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  1. There are dozens of essay checkers, that I have used, and not all of them are really.....effective. Are there are good, free essay checkers?
  2. im taking a psychology class, and i need to make a presentation of a scientific article, by an academic journal. My topic has to have a way to involve psychology. Any ideas?
  3. Ok, what's a better way to appeal to everyone, or atleast most.
  4. Day to day, I watch TV and surf the internet, and I see Americans, embarrassing themselves. Commenting that if the president their voting for, doesn't win, they'll leave the country. They're acting like children, acting butt-hurt. They're making protests, sure it's their right, but it doesn't feel right, the way their doing so. When someone runs for president, they are suppose to run for the benefit for the country, not to run for the job itself, because of greed. The Runners go out of their way, to find dirt on each other, they forgot the fundamentals. This country is splitting. Why, for two centuries, no matter how many new views people develop, we are stuck in tradition. "Tradition?" We are stuck between two parties, where only one person, ONE PERSON, gets elected and you can't do anything about it, until they do something stupid, and even then, when was the last time we kick'ed someone out of the White House for their actions? Perhaps there may be a better solution to run a successful country, with over 300 million people? Don't ask me the question, I'm just lost. We're suppose to be the country, that inspires foreigners to do chase their dreams, to prove anything is possible. Speaking of which, what happened to the American dream? Is that still a thing? Sorry if I sound foolish, and you're not wrong to call me so.
  5. Well, if people are going to cry about politicians acting like fools, we could atleast check if they are right in the head. For example, what if a politician gets in an accident, and receive a head injury.
  6. Should all politicians and presadintal runners (before you ask, no, this isn't aimed at Trump) take some form of a psychology* test, to even be considered for taking a job in the government. We have doctors who work in advance fields of health and science, and some of them have to take a test, right? Why not the people who run the country?
  7. like a court of 5-ish people. Knowing that there are many people with different political views, may pose a problem, having to make a decision quickly (such as means of war).
  8. Have you heard of the electoral college? It's not exactly like everyone's vote counts for about half the states. Nor is making the Dem/Repu colonies is fair. My idea is to just get people to atleast listen to the runners ideas.
  9. Well, the ID, should still be known by the government, and they still have to speak for them selves.
  10. Im sorry if this could be a pathetic idea, and please correct me if there's a problem. If we hide the identities of presidential runners, would people double think on who their voting for. People wouldn't think of race or gender, so their forced to listen to the presidential runners words, skills, abilitys, etc. Viewed Equality. Also this way, the runners can't play their gender and or race, as a playing card.
  11. i've done a hand full of things to remove my blackheads, like constant washing, popping, and using soup. what do i have to look for in products, to clean my blackheads
  12. I'm asking this because I noticed that I have a slab of fat, right over where my belt rests. So could my belt block fat from traveling to my legs (the rest of my stomach is flat), or some other case. If this is the case, how could I fix this slab of fat? Try to burn it off or let it sit to see if it'll naturally spread out
  13. Yes I have tried doing research on this already. I usually come here as a last resort. What I really wanted to know, is how to use them, since they don't fit into my computer. Than I just found a video of a guy, puttin them into a old digital camra
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