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  1. It looks as my mother-in-law, only that she wears eye glasses.
  2. Not so simple my friend, by being so numerous in an equilibrated echological system, it means that their numbers are necessary to maintan the equilibrium in the system. Once you wipe them out, lots of changes will occur in the system. At first only those species who feed on them will suffer the consequences, but once their populations also decrease, as they are also part in this food chain other species will suffer their own lack of food, not mentioning that many species that feed on the mosquitoes or the predators who prey on their predators, might also affect the pollinization of plants and
  3. You`d also get lots of participation by small inmature kids who would be constantly playing with the tool and report false data to the system. lots of them from diferent computers and with diferent user names. As an example, my 11 year old child has more than 40 user names in facebook, which he uses randomly and his schoolmates the same, where they usually play among each other trying to fool themselves of who is actually comunicating with them. Imagine all those users reporting a highly contagious fatal disease. It would outbrake total chaos.....
  4. Hi there once again, my friends Well, I guess that after I receive the cash I`d burry it, under the sole tree in my backyard right by the other $ 100,000,000,000, I received last time, and carry on with my own regular life as always
  5. ¡¡¡¡¡ VIVA CHILE !!!!! Chile 1 - 0 Switzerland For the first time in Football history, since 1930, Chile remains unbeaten by second match day in a World cup, together being at the top of the group alone in its group, with 2 victories. I can`t say that I didn`t suffer through out the whole game ( I must have had 5 heart attacks through the game), since the Swiss played a very tight and great game too. As for South American countries, no looses have been achieved. :cool:
  6. To end the day, England 0 -0 Algeria This game here, imho has to be called the most boring game in the history of Football World cups. None of the teams did anything that can resemble an attack, even for the director in charge of choosing the highlight scenes of the game had a big struggle of what to show to the billions of TV watchers from all around the world about this game, cause there wasn`t any scene in the whole game with at least a little danger for the goal keepers. It would have been better for the english team to put their goal keeper from the last game as a forward this tim
  7. As it seems, by the hand of South American teams, goals in this World Cup are back. Uruguay 3 - 0 South Africa (yesterday noon) Argentina 4 - 1 South Korea (today, recently finished) My congratulations to both. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedWOW !!! Todays results : Germany 0 - 1 Serbia Eslovenia 2 - 2 USA USA started loosing in the first half by 0-2, and at the second half they made 2 goals and with 2 minutes to finish the game the referee decided the the score was already fair, so he decided to "smug" a completely valid goal that the U
  8. That result wasn`t unsuspected, it was a probable score. The other result is probably the biggest upset in this whole WC, I don`t even think that even among the Swiss, considered it possible before. At most, a draw.
  9. CHILE 1 - 0 Honduras Spain 0 - 1 Switzerland Who`d imagine it before the games were played ?
  10. Ha, ha, ha, . No, don`t get me wrong my friend, I think that his participation in that particular game wasn`t afortunate at all, and I also said that Australia got the worst part of it, but I tried to stand a point in reference to Mexican referee`s. You see, they have been in many matches involving Chilean teams before and most of the times, we (Chileans), get the worst part from them too, so I try to understand this coincidence, and being objective, I get the conclussion that we aren`t precisely the models for fair play, and worse yet, we should be granted the Oscar`s Academy award wi
  11. Mexican referee`s are famous for acting very strictly, according to the rules of the game, on their calls, so they are the type of referee`s most liked by FIFA, and Marco A. Rodriguez, wasn`t an exception. He was very strict against the players of both teams, but unfortunately Australia got the worst part of it, being decisive in some of his calls during that game, but at the end, Germany would have won anyhow, they were far more superior. Mexican referee`s, usually don`t take no "crap" from no one, even some of the most famous players aren`t inmune to their calls. Maradona, Henry, Zidane and
  12. No they aren`t. The virus, when the police comes changes its appearance to a catholic priest or a rabbi (mutation), making it, unrecognized by them, allowing the virus to escape this time from being imprisioned so he can go elsewhere to do his stuff.
  13. As it seems the NY Post, has very bad memory, since in the 1950 World Cup held at Brazil, the USA with an amateur team managed to defeat the English professional team by 1-0. By then the English team was considered unbeatable and with this defeat, they said an early bye-bye to that years World Cup, the first for the country that created this wonderfull game.
  14. Ha, direct question, deserves direct response.. Although highly Off-topic, but...., whatever ... Well my friend, In general terms in South America, all the countries established a sort of agreement, in which the only valid document for travelling through frontiers is our ID card. Among our countries, we don`t need passport. In each border as I said in other posts, there is check points close to the borders in both sides of the frontier, where local authorities check passengers and in the case of tourists they are warned of what elements are allowed or what elements aren`t allowed (this
  15. About the OP, I don`t really know, but if you somehow dominate the language of the film, it will only distract you since you`ll notice most of the time that the translations are not always correct, specially with the offensive words (), which most of the time will not make any sense and you will not understand what the characters are talking about and more on, by looking at the small little letters you loose some important scenes that afterwords when you watch the movie once again, you don`t understand what happened, it is annoying. I particularly, hate subtitles for this reason.
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