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  1. Provide the book's name, and author if possible; and maybe date of release or ISBN -as you like- or any further information that may help. The book doesn't have to be scientific , it could be any other type of books. and oh! if you could post a photo of the book's cover here that would certainly help (I am new here , is that option available ?!) I promise to do my best to find requested books (you're welcome) See you soon .
  2. We know that moon is perfect in the 14th day of the month before that 13 days and after it 13 days be it 27 + the day in the month when the moon disappears so 28 days meaning the moon month is 28 days 28×12 = 336 : far away from the year we know So let's multiply it per 13! 28×13=364 days in the year which is admittable! Let's suppose months are based on the moon and year on the sun Hypothesis: Sun year = 364 days =13 months =52 weeks (exacly) Season = 91 days = 3 months and one week(exacly) Month=4 weeks (exacly) This is the true and simple and clear calculation of the year and we need to clean our messiness as humans life can't go on if we base it on wrongness. Goodbye
  3. I meant chromosomes in general, Genetics is commonly attributed to reproduction but I mean the word genetics as it originally means or absolute meaning : from "gens" DNA sequences of a chromosome that being said - do you have any information?
  4. Does any thing in this life affect the genetical structure permanently? I heard that genetics evolve slowly but could there be a sudden genetic mutation in the human body , if yes is it or not impossible to correct ? Feel free to share any information that might -even if slightly-help Thanks , regards.
  5. If: And "the" is 746 And "who" is 340 And "Is" is 12 And "wrIter" is 35175 Who is the writer? Hint:my username If: "the" is 746 And "who" is 340 And "Is" is 12 And "wrIter" is 35175 "Who is the writer"?
  6. AHHHHh😲 I ddidn't ssay dthat😠! ?
  7. I am going to or will forget him
  8. In this current form of number addressing it is Impossible To Hit An End. So I was inspired to come up with the correct methodology to travel from 0 to infinity in a logical serial numbering: Zero : a centre in a circle One : a rayon in a circle Two: a diameter in a circle (|) Three : a trinity in a circle (Y) Four : a plus in a circle (+) Five : a star in the circle (*) ............ Finity: a disc : ● Now I challenge you to calculate the last or biggest number possible (finity). Hint: theists worship the number "1665" And say he is (bigger)!
  9. If numbers have a beginning witch is one they necessarily have an ending If they don't ..... Is the problem in the way we address or write numbers ? Let say numbers are a circle 1 is a rayon in a circle 2 is a diameter 3 is 3 rayon dividing the circle in equal surfaces 4 is 4 rayon ..... etc In the end we are going to draw a disk But when? When are the surfaces between rayons are going to be equal to 0? One day for sure Conclusion : Infinity doesn't exist and numbers begin with 0 which is a centre in the circle And the infinity? well its calculable but how much exacly? Is it Allah (1665) that the Muslims..etc worship? And what is the obvious way to get it ?
  10. When I was 10 I watched a documentary about Albert Einstein's theory of relativity It was genius of course but way too complicated then to be in the clear light It was actually the most challenging Idea for me to swallow And it provoked my brain a hard time. After 5 years I worked out my own clear theory about Time at least to me! which is that : "time is an evolution factor" And my demonstration is simple: the tree grows as time pass by. Am sorry if I missexpressed every thing I didn't learn English academically unfortunately so please make your best to drive your self through. Have a good day
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