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Famous Last Words


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You all knew it was coming eventually...


Here's mine


"Why shouldn't I rub blood all over my body and swim naked in shark infested waters?"


"Sure, I'll get that supersized"


"If the liquid is clear, that means it's safe to drink!"

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"Don't worry, navigating asteroid fields IS like dusting crops!"


"I'm going to Las Vegas and trying my luck an Russian Roulette... no, I don't really know what the difference is."


"Hi there Malcolm Reynolds, no I don't think I'll pay you what your owed. In fact, I spit at your sense of honor."


^ for those of you who don't get the reference, watch Firefly, damnit!

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I'll have to depart from personal quotes for this one:


There is one, and only one, Doomsday prophecy which I actually believe is true. As prophecied by the great humor-fantasy author Terry Pratchett, the end of the world will be immediately preceded by the setence "I wonder what happens if I do this..."

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Famous Last Words is also a Tears for Fears song


o/` Hand in hand we'll do or die listenin' to the band that made us cry... we'll have nothin' to lose... we'll have nothing to gain... just to stay this real-life situation... for one last refrain

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Anyone seen Lady in the Water by Night Shayamalan? I love the last words by the writer with the glasses. I dont remember the exact thing but its that he believes that every story nowadays is the same. And he sees a wolf or something.. and he starts to narrate how he would turn his back, and rush to the door, and with split second accuracy the door would hit the creature and hurt him.

But when he turns his back.. he just dies. :D

IF taht didnt make sense.. watch the movie. lol.


OK.. .so how abt this?

how cold could it be in antartica? Im wearing a thin jacket.

WTF was that????

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"No! I am quite sure you're suppose to confront a bear with aggression when threatened."


"You think it's a bad idea to drink Hydrofluoric Acid? Come on! whats the worst that could happen?"

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"But since I haven't seen it yet, if I close my eyes now, you can't prove a bus is about to hit me, therefore by all logic, I win the debate because you failed to prove your case!"



"I'll have another"



"pffft, I'm not scared of AzurePhoenix"

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"i've executed this experiment flawlessly, it will work and I'll get great results!"


"I have one more year until graduation"


"i'm gonna publish in nature!"


"my work will be heavily cited by others"


"A 175 priority score and 9% on my RO1??!!!! I'm getting funded!!"


"After my post-doc i'm gonna be a senior scienist at Pfizer"


"my PhD will be worth something".



There..some science related "famous" last words for you...most of them spoken by me at somepoint in my career.

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"And as we can see here, I am precariously poised atop this sleeping volcano. At any second now, she could erup--"


That makes me think Steve Irwin will give us some great famous last words eventually, we'll just have to wait for them.

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IIRC, these actually were the last words of someone immediately before a battle: "There's no way they could hit anything at this dist-"


Actually it was "They couldn't hit an elephant at this distance."


General John Sedgwick, Battle of Spotsylvania.


Not his final words, and not cut off, though it makes for a good story. He died shortly after uttering them. http://www.civilwarhome.com/sedgwickdeath.htm

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"You can tell that to Jabba. He may only take your ship. "


Han: Over my dead body.


Greedo: That's the idea. I've been looking forward to killing you for a long time.


HAN: Yes, I'll bet you have.


* zap zap *


Greedo: THUD.





For shame, CPL.Luke.

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