is possible only after enough knowledge and practice still i can be wrong... hope I helped
  11. Humans use carbon dioxide in many different ways. The most familiar example is its use in soft drinks and beer, to make them fizzy. Carbon dioxide released by baking powder or yeast makes cake batter rise. Some fire extinguishers use carbon dioxide because it is denser than air. Carbon dioxide can blanket a fire, because of its heaviness. It prevents oxygen from getting to the fire and as a result, the burning material is deprived of the oxygen it needs to continue burning. Carbon dioxide is also used in a technology called supercritical fluid extraction that is used to decaffeinate coffee. The solid form of carbon dioxide, commonly known as Dry Ice, is used in theatres to create stage fogs and make things like "magic potions" bubble. Carbon dioxide is one of the most abundant gasses in the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide plays an important part in vital plant and animal process, such as photosynthesis and respiration. These processes will be briefly explained here. Green plants convert carbon dioxide and water into food compounds, such as glucose, and oxygen. This process is called photosynthesis. The reaction of photosynthesis is as follows: 6 CO2 + 6 H2O --> C6H12O6 + 6 O2 Plants and animals, in turn, convert the food compounds by combining it with oxygen to release energy for growth and other life activities. This is the respiration process, the reverse of photosynthesis. The respiration reaction is as follows: C6H12O6 + 6 O2 --> 6 CO2 + 6 H2O Photosynthesis and respiration play an important role in the carbon cycle and are at equilibrium with one another. Photosynthesis dominates during the warmer part of the year and respiration dominates during the colder part of the year. However, both processes occur the entire year. Overall, then, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere decreases during the growing season and increases during the rest of the year. Because the seasons in the northern and southern hemispheres are opposite, carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing in the north while decreasing in the south, and vice versa. The cycle is more clearly present in the northern hemisphere; because it has relatively more land mass and terrestrial vegetation. Oceans dominate the southern hemisphere. Influence of carbon dioxide on alkalinity Carbon dioxide can change the pH of water. This is how it works: Carbon dioxide dissolves slightly in water to form a weak acid called carbonic acid, H2CO3, according to the following reaction: CO2 + H2O --> H2CO3 After that, carbonic acid reacts slightly and reversibly in water to form a hydronium cation, H3O+, and the bicarbonate ion, HCO3-, according to the following reaction: H2CO3 + H2O --> HCO3- + H3O+ This chemical behaviour explains why water, which normally has a neutral pH of 7 has an acidic pH of approximately 5.5 when it has been exposed to air.
  12. Knock Knock Whose this Man Who man? Human!! . . . . well that was lame :')
  13. Exactly what i had in my mind from the start. Sometimes we have to change or modify the current set of laws in order to get the new discovered things to fit in without making the current knowledge or sometimes we have to make a completely new theory to define the new discovered behavior.
  14. Something similar.. Like if we find out that the particle which we think are base of everything are no where close to being base but there are many other particles forming them and no current laws can explain their behavior....well, i m just asking questions... Maybe there are some particle out there but we are not able to discover them since we are not even trying to discover them .. we are searching for things which fits in out prospective and if we come across such particles them we reject them as a fault in the equipment Just a theory though :')
  15. You know everything can be explained by science... probably About the psi-wheel well its already proven that its because of the heat flow most of the time since if the air around the wheel heats up then the surrounding cold air rushes in and thus spins the wheel and it seems like a magic Once the trick is revealed there is no fun in watching the magic anymore :')
  16. can there be some particles which does not obey any of the current set of laws we have and we will have to re-think everything after that?
  17. The are laws of gravity and physics and some others and we are not able to break them by now because we think that they are absolute so we design things accordingly which can never break those laws, So to break the laws we have to make new stuff which don't follow them from the start and yeah there may be many consequences to that
  18. Well, i think that there cannot be a set of some laws which determine the behavoiur of every particle in the universe. We come across many videos which shows objects which does not follows the laws which we think are final. I may be wrong but still i will like to hear your views on this so I posted it in Speculations.
  19. Was big bang a white hole? Maybe the first things which got into our universe were sent to us from another parallel universe by a black hole. P.S- This is my theory, you don't necessarily need to agree to it :')
  20. well.....sorry but i don't believe in telekinesis and i believe it can be easily explained with science
  21. Telekinesis is just pure science and illusion just like magic...atleast that's what i think https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BIWhNh5V6Q Well, watch this video it explains everything properly
  22. can you please explain .-. sorry to be really dumb ._. writer and wrlter....
  23. well...according to me the universe was created by a white hole (opposite to black hole) which transferred the materials from another universe to this another parallel dimension universe and so it was created by a cosmic phenomena and not god,....
  24. I want to change my behaviour from a 10 year old kiddish child to an mature 14 year science student and start giving logical answers?
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