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  1. It looks as my mother-in-law, only that she wears eye glasses.
  2. Not so simple my friend, by being so numerous in an equilibrated echological system, it means that their numbers are necessary to maintan the equilibrium in the system. Once you wipe them out, lots of changes will occur in the system. At first only those species who feed on them will suffer the consequences, but once their populations also decrease, as they are also part in this food chain other species will suffer their own lack of food, not mentioning that many species that feed on the mosquitoes or the predators who prey on their predators, might also affect the pollinization of plants and the development of species that are part of the menu of human beings too, which of course will bring starvation and due to this problem, a diminishing in the peoples inmune system, which can make them more susceptible of acquiring other diseases even more fatal than the ones that these little bastards can transmitt. Among them other diseaeses, which don`t depend on other potential vectors, but the same human beings. Its a very long chain of events where these small individuals can affect in one way or another. If a weapon like this becomes available, wiser would be to use it moderately and study the effects on each application on the system, before applying it massively, so if in the most smallest sign of harm to the echological system, you can be able to revert its efffect, by stop using it. I`m sorry to say, but we have to learn how to live with these little bastards.
  3. You`d also get lots of participation by small inmature kids who would be constantly playing with the tool and report false data to the system. lots of them from diferent computers and with diferent user names. As an example, my 11 year old child has more than 40 user names in facebook, which he uses randomly and his schoolmates the same, where they usually play among each other trying to fool themselves of who is actually comunicating with them. Imagine all those users reporting a highly contagious fatal disease. It would outbrake total chaos.....
  4. Hi there once again, my friends Well, I guess that after I receive the cash I`d burry it, under the sole tree in my backyard right by the other $ 100,000,000,000, I received last time, and carry on with my own regular life as always
  5. ¡¡¡¡¡ VIVA CHILE !!!!! Chile 1 - 0 Switzerland For the first time in Football history, since 1930, Chile remains unbeaten by second match day in a World cup, together being at the top of the group alone in its group, with 2 victories. I can`t say that I didn`t suffer through out the whole game ( I must have had 5 heart attacks through the game), since the Swiss played a very tight and great game too. As for South American countries, no looses have been achieved. :cool:
  6. To end the day, England 0 -0 Algeria This game here, imho has to be called the most boring game in the history of Football World cups. None of the teams did anything that can resemble an attack, even for the director in charge of choosing the highlight scenes of the game had a big struggle of what to show to the billions of TV watchers from all around the world about this game, cause there wasn`t any scene in the whole game with at least a little danger for the goal keepers. It would have been better for the english team to put their goal keeper from the last game as a forward this time, maybe at least we would have seen this guy trying to make it up in return for his little past "error". These English seem to have forgot how to play the game they invented. (I`m missing the sleeping smiley here, at least these two have their eyes closed)
  7. As it seems, by the hand of South American teams, goals in this World Cup are back. Uruguay 3 - 0 South Africa (yesterday noon) Argentina 4 - 1 South Korea (today, recently finished) My congratulations to both. Merged post follows: Consecutive posts mergedWOW !!! Todays results : Germany 0 - 1 Serbia Eslovenia 2 - 2 USA USA started loosing in the first half by 0-2, and at the second half they made 2 goals and with 2 minutes to finish the game the referee decided the the score was already fair, so he decided to "smug" a completely valid goal that the USA just did. You really got to ask the referee, why did he invalid that goal, because there`s no explanation to it.
  8. That result wasn`t unsuspected, it was a probable score. The other result is probably the biggest upset in this whole WC, I don`t even think that even among the Swiss, considered it possible before. At most, a draw.
  9. CHILE 1 - 0 Honduras Spain 0 - 1 Switzerland Who`d imagine it before the games were played ?
  10. Ha, ha, ha, . No, don`t get me wrong my friend, I think that his participation in that particular game wasn`t afortunate at all, and I also said that Australia got the worst part of it, but I tried to stand a point in reference to Mexican referee`s. You see, they have been in many matches involving Chilean teams before and most of the times, we (Chileans), get the worst part from them too, so I try to understand this coincidence, and being objective, I get the conclussion that we aren`t precisely the models for fair play, and worse yet, we should be granted the Oscar`s Academy award with emphasis for faking skills in football (soccer), outdating our all time masters from the other side of the Andes mountains (), fact by which doesn`t give me any pride, but also the reason by which, has been argumented that we deserve it. So I can`t stop emphatizing with those who have suffered a similar kind of abusive treatment, in any game. With this in mind, it has come to my understanding, that precisely Mexican referee`s, are some of the best referee`s in the world, who, as an institution, are very good in doing their job. One of the most dificult jobs of the world, where despite a great job done during 88 minutes of a game, are very easy forgot after one or two bad calls, against any particular team, in this World cup match, both against the Australian team. In the case of the red card, Imho, I don`t think that the referee made the call only due to that particular action, but also to other past actions in the game done by the same player, actions that weren`t punished as well.
  11. Mexican referee`s are famous for acting very strictly, according to the rules of the game, on their calls, so they are the type of referee`s most liked by FIFA, and Marco A. Rodriguez, wasn`t an exception. He was very strict against the players of both teams, but unfortunately Australia got the worst part of it, being decisive in some of his calls during that game, but at the end, Germany would have won anyhow, they were far more superior. Mexican referee`s, usually don`t take no "crap" from no one, even some of the most famous players aren`t inmune to their calls. Maradona, Henry, Zidane and Ronaldinho, have found out harshly about this fact in past world cup matches. This should be a lesson for players of all teams, when a Mexican referee is in charge of their games, you have to play strictly to the book.
  12. No they aren`t. The virus, when the police comes changes its appearance to a catholic priest or a rabbi (mutation), making it, unrecognized by them, allowing the virus to escape this time from being imprisioned so he can go elsewhere to do his stuff.
  13. As it seems the NY Post, has very bad memory, since in the 1950 World Cup held at Brazil, the USA with an amateur team managed to defeat the English professional team by 1-0. By then the English team was considered unbeatable and with this defeat, they said an early bye-bye to that years World Cup, the first for the country that created this wonderfull game.
  14. Ha, direct question, deserves direct response.. Although highly Off-topic, but...., whatever ... Well my friend, In general terms in South America, all the countries established a sort of agreement, in which the only valid document for travelling through frontiers is our ID card. Among our countries, we don`t need passport. In each border as I said in other posts, there is check points close to the borders in both sides of the frontier, where local authorities check passengers and in the case of tourists they are warned of what elements are allowed or what elements aren`t allowed (this depends on any countries self matters, but Chile in particular, is highly restrictive). When any given citizen establishes that he is going to spend a more than usual stay in the country, he must show authorization to do so, if he stays longer, than he is considered an illegal and is candidate to be expelled from the country. Usually when he is detected, he is allowed a short residency period in which time, he must put order to his papers, otherwise he will get expelled without any longer extent period. If the person can prove he has a job in the country, the prosecution is done on his employer, whom must have made him sign a contract and follow strict rules for the hiring of foreigners, who shall be hired as the same way as any other Chilean, and are allowed to stay in the country as long as his contract lasts, also must have a deposit in order to be able to put his worker on any given time on a bus that will allow the worker travel to his former country, if the contract is ever interrupted. For any given employer it is much more expensive to hire a foreigner, than to hire another Chilean for this reasons and the only thing that can change this issue, is when the fees of the Foreigner are lower than the ones that the Chilean worker demands, that can compensate the diference between a Chilean worker or a foreign worker. This is how the law is settled, but as in any country, laws aren`t always followed and there are people who don`t follow the rules, and there are also lots of people who abuse of the rights of foreigners too, but if ever they are caught in the act, the punishment for them is severe, in some cases even imprisonment or the impossibility to hire foreigners in the future, or even closing the employers business for ever. Chile as a country is not exempt of a certain level of corruption, but in general terms fortunately this one is not so high. Anyhow I don`t want to give the wrong impression to anyone, Chile is not the paradise, but for Chileans, it is the closest to it.........
  15. About the OP, I don`t really know, but if you somehow dominate the language of the film, it will only distract you since you`ll notice most of the time that the translations are not always correct, specially with the offensive words (), which most of the time will not make any sense and you will not understand what the characters are talking about and more on, by looking at the small little letters you loose some important scenes that afterwords when you watch the movie once again, you don`t understand what happened, it is annoying. I particularly, hate subtitles for this reason.
  16. No problema (as Arnie`s terminator character, use to say), although I may be a "hot blooded hispanic, american" () sometimes, anger passes away very fast and I`m once again the usual calm guy as most of the time, my friend. Discussing about Politics, always has many diferent opinions and therefore waters might get lots of turbulance from time to time, but after a while if everything is done with a relative respect, it will only be a "storm in a teacup".
  17. Really, I thought it should be spelled as "hispanic", but somewhere I saw it as "hyspanic" many times, so since english is not my native language, I never really searched in a dictionary to find out if I was right or wrong, so I asumed that I was wrong and accepted the other spelling. I guess I better check the dictionary, once and for all, and clear my doubt about it. Its never late to remember that sometimes the most little mistakes and easy to solve, are the ones that most of the time you take for granted. BTW, thanks sincerely, for telling me (). (post edited) : Hey, MR Skeptic, nice shot my friend, you really achieved to calm me down with it. I bet that at least once in your lifetime, you must have been a sniper.
  18. What ? I live more than a FIVE THOUSAND MILES, from Arizona in a completely diferent American country, in a diferent hemysphere, where the local laws from back there don`t really affect me, but I can`t say that these laws that are being tried to establish back there doesn`t constitute a threat for me. Back here it really feels threatining my friend, and I can tell you that I don`t have the least concern of who ever runs your country politically speaking, but a law as this one, if ever is adopted by other states in the USA, it will sure feel as a menace to us all, hyspanics, on behalf of your country, a country for whom I have my best feelings for, and for whom throughout history has been a source for inspiration for all of us, my friend. It would feel as a stabb in the back from whom, you consider to be your brother, my friend. Get it right, IT IS, a threat to us hyspanic american people, I wish I would be a bit closer, in order be able to join in those marches. (Now I`m getting full of anger, better get out of here, before I start showing how "hot" our hyspanic blood can boil, )
  19. In my opinion by saying open frontiers, doesn`t mean that anybody can pass the frontiers of the country wherever they want to. For this, they must pass through check points, strategically located in main roads that connect between both limiting countries, where local security agencies check the travelling passengers on both sides of the border, therefore by having an open frontier, you will have better control of who gets in or who gets out. By not having an open frontier, whoever wants to trespass the border, will avoid passing through those check points so control of travelers becomes more dificult, since you have long kilometers or miles which should be controled, and you have no security if who trespassed is a good or a bad citizen . In open frontiers, the good citizens from either country wouldn`t have any fear to pass through the check points, since its legal and easyer to get where you want to go. Only the bad citizens will avoid them, so any trespass through an unauthorized passage, will be likely, that it will be done by a criminal in full extent of this word, and if this criminal is stupid enough to try to pass through the check point, it will get caught inmediately by either one of the sides law enforcement officials, same thing goes for unauthorized elements as drugs, explosives or stollen items for example. If I`m not wrong, you`ll have better levels of Security for your normal citizens.
  20. Usually, Salmonella is an intestinal inhabitant in egg laying hens, so through its feces it contaminates the external wall during the process of ovoposition in the cloaca of the bird, which is an anatomic structure that combines within it, the rectum, oviduct and ureters of the bird. The egg shell inside of the oviduct is soft, espherical and sterile, but in the contact with air, it hardens, but the surface of the shell is semipermeable with lots of pores which allows the exchange of oxigen through it, there fore it is very important not to get eggs wet, after ovoposition since through those pores the bacteria from the outside of the shell in a liquid environment, may pass through the pores and contaminate the interior of the egg. Usually egg industry, after ovopositioning, rinses the egg shells with a mild desinfectant and gives them a fast dry process to minimize this possible contamination, so most of the time the contamination with Salmonella occurs during handling of the egg and in the process of cooking preparations, by not so higienic hands (or cookers, that is, who don`t wash their hands frecuently in the manipulation of the egg shells).
  21. There are many areas in medical research that are not exclussive of a certain career. You could finish any career or degree related to medical sciences, Biology and/or Chemistry prior to studying for a Phd or a Master in medical research, that can also help you to reach even better goals than being a MD. As stated before, only clinical practice and expertice is exclussive to a MD. In one way or another Veterinary Medicin is very closely related, so getting your DVM degree can help you, to understand maybe better than other degrees or careers what human medicin is about, it only depends on what you do about it. Our main diference is due to the diferent types of patients to whom we deal with, although as being a Veterinarian myself, I think we are better...... (, just kidding, if I would ever get ill, I wouldn`t trust in any colleague in search for treatment than a MD )
  22. Rickdog

    Lady Gaga

    I also liked their work, a great duo. It was very sad when they decided to venture on diferent roads, but fortunately those roads brought them together once more, when they made that concert in Central Park, New York. Lots of us cried of joy, with their music.
  23. Now that you have mentioned him (Dr.O`Shea), Cap`n Refsmmat my friend, is he ever going to answer the quiz you sent him. It`s not like I want to sound impatient right now, although I`m begining to feel it and wonder if he will ever do so. In these interviews, what`s the mean time for answers to be being given ?. Although Mr. Ray Comfort, really was fast at it, he almost gave the answers before you even sended them to him.
  24. Rickdog

    Lady Gaga

    At least refering to relatively modern music, got to give you that you have a "wider range" of acceptance than me, as I said before I got stuck in the past. Ufff, I`m still dizzy after that minute of anguish and pain. I think that I even had a better time of "joy" during the February`s earthquake, than in the past recent minutes. Anyhow, I`m no expert in music at all, so maybe she still has a chance for the rest of the world, and it also gives me another very good reason to never hear the radio again.
  25. Rickdog

    Lady Gaga

    In my case, till I saw this thread, I didn`t know nothing about her, so I can`t say a word about her music, and by the look of her in the pictures posted here, I don`t see nothing out of this world in her at all. I stepped in this thread only by curiosity of what it was about, so now I guess I will have to hear a couple of her songs before saying anything else about her. However, in music I got stuck way in the past (Zappa, RUSH, YES, King Crimson, Jimmi Hendrix), so really don`t think that I am going to like it at all, but you never know, got to give her a try. Maybe if she resembles Death Metal bands, that are the only modern style of music that I`ve managed to hear lately, then maybe I`ll like her. Oh my god !!! (now I`m a theist), 30 seconds with the "Love game" and 48 seconds in the monster one, well I guess that the second title describes her very well alright . Don`t ask me please to ever look at this again. Jesus, Mary and Joseph........
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