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In our lifetime..


We will see in our lifetime (multiple votes enabled):  

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  1. 1. We will see in our lifetime (multiple votes enabled):

    • Longer Average Lifespan (100+ Years)
    • Mars Colonization
    • Teleportation
    • Designer Babies
    • Fusion Power Plants
    • Einstein's Demise
    • Nuclear War

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Now why would we be able to see colonization on Mars in our lifetime? Yes, I think it will happen eventually, but within 100 years? We landed on the Moon a long time ago, and there is nothing close to colonization there. Mars is so much further away, the climate is so much more harsh, and we haven't even landed on it yet. We can barely keep our probes alive on it!


samulito: my thoughts exactly

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i dont want to seem rude but i personally think that its quite "dumb" to be thinking abut mars when we havent even colonized the moon yet.:cool:


I can't really agree with this. If you think about it, colonies on mars might have a better chance of succeding then lunar colonies. Mars has a potential water source, and atmosphere with CO2, higher gravity. People might actually be better suited for mars, despite its longer distance away.

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I don't think that colonising Mars will happen soon. The colonisation of Mars mite not ever happen. We mite invent some way to travel between start systems in a faster than light manner before such time as it is practical to try and colonise Mars. Mars is far away it has large dust storms, it doesn't have enough gravity to hold some critical gases needed for our type atmoshphere in. Plus we already have one planet and im not so sure we are going to even manage to keep this one liveable with the ammount of polution we are pumping into the air. Global warming mite be able to stop up from reaching any of our dreams and soon.


As for the talk of "uncivilised" and "civilized" can you please define to us your own definition of these words so that we can understand if it is just a bad choice of words. I think calling the countrys uncivilized because they have strong believes that seem insain to not be the best wrods. I think that any country no matter how technologically advanced can end up with strong beliefs that are screwed up and not accept any thing different.


The real problem between people is missunderstanding and the fact that people dont take the time and effort required to try and understand each other. And the emotional reactions people have. People are just like monkeys with extra brain power. Still ruled by emotions and still using instincts to get through life. Look at how quickly half the arguments on here decended into personally attacking people for views that were not really personal. Look at Bettinas views they maybe wrong they may be right they maybe both as there is shades of grey. They world is not binary with yes or no anwsers all the time. Even if it may seem so. I think there will be alot of people out there with Bettinas opions and alot of people with Vladimirs opions. The thing that we should try and do is try and understand both sides and rationally understand both and you both mite end up compromising. I personally think the problem is related more with the fact that people in general like to label others and put them into groups and give one thing to single out thousands and some times millions of people of all being in a certain way. This may work in general, in a werid kind of way but these groups usually tend to dehumanise people to being a certain way.


I think the main problem with humanity and wars is that humanity as a whole is not understanding and resorts to violence all to often. Fight or Flight rather than talk and understand. That being said it takes bother sides to talk and understand and that doesn't usually happen with helps expand on my theory that the main problem is lack of understanding of different views.

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I would be interested in finding out how these experiments with teleportation worked. I would think that teleportation would be able to send a person from one location to another but muck up the place ment of all the atoms of people so that the atoms that were once your mind and concesness become your chest and your chest becomes your brain as a example. You still act and think like the same person but your concesness is a differen't one its not the same you as before. Then again I have no idea how this teleportation is said to work could some one post a link for me? Im being lazy I know.


With regards to the unifiyed theory of everything I have no clue when that one will be solved. I don't its going to be with in 20 years. I don't think there is any way to try and predict the invention of that. But it would be interesting to see what kind of technology spin offs that could have. I wonder what the LHC - THE LARGE HADRON COLLIDER is going to find when its operational.


Designer babys I think wont be that far off. I think this issue is more of a morals issue than a scientific one because gentics is advancing at a very fast rate. So I cant give any kind of date for this execpt I think that the technology for this should be around before 2025.


Nuclear war is carried out by insain nuts. So who knows could happen any time.


Longer life spans. Well naturally as medicine advances the rich will have better health. Im unsure about how they mite slow down the biological clock. At the moment when the biological clock gets turned off in cells it is called cancer and not much of a help to living longer. I have read alittle bit into caloric restriction where the body is starved of caleries so the body goes into a energy saving mode and starts using energy more efficently and cells last longer. There has been some talk of trying to make a pill to do this because you cannot practically follow a caloric restriction diet unless your crazy and don't mind feeling extremely hungery for your extra long life. I wonder if they can find out how the body knows how to conserve engery and make another way to slow down cells by utlising what ever system the body appears to already have. Just a idea.

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designer babies and a working Fusion generator, the rest seem a little unlikely (I hope I`m wrong about the Lifespan part though!) :))


Yeah I'm with you.


Lifespans will continue to increase, but I doubt the average will go above 100, at least in most places.

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