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Arizona's New ID (Immigration) Law


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Really, I thought it should be spelled as "hispanic", but somewhere I saw it as "hyspanic" many times, so since english is not my native language, I never really searched in a dictionary to find out if I was right or wrong, so I asumed that I was wrong and accepted the other spelling. :embarass:


I guess I better check the dictionary, once and for all, and clear my doubt about it. Its never late to remember that sometimes the most little mistakes and easy to solve, are the ones that most of the time you take for granted.


BTW, thanks sincerely, for telling me (:)).


(post edited) : Hey, MR Skeptic, nice shot my friend, you really achieved to calm me down with it. I bet that at least once in your lifetime, you must have been a sniper.

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No problema (as Arnie`s terminator character, use to say), although I may be a "hot blooded hispanic, american" (:D) sometimes, anger passes away very fast and I`m once again the usual calm guy as most of the time, my friend.


Discussing about Politics, always has many diferent opinions and therefore waters might get lots of turbulance from time to time, but after a while if everything is done with a relative respect, it will only be a "storm in a teacup".


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I appreciate your input and perspective, Rickdog, even if I disagree with it. Emotional issues are always the most difficult to discuss.


Agreed, and this goes to all sides. The immigration issue is often clouded by perception. The earlier mentioned challenges to Arizonans, for instance. The security issues (crime and car accidents were examples) are, at leas according to the statistics I could dig up not significantly higher among illegal immigrants than the average. As Ecoli (I think) mentioned elsewhere, their impact could well be population effects.

Securing the border may be prudent regardless, however I see little evidence at this moment that the major challenges here are in fact caused or even related to illegal immigrants. The budget crisis, for instance is still going to have an enormous impact. Yet for now I could only find evidence for little negative to somewhat positive impact of illegal immigration on the economy (which, was a bit surprising for me).


The local press on the other hand paints quite a different picture, though.


While I think the discussion is important, it should be based on facts and numbers.

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What ? :eek:


I live more than a FIVE THOUSAND MILES, from Arizona in a completely diferent American country, in a diferent hemysphere, where the local laws from back there don`t really affect me, but I can`t say that these laws that are being tried to establish back there doesn`t constitute a threat for me. Back here it really feels threatining my friend, and I can tell you that I don`t have the least concern of who ever runs your country politically speaking, but a law as this one, if ever is adopted by other states in the USA, it will sure feel as a menace to us all, hyspanics, on behalf of your country, a country for whom I have my best feelings for, and for whom throughout history has been a source for inspiration for all of us, my friend.


It would feel as a stabb in the back from whom, you consider to be your brother, my friend.


Get it right, IT IS, a threat to us hyspanic american people, I wish I would be a bit closer, in order be able to join in those marches.


(Now I`m getting full of anger, better get out of here, before I start showing how "hot" our hyspanic blood can boil, :mad:)





I am curious Rickdog, how does your country handle illegal immigrants?

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Ha, direct question, deserves direct response.:). Although highly Off-topic, but...., whatever ...


Well my friend, In general terms in South America, all the countries established a sort of agreement, in which the only valid document for travelling through frontiers is our ID card. Among our countries, we don`t need passport.


In each border as I said in other posts, there is check points close to the borders in both sides of the frontier, where local authorities check passengers and in the case of tourists they are warned of what elements are allowed or what elements aren`t allowed (this depends on any countries self matters, but Chile in particular, is highly restrictive). When any given citizen establishes that he is going to spend a more than usual stay in the country, he must show authorization to do so, if he stays longer, than he is considered an illegal and is candidate to be expelled from the country. Usually when he is detected, he is allowed a short residency period in which time, he must put order to his papers, otherwise he will get expelled without any longer extent period. If the person can prove he has a job in the country, the prosecution is done on his employer, whom must have made him sign a contract and follow strict rules for the hiring of foreigners, who shall be hired as the same way as any other Chilean, and are allowed to stay in the country as long as his contract lasts, also must have a deposit in order to be able to put his worker on any given time on a bus that will allow the worker travel to his former country, if the contract is ever interrupted. For any given employer it is much more expensive to hire a foreigner, than to hire another Chilean for this reasons and the only thing that can change this issue, is when the fees of the Foreigner are lower than the ones that the Chilean worker demands, that can compensate the diference between a Chilean worker or a foreign worker. This is how the law is settled, but as in any country, laws aren`t always followed and there are people who don`t follow the rules, and there are also lots of people who abuse of the rights of foreigners too, but if ever they are caught in the act, the punishment for them is severe, in some cases even imprisonment or the impossibility to hire foreigners in the future, or even closing the employers business for ever.


Chile as a country is not exempt of a certain level of corruption, but in general terms fortunately this one is not so high.


Anyhow I don`t want to give the wrong impression to anyone, Chile is not the paradise, but for Chileans, it is the closest to it.........


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Forgot one thing
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